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THE INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH GROUP ON WOOD PRESERVATION Section 2 Test methodology and Assessment A comparison of rates of decay and loss in stiffness of radiata pine and Douglas fir framing lumber Mick Hedley, Dave Page and Jackie van der Waals Scion Wood Processing, Private Bag 3020, Rotorua, New Zealand IRG SECRETARIAT SE-114 86 Stockholm www.irg-wp.com A compariso

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HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION ADVERSE REACTIONS These highlights do not include all the information needed to use The most common adverse reactions (incidence >5% and at least twice as high HETLIOZ safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for on HETLIOZ than on placebo) were headache, increased alanine HETLIOZ. aminotransferase, nightmares or unusua


H C V F A C T S H E E T F O R P A T I E N T S P R A C T I C E S U P P O R T T O O L K I T TRIPLE THERAPY FOR CHRONIC HEPATITIS C In May 2011, two new drugs to treat chronic hepatitis C (HCV) were approved by the FDA. Telaprevir (Incivek) and boceprevir (Victrelis) are protease inhibitors that interfere with the ability of the HCV virus to multiply. These new drugs are ONLY for patients

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Policy 2642 STUDENTS Discipline Random Drug Testing Policy For the safety, health and well being of the students of the Harrisburg R-VIII School District, the district has adopted this policy for Harrisburg students in grades 7-12 who participate in extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, and the student parking permit program. The objectives of the Harrisburg R-VIII School

Are your hormones out of balance

Are Your Hormones Out of Balance? By Jackie Harvey While drug companies, politicians, doctors and health gurus argue what is in the best interest of women’s health, women themselves are rarely given a voice in the hormonal health debate, an arena that sees women the casualties of exploitation and victims of political agendas. Women’s hormonal chal enges are big business in the healthcar

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Title. This short tile of this initiative shall be and the initiative may be enacted as “The Hailey Medical Marijuana Act.” Findings. The people of Hailey, Idaho find as follows: WHEREAS the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine concluded after reviewing relevant scientific literature including dozens of works documenting marijuana’s therapeutic value,1 that there are some

Deperat feuerwehr 09

HÖPFELER FASNACHT DIE DESPERATE FEUERWEHR M Mei, is des anstrengend, sakrament, hoffen ma lei, dass es nia wirklich brennt. W So, de Praxis für de Wettbewerbsübung tuat ja scho wunderbar funktionieren, jetzt miassen ma halt no de langweilige Theorie studieren. Und damit unsere kloanen grauen Zel en ordentlich in Schwung kemmen, miassen ma erst amal a Schluckerl nemmen. Da tuast ja dei


Ballybrown Equine Clinic, Ballybrown, Clarina, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Tel: +353 (0)61 353296 Fax: +353 (0)61 353352 Email: [email protected] Web: horsevet.ie EXPECTANT MARE Assuring the Health and Well-Being of the Pregnant Mare We often think of pregnancy as a delicate and fragile condition. When it comes to horses, this perception is perhaps due to the mare’s relatively poor reprodu

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HIVInfo.us - Kaletra - lopinavir/ritonavir information presents Kaletra - lopinavir + ritonavir Lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra) is almost always used as one component of a multidrug Information combination to suppress the human immunodeficiency (HIV) viral load. Lopinavir/ritonavir is one of the most potent antiviral drugs against HIV infection. As the name "lopinavir/ritonavir" i

Die folgende frage bezieht sich auf normales alltagsleben in der letzten zeit

Patient: ________________________________________ Operation am: __________________________________ Stationäre Aufnahme am: _________________________ Hinweise für Patienten vor Operationen im Klinikum Zschopau Was ist vor einer Operation zu beachten ? □ Bis 14 Tage vor einer OP sollte auf Impfungen verzichtet werden. □ Es sollte kein Infekt der Atemwege, kein Fieber sow

The community hospice____effecive: 4/1/97

HOSPICE APPROVED MEDICATIONS Page 1 of 4 High Peaks Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. (HPH&PC) has developed a formulary of drugs that are appropriate for managing pain and symptoms related to the terminal illness. The drugs listed are considered preferred drugs for hospice use. HPH&PC pays for medications related to the hospice diagnosis and for pain and symptom management for


