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Listening to Prozac, Peter D. Kramer, Fourth Estate, 1994, 1857022335, 9781857022339, 409 pages. Thetherapeutic encounter is at the core of counselling and psychotherapy training and practice, regardless oftherapeutic modality. This book introduces a cross-modality approach to the client-therapist encounter,drawing from humanistic, psychoanalytic, systemic, and integrative approaches. Chapters introduce a rangeof client themes - the refusal to join in, the battle for control, the emotionally unavailable etc - and shows howthese are enacted in the relationship. The authors invite you, as therapist, to interact creatively with the client,engaging directly in the drama. In this way, they provide a coherent framework within which to understandboth the therapeutic relationship and the principles of their approach. This book is highly recommended forany counselling and psychotherapy trainee, regardless of modality. It is a must-read, with each chapter directlyaddressing essential teaching and trainee concerns. David Bott is the Director of Studies of Counselling andPsychotherapy at the University of Brighton and a UKCP registered Systemic Psychotherapist. Pam Howardis Course Leader of the MA Psychotherapeutic Counselling at the University of Brighton and a UKCPregistered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist . Potatoes Not Prozac A Natural Seven-step Dietary Plan to Control Your Cravings and Lose Weight,Recognize how Foods Affect the Way You Feel, and Stabilize the Level of Sugar in Your Blood, KathleenDesMaisons, 1999, Health & Fitness, 252 pages. Outlines a nutrition program that reduces food cravings.
The Human Condition Second Edition, Hannah Arendt, Dec 1, 1998, Philosophy, 349 pages. A work ofstriking originality bursting with unexpected insights, The Human Condition is in many respects more relevantnow than when it first appeared in 1958. In her study of .
Prozac The Controversial Cure, Helen C. Packard, 1998, Juvenile Nonfiction, 64 pages. Discusses the drugProzac and its use in treatment of depression.
A Mood Apart A Thinker's Guide to Emotion and Its Disorder, Peter C. Whybrow, 1999, Affective disorders,363 pages. .
The Placebo Effect An Interdisciplinary Exploration, Anne Harrington, 1999, Health & Fitness, 260 pages. Amere "symbol" of medicine the placebo nonetheless sometimes produces "real" results. Medical science haslargely managed its discomfort with this phenomenon by discounting .
I.D. How Heredity and Experience Make You Who You Are, Winifred Gallagher, Jan 1, 1996, Psychology,234 pages. Explores the mysteries of self-identity to reveal what defines an individual, explaining how bothgenetics and learning determine who we are.
The Psychotherapist's Guide to Psychopharmacology , Michael J. Gitlin, 1990, Medical, 410 pages. In the firstaccessible psychopharmacology text written specifically for psychotherapists. Gitlin explains when to referpatients for consultation about possible medication .
Potatoes Not Prozac Solutions for Sugar Sensitivity, Kathleen Des Maisons, Kathleen DesMaisons, Jan 1, 2008, Health & Fitness, 272 pages. A revised edition of a best-selling guide builds on the original work'stheories about sugar sensitivities and how to overcome a range of health challenges by making .
Let Them Eat Prozac , David Healy, Aug 18, 2003, Health & Fitness, 464 pages. Let Them Eat Prozac is aunique look at the pharmaceutical industry and its values. Dr. Healy examines the industry and one of the mostpopular drugs of the last twenty years.
Why Your Depression Isn't Getting Better The Epidemic of Undiagnosed Bipolar Disorders, Michael R.
Bartos, Sep 1, 2000, Psychology, 212 pages. New concepts for understanding depression in the twenty firstcentury.
The Uses of fluoxetine in clinical practice proceedings of a symposium held as a satellite to the 5th WorldCongress of Biological Psychiatry in Florence, and sponsored by Eli Lilly, 14 June 1991, Hugh LionelFreeman, 1991, Medical, 74 pages. .
Prozac and the new antidepressants what you need to know about prozac, zoloft, paxil, luvox, wellbutrin,effexor, serzone, vestra, celexa, St. John's wort, and others, William S. Appleton, 2000, Health & Fitness, 236pages. Explains when antidepressants should be considered as treatment, and answers questions about sideeffects, personality changes, and alternative treatments.
Chronic Exposure to Fluoxetine (Prozac) During Adolescence: Effects on Learning and Memory in Rats ,Evan M. Weger, 2009, Fluoxetine, 95 pages. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class ofpsychoactive drugs commonly used to treat a variety of mood disorders, including depression and multiple .
Moments of Engagement Intimate Psychotherapy in a Technological Age, Peter D. Kramer, May 18, 1994,Psychology, 260 pages. Through fascinating case histories and revealing encounters with patients, Dr. Kramerprovides a compassionate, immensely eloquent view of how psychiatry really works. Written .
Collapse How Societies Choose to Fail Or Succeed, Jared M. Diamond, 2006, History, 575 pages. A study ofthe downfall of some of history's greatest civilizations discusses the Anasazi, the Maya, and the Viking colonyon Greenland, tracing patterns of environmental .
Mind, Mood, and Medicine A Guide to the New Biopsychiatry, Paul H. Wender, Donald F. Klein, Oct 1,1982, Psychology, 38 pages. .
Future Man , Brian M. Stableford, 1984, Science, 192 pages. The noted author of "The Science in ScienceFiction" examines, in a speculative way and with the aid of 150 photographs, current genetic technology andits future implications .
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