Zappiti player mini press release 25042013

Zappiti™ Unveils Zappiti Player Mini
Zappiti Player Mini: a small and powerfull 3D Media Player.
Paris, France — April 25, 2012 — Zappiti, a leading provider of home entertainment solutions unveils « Zappiti Player Mini », a new 3D Media Player. Ideal for home AV networking, Zappiti Player Mini is the most affordable Universal Media plateform for Full HD 3D video and audio playback. Zappiti Player comes with a full Zappiti Media Center licence for both video and audio media. Zappiti Media Center organizes automatically your media collection (Movies, TV Shows, Musics) in categories and offers a simple, modern and stylish user interface. It also generates cover arts and album thumbnails as well as synopsis and various media information that will used to easily navigate in your Zappiti Player Mini. Supporting most digital audio and video formats, including all modern 3D video standards such as 3D BD ISO, MVC, SBS and Top/Bottom, HD Sound, audiophile lossless up to 24 bit /192 kHz, Zappiti Player is the new standard amongst the multimedia players. Zappiti Player Mini is equipped with an internal 2.5" SATA HDD bay with hot swap function, Ethernet Gigabit and internal Wi-Fi. The optionnal HD Digital TV Stick allows you to extend the functionality of your Zappiti Player Mini to display DVB T/T2 digital television programs and record to any USB or network connected hard disc drive. “Once again we are proud to partner with Dune HD for the launch of the Zappiti Player Mini. Our player uses Sigma’s SMP8672 SoC and is a new benchmark in this product segment for all your movies, TV Shows and Musics” said Christophe Cherel, Development Manager of worldwide sales and marketing at Zappiti. “Zappiti is our best player to date. It is an amazing network Media Center. We worked really hard to provide our clients with a first-class product built with outstanding technologies.” Zappiti Player Mini combines a simple and visual interface with extremely powerfull features. Despite its small size, the media player introduces a complete new way to interact with smartphones or tablets. Explore, lauch and control playback of all your movies, TV shows and musics. • Sigma Designs 8672 Processor • 3D Video Format Support • HDMI 1.4 • HDD Rack Option (2.5’’) with Hot Swap Function • Zappiti Media Center Full Licence (Movies, TV Shows, Musics) • Internet Radio • IPTV • DVB-T support (in option) • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb/s • Internal Wi-Fi (b/g/n) module with wireless hot-spot function • USB Slave 3.0 • SD card slot • IR extender • Web Browser • Smartphone/Tablet virtual Remote Control and Media Explorer (with Search Engine). The Zappiti Player Mini will be available worldwide for sale on May 15, 2013. More infos and photos: For any information about Zappiti Player Mini and how to get a Zappiti Player Mini sample for press review, Christophe Cherel / Zappiti™
About Zappiti™
Zappiti™ is a French Leader in 3D Media Players and Media Center platforms. The company designs and builds Media Center solutions and connected media players. For more information about Zappiti, please visit


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