Frequently asked questions “I forget where I parked my car” “I forget what I’m meant to be doing sometimes” “I repeat myself a lot” “I can’t do more than one thing at a time anymore” “My family have noticed that I’m different now” “My memory is not what it used to be” Ageing and Memory—what is “normal”? s we get older we notice

Problemskapande beteenden

Problemskapande beteenden - Leif Ekström Efter en välbehövlig kafferast och bensträckarpaus var det dags att lyssna till Leif Ekström som talade om problemskapande beteenden. Han presenterade sig som en mångårig medarbetare inom habiliteringen, som nu gått i pension. – Halva yrkeslivet har jag arbetat som speciallärare i grundskolan och halva yrkeslivet har jag ägnat åt autis

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GUIDELINES ON THE MANAGEMENT OF DEMENTIA (2003) Assessment Assessment by members of the multi-disciplinary team, but the doctors must be involved Wherever is appropriate and convenient to the patient and the team (e.g. OPD, Old Age “Dementia is a syndrome of persistent (more than 6 months) decline in memory and other cognitive functions sufficient to affect daily life in an


at a glance Worms infect more than one third of the world’sThere is no need to examine each child for thepopulation, with the most intense infections inpresence of worms. Individual screening offers nochildren and the poor. In the poorest countries,safety benefits. And it is not cost-effective; it costs children are likely to be infected from the time theyfour to ten times more than


CDKN2A FISH analysis of Ewing sarcoma. CytogenetBefore treatment, 7 patients (47%) were transfusion9. Scheinin I, Myllykangas S, Borze I, Bohling T, Knuutila S,dependent (mean requirement 5.9 units over sixSaharinen J. CanGEM: mining gene copy number changesmonths, range 0–21); 6 had platelet counts < 100×109/Lin cancer. Nucleic Acids Res Epub 2007 Oct 11. (mean 157×109/L, range 32�


BAKGRUNN Nasjonalt Kompetansesenter for Søvnsykdommer (SOVno) ble etablert i september 2004, og er lokalisert til Psykiatrisk Klinikk på Haukeland Universitetssykehus. Det er Helsedepartementet som fatter vedtak om etablering av Nasjonale kompetansesentra. SOVno skal sikre nasjonal kompetanseoppbygging og kompetansespredning innenfor søvn. Viktige oppgaver er (se for øvrig http://www.dep.no/

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W O R K / L I F E B A L A N C E C H A L L E N G E D B Y W O R K P L A C E The latest work/life balance dissatisfaction as a result of the workers and the organisa-benchmarking survey shows that inability to achieve and balance tion. An increase in staff sations are struggling to find a sibilities. manage their lifestyle demands. In organisations that have not developed work/life policies

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EG-Sicherheitsdatenblatt Handelsname: Haarweg fl. Produkt-Nr.: 89246 Stand: 07.12.2007 1. Stoff/Zubereitungs- und Firmenbezeichnung Angaben zum Produkt Handelsname: Angaben zum Hersteller / Lieferant Adresse: Notruf-Telefon: 2. Zusammensetzung/Angaben zu Bestandteilen Chemische Charakterisierung: Wässrige Lösung von Alkalien, Hilfsstoffen, Emulgatoren, Fa


(Actos adoptados en aplicación del Tratado UE) ACTOS ADOPTADOS EN APLICACIÓN DEL TÍTULO V DEL TRATADO UE DECISIÓN 2008/974/PESC DEL CONSEJO de 18 de diciembre de 2008 de apoyo al Código Internacional de Conducta contra la Proliferación de Misiles Balísticos en el contexto de la aplicación de la Estrategia de la UE contra la proliferación de armas de destrucción El 23 de mayo d

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2013-2014 EMERGENCY CARE, OTC, MEDICAL PERMISSION FORM K-Grade 12 DUE MAY 1, 2013 Please complete both pages. STUDENT AND PARENT/GUARDIAN CONTACT INFORMATION Student Name _____________________________________________ Grade ____ Age _____ Birthdate ___________ Address ________________________________________________________________ Phone__________________ Street

Eacs meeting report

Report on 11th EACS, Madrid, October 2007 Drug Interaction Studies presented at the 11th European AIDS Conference, Madrid, October 2007 The following drug interaction studies are summarised in this report. Abstract Interactions between two or more anti-HIV drugs Abstracts and posters may be available – please check for further information.

Interim guidance on antiviral recommendations for patients with confirmed or suspected swine influenza a (h1n1) virus infection and close contacts

Interim Guidance on Antiviral Recommendations for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected Swine Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Infection and Close Contacts Objective: To provide interim guidance on the use of antiviral agents for treatment and chemoprophylaxis of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection. This includes patients with confirmed, probable or suspected swine influenza A

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Design VerificationHumaDrug C3 Specificity, sensitivity and agreement .2 HumaDrug CANNABINOIDS (THC) has been designed as a rapid 1-step test for the qualitative detection ofcannabinoids (THC) in human urine. The test is based on a competitive immunochromatographic technique,featuring immobilized drug and dye-labeled anti-THC antibodies. If cannabinoids are


Actos de UGT con motivo del Día Internacional de la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo Con motivo de la celebración, el 28 de abril, del Día Internacional de la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo, UGT pone en marcha una campaña de actos en toda España para seguir trabajando por la prevención y en recuerdo de quiénes perdieron su vida en su puesto de trabajo. ACTO-RECOR

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Autism and “Jim Jones” Medical Treatments© Dr. Andrew Dickens NMD Healing Pathways Medical Clinic 6939 E. Main St. Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (480) 699-7400 Permission granted to be used in entirety NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS MEDICAL ADVICE Why such a title? After reading this article I trust you will agree on the selection. But first, who was Jim Jones? Briefly, in the mi

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Linee e fermate abilitate al servizio disabili sulla rete urbana di Trento Piazza Dante "Stazione FS" Gandhi "Parco Anna Frank" S.Francesco Porta Nuova Gramsci "Materna la Clarina" dei Mille "Villa Igea" Gocciadoro "Poliambulatori" Gorizia Adamello "Gocciadoro Arcate" Bolghera "S.Antonio" Gerola "Osp. S.

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BARMBEKER STR. 33 22303 HAMBURG TEL: + 49 40 28 00 44 80 Curriculum vitae för ARMIN MORBACH Armin Morbach, 36, började sin karriär i slutet av 80-talet med att arbeta för berömda hårstylister som Vidal Sassoon, Ulrich Graf och Gerhard Meir. Vid den här tidpunkten utbildade han sig även till professionell makeup-artist. Under sina perioder utomlands (New York, Miami, London,

Muscle damage

Muscle Damage from Interactions Between Statins and Other Commonly Prescribed Drugs Worst Pills Best Pills Newsletter article July, 2009 Some of the widely used class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins may causerhabdomyolysis (severe, sometimes fatal, muscle damage) when taken with many othercommonly used drugs, such as clopidogrel (PLAVIX) and trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazo

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GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Top ten things to consider when you pack a. Mosquito repellant b. Bandana c. Sun block d. Hand sanitizer e. Anti – diarrheal, not Imodium but an antibacilliary like Smecta f. Powdered drink mix with electrolytes to avoid dehydration g. Tampons as not possible to buy here h. Light cotton or quick dry pants and shirts i. Proper working shoes (boots or sport shoes)

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A groundbreaker in its class, the Accord Euro wowed both local and international motoring writers when it was first launched in 2003, also winning numerous readers’ choice awards for its performance and style. Accolades include:• New Zealand Car of the Year 2003 (Motoring Writers’ Guild)• AAutocar Readers’ Choice Car of the Year 2004• National Business Review Car of the Year 2

Roles and responsibilities

2) Explain the term “Professional”. (C-2) 3) Give an example of a “health care professional”. (C-2) 4) Describe the role of the Oregon Office of Public Health EMS and Trauma Section. (C-2) 5) Describe the differences between ethical behavior and legal requirements and how they pertain to EMT-Intermediates on and off duty. (C-2) 6) Identify whether a particular activity is unethical an

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Guideline: Care of Confused and Aggressive Patients (Some of these features are present in terminal agitation, see the Integrated Confusion is common in patients with advanced cancer. Up to 20% of hospitalised cancer patients have organic mental disorders. More than 75% of terminally ill cancer patients become confused at some stage. Aggression may be a feature of confusion in any patient, howe

Pa form

HMSA FED PLAN This fax machine is located in a secure location as required by HIPAA regulations. Complete/review information, sign and date. Fax signed forms to CVS/Caremark at 1-855-762-5207 . Please contact CVS/Caremark at 1-855-240-0543 with questions regarding the prior authorization process. When conditions are met, we will authorize the coverage of Cialis / Levitra / Viagra. Drug N

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Confidential Hormone Evaluation Form Please fill out the information completely, then fax or send to: Hazle Compounding Attn: Lori Ann Gormley, R.Ph., Certified Menopause Educator 7 N. Wyoming Street Hazleton, PA 18201 Fax: 570-454-4532 or 800-400-8764 Our Menopause Educator will then contact you to schedule your hormonal consultation either in person or by phone. Home Phone: ______________

In the name of allah, most gracious, most merciful

In the name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful. THEY ENJOIN GOOD AND FORBID EVIL AND RUSH IN EMULATING EACH OTHER IN GOOD DEEDS, THESE ARE THE RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE. AL-QURAN: AL-IMRAN (114)  This is the List of Latest verified Halal Food Products in US Supermarkets. For more and up to date information go to the website official website of MCG http://www.muslimconsumergroup.com


Evaluating Security Products with Clinical Trialsdate malware signatures, poorly written software, com-placent users. . . security experts can pontificate at lengthOne of the largest challenges faced by purchasers of se-regarding the weaknesses of current systems. However,curity products is evaluating their relative merits. Whilemoving from this subjective, qualitative list to more con-custo

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Houston Beagle & Hound Rescue, Inc. Because they deserve a second chance. 2012 Fourth Quarter and Year End Newsletter Thank you… Christine – for taking a lot of the puppies that have come into Houston Beagle Rescue for the past year. You did an outstanding job of taking care of them and helping them find their forever homes. Simone – for joining the Board of Houston Bea


HEART RHYTHM INSTITUTE OF OKLAHOMA James A. Coman, MD 6465 S Yale Ave Suite 202 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136 918.502.2100 heartrhythminstitute.com Beta Blockers What are beta blockers? Beta blockers are a class of drugs that can reduce your heart rate, blood pressure, and the amount of blood your heart pumps. Beta blockers can block the effects of the stress hormone epinephrine (adre


HDHP Drug List Listed below in alphabetical order are commonly prescribed drugs that are covered under the High Deductible Health Plans. This is not a complete list. If there is a prescription drug that is not on this list, go to Humana.com or cal the Customer Service phone number on the back of the member ID card to see if it’s covered. Note: The drugs in BOLD TYPE are generic drug


With the latest buzz surrounding hormones and hormone balance, there seems to be an awful lot of confusion out there in terms of what it all means. Let's see if we can't clear up some of this confusion with the facts. CUSTOMIZED COMPOUNDED HORMONE THERAPY: This is what we do at our Happy Hormone Cottage. We check each client's existing hormone levels with a zrt lab take-home test that uses the wom


Symposium : Newer Diagnostic Tests Liver Function Tests and their Interpretation B.R. Thapa and Anuj Walia Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh ABSTRACT Liver function tests (LFT) are a helpful screening tool, which are an effective modality to detect hepatic dysfunction. Since the l


and DePaRtMent of tHeateR present tWo gentLeMen of veRona by William shakespeare Peter Hackett director georgi alexi-Meskhishvili set design Laurie Churba Kohn costume design Richard Winkler lighting design students of theater 41 stage management Post-performance discussion You are invited to remain in the theater immediately following the performance on Frida


Celebrex es más peligroso para los pacientes con riesgo cardiovascular • Según un estudio, los médicos sólo deberían recetarles dosis bajas de este fármaco Actualizado martes 15/04/2008 14:40CRISTINA DE MARTOSMADRID.- La 'superaspirina' fabricada por Pfizer, Celebrex, cuenta entre sus efectos adversos con el aumento de los problemas de corazón en las personas que la toman. Esta

Franco corelli · repertoire and performance history

FRANCO CORELLI REPERTOIRE AND PERFORMANCE HISTORY This document arranges Corelli’s performance chronology by composer and role. Detailsfor concert and recital appearances have been more difficult to obtain than for completeopera performances, and indeed, the programmes for many recitals are known only becausethey were recorded. The dates of performances that were recorded are indicated in


Optichamber Advantage HENROTECH Respiratory Care Optimale universele inhalatiekamer met klep Universele inhalatiekamer met terugslagklep compatibel ( of : bruikbaar ) met ALLE Dosis Aërosols ( MDI) beschrijving Optichamber Advantage is een optimale inhalatiekamer (of: spacer), die met elke MDI (of : puffer) kan gebruikt worden = universeel ! Optich

Boarders illness policy: 2009 – 2010

HAILEY HALL SCHOOL BOARDERS ILLNESS Governing body approved On date: 26/6/12 Review date: 25/6/2015 Boarders’ illness policy: At Hailey Hall School, the residential staff pride themselves on delivering the highest and best possible level of care for the young people who live there. However at times, we recognise that our boarders will become ill or may There are 2 fu

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Name: ….…………….….……D.O.B……………………… Address: ….………….…………….…………………………………… ……………………………………….……………… Postcode: ………………… Tel: …………………………………. Mobile: .….……………………………… General health: Do you smoke? Yes/No Height_____

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World Hepatitis Day 2011: Facts & Figures Basic Set of Hepatitis B and C Statistics Statement Statistic Last updated Globally Hepatitis B in Australia – Responding to a Diverse Epidemic by http://alliance.hepatitis.org.au/uploads/ACT_HBV.pdf Hepatitis C – An Expanding Perspective (2009) edited Greg Dore Hepatitis B - http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsh

030213 initial treatment of hypertension

The new england journal of medicine This Journal feature begins with a case vignette highlighting a common clinical problem. Evidence supporting various strategies is then presented, followed by a review of formal guidelines, when they exist. The article ends with the author’s clinical recommendations. A 50-year-old black American has a blood pressure of 160/110 mm Hg on repeated

Drug-induced long qt syndrome

Hellenic J Cardiol 48: 296-299, 2007 Drug-Induced Long QT Syndrome K ONSTANTINOS P. LETSAS , MICHALIS EFREMIDIS , GERASIMOS S. FILIPPATOS , 1Second Department of Cardiology, Evangelismos General Hospital of Athens, 2Second Department of Cardiology,Atticon University Hospital of Athens, Athens, Greece. Key words: Drugs, long QT, torsades de pointes, sudden cardiac A continuously growi


myeloom 2012Guidelines for the treatment of multiple myeloma 2012 S. Zweegman, H.M. Lokhorst, M-D. Levin, E. de Waal, G.M.J. Bos, M.J. Kersten, P. Ypma, S.K. Klein, M.C. Minnema, P. Sonneveld, namens de Myeloom Werkgroep van HOVONDe laatste richtlijnen voor de behandeling van het multipel myeloom zijn opgesteld in 2010 namens de Myeloom Werkgroep (MWG) van stichting Hemato-Oncologie Volwassenen


Plan de Prevención e Intervención de 2012 - 2013 Escuelas Públicas de Holyoke Plan de Prevención e Intervención de Acoso Un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro es aquel en que todos los alumnos desarrollan en un ambiente emocional, académico y físicamente de cuidado y apoyo libre de intimidación y abuso. La intimidación de cualquier tipo no tiene lugar en un ambiente escolar


: Tetracycline Selective Supplement : Chemical Identification Name of the Product : Tetracycline Selective Supplement Produced by: 23, Vadhani Indl. Estate, LBS Marg, Mumbai 400 086, India. : 2500 0970, 2500 1607 Fax No. 022 2500 2468: Composition * Harmful material Information on Ingredients Tetracycline CAS No. Sodium benzyl penicillinCAS No. : 69-57-8R : 42/43: Hazards Ident

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Harlem Village Community Acupuncture & Healing Center Date: _____________ New Patient Intake Form ALL RECORDS ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL Personal Information Name: _________________________________________ Sex: M / F / Trans ____ MTF ____ FTM Address: _______________________________________ Birthdate: _____________ Age: ______ City/State/Zip: __________________________

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This specification Polymer applies to the Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Button Battery serial LIRXXXX. 2. Type and Model z Type: Lithium Polymer rechargeable button battery. z Model: Lithium Polymer rechargeable button battery serial LIRXXXX 3. Produce Introduce Polymer LBA Lithium Polymer battery, depending on “ better technology, better management” concept and leading technique equi

Julie y

Treatment Consent I, ___________________, consent to psychiatric evaluation and treatment by Michael B. Jackson, M. D. I understand that he does not, and cannot, guarantee any specific results. I understand that his ability to help me/patient depends on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided to him. 2. I consent to the exchange of information, such as diagnoses, med


ADENOSINE OR LEXISCAN STRESS TEST WITH NUCLEAR IMAGING Your physician has ordered either a Lexiscan or Adenosine Nuclear Stress Test. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the blood supply to the heart muscle. We hope the following information will help you to prepare for the test. WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE TEST? On the day of your test, an IV will be started in your arm. You


Rolf HOFFMANN TrichoScan: combining epiluminescence microscopy with digital image analysis for the measurement of hair growth in vivo Hair loss or hair thinning is a common complaint in clinical dermatology,and patients seeking advice for hair loss are not necessarily bald. Also theeffects of treatment attempts are hard to measure. Consequently, there is aneed for a sensitive tool to monit

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Health & Life ® MedixNet ® Copyright © Health & Life® MedixNet® 'Calcium & Osteoporosis', which you will Calcium: What is it? Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the human body, has several important functions. More than ninety-nine percent of total body calcium is stored in the bones and teeth where it functions to support their structure. The remaining one perc

Hair restoration story

Hair Restoration: A Letter to My Patients Thank you for consulting with the Hair Transplantation Clinic of Sacramento (HTCS). Your consultation will provide you with an opportunity to become familiar with state-of-the-art hair restoration as performed at HTCS. The vast majority of our patients, whether male or female , have male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia. This is a con

Microsoft word - 9090703.doc

PROPECIA  (Finasteride) Tablets, 1 mg DESCRIPTION PROPECIA* (finasteride), a synthetic 4-azasteroid compound, is a specific inhibitor of steroid Type II5α-reductase, an intracellular enzyme that converts the androgen testosterone into5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Finasteride is 4-azaandrost-1-ene-17-carboxamide,N-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-3-oxo-,(5α,17β)-. Theempirical formula of fina

030410 care after coronary-artery bypass surgery

The new england journal of medicineCare after Coronary-Artery Bypass SurgeryMary E. Charlson, M.D., and O. Wayne Isom, M.D. This Journal feature begins with a case vignette highlighting a common clinical problem. Evidence supporting various strategies is then presented, followed by a review of formal guidelines, when they exist. The article ends with the authors’ clinical recomme


Fax: (07021) 7379-10, Tel: [email protected] · wwwkent-depesche.com Datum, Unterschrift für Ihre Bestellung Projekt Vogelgrippe: Fakten statt PanikmacheNeue Impulse unterstützt die Verbreitung dieser ca. einstündigen, unabhängigen Filmdokumentation von Michael Leitner und Thomas A. Hein zur Vogelgrippe. Nur Fakten sind ein wirksames Mittel gegen die von den kommerziellen Medien ges


Pferdeverzeichnis Abramowitsch Unregelm. in beide Nuestern reichende durchgeh. Blesse m.Oberlippentupfen,r. Hf.Fuss unregelm. weiss,W.Blesse, Vr:W.Fessel, Hl:W.Fuss, Hr:W.Fuss, Amaretto 247 unreg.a.Nasr.br.i.Schn.auslfd.dchg.Bl.i.l.Nüst.rchd.,Utl.w.Rd.,r.Vf. Stichelh.Fl.,l. Hf.Fsl w,r. Hf.Ballen inn.w,-- Aerobic 37 AMD Amelie St.,schatt.Schn.,Utl.l.w.Fleck.,l.Vf.gefl.hoch w.,r.


Hull and East Riding Prescribing Committee Prescribing Framework for Sirolimus (RAPAMUNE) Post Renal Transplant Patients Name:………………………… Unit Number: ……………… Patients Address:………………………(Use addressograph sticker) G.P’s Name:……………………………………………………….……. Communication We agree to treat


Wenn man zunehmend in die primäre Sozialisation eingreift, ihrer “Selbstregulierung” imRahmen alltäglicher lebender Systeme misstraut, sie faktisch zur Erziehungssituation umbaut,dann kommt es schnell zu einer Überlastung (Süddeutsche Zeitung 13.12.2008 WERNER BARTENS) Jetzt mal ganz ruhig - Das Zappelphilipp-Syndrom bleibt umstritten - zu oft vermuten überforderte Eltern und Ärzte

Microsoft word - lfh - iii - rs gazon

Règlement d'ordre intérieur - Titre III TITRE III - REGLEMENT SPORTIF HOCKEY GAZON (RS) CHAPITRE I - CHAMPIONNATS DE HOCKEY SUR GAZON CHAPITRE II - COUPES CHAPITRE III - CLASSEMENTS, TITRES, MONTEE ET DESCENTE Article 6 - Rencontre de Barrage - Poule Finale . Article 7 - Frais . CHAPITRE IV - QUALIFICATIONS Article 10 - Dispositions Générales pour les compétitions "Se

Product safety data sheet - 314

Product Safety Data Sheet Document Code: 31456 - SD AU Version: 6.0 Description: Aerosol Status: Published Creation Reason: Outer case change from 12 to 9 Issue Date: 24 March 2010 0267451 Odourless 250g0267450 Odourless 350gReckitt Benckiser (Australia) Pty LimitedAFTER HOURS EMERGENCY TELEPHONE (5pm to 8am EST Australia):Lincoln Manor289 Lincoln RoadHend

Microsoft word - ghid dermatofitii.doc

PROTOCOL DE DIAGNOSTIC I TRATAMENT PENTRU DERMATOFI II 1. Introducere 1.1. Defini ie Dermatofi iile sunt dermatomicoze produse de un grup de fungi parazi i, caracterizat prin Keratinofilie ce afecteaz omul i animalele care pot produce leziuni inflamatorii cu aspect clinic variat putând fi superficiale sau profunde cu posibil afectare 1.2. Importan a medico-social Epidermo

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PHARMACIE « HAUTURIERE » ASSEZ COMPLETE POUR FAIRE FACE A PRESQUE TOUT CE QUI PEUT ETRE FAIT SANS HOPITAL ET SANS SPECIALISTE. Pour utiliser tous ces produits et instruments vous devez avoir des connaissances medico chirurgicales de base saines : pas des on dits et des remèdes de grand mère. Il me parait indispensable avant de partir en croisière lointaine d’investir quelques centa

4200057 469.474

Int Arch Occup Environ Health (1999) 72: 469±474T. Ishitake á Y. Miyazaki á H. Ando á T. MatobaSuppressive mechanism of gastric motility by whole-body vibrationReceived: 7 September 1998 / Accepted: 9 May 1999Abstract Objective: To investigate the mechanism ofgastric motility suppression by exposure to whole-body Introductionvibration (WBV). Methods: The gastric motility wasevaluated by

10620_2008_353_54_2-web 406.408

Severe Hepatotoxicity Due to Hydroxycut: A Case ReportReceived: 13 April 2008 / Accepted: 15 May 2008 / Published online: 26 July 2008 Ó Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 200831–103 U/l), total bilirubin of 18.1 mg/dl (normal 0.2–1.1mg/dl), conjugated bilirubin of 9.0 (normal 0.0–0.2 mg/dl),A 28-year-old male was transferred to our institution with 3albumin level of 4 g/dl (normal 3

Emergency compounding of an oral suspension from tamiflu capsules

Texas Guidelines for Clinicians –Emergency Compounding of an Oral Suspension 4-29-09 From Tamiflu Capsules TEXAS GUIDELINES FOR CLINICIANS Emergency Compounding of an Oral Suspension from TAMIFLU Capsules April 29, 2009 These Guidelines will be continually updated as situation evolves. Extemporaneous Preparation Directions for the Emergency Compounding of an Oral Suspension


Vocational Training and Career EmploymentPrecariousness in Great Britain, the Netherlandsand SwedenStockholm UniversityUniversity of NijmegenUniversity of WageningenEconomic and Social Research Institute, DublinABSTRACTThe skills, qualifications and credentials generated by educational systems are strongly related tolabour market attainment. The centrality of the educational system for the struc

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Este livro foi selecionado pelo Programa Petrobras Cultural Humphrey Bogart contra Charles Laughton 53SINDICATO NACIONAL DOS EDITORES DE LIVROS, RJ L476tLeão, Rodrigo de Souza Todos os cachorros são azuis / Rodrigo de Souza Leão. - Rio de Janeiro : 7Letras, 2008. 80p. Programa PETROBRAS Cultural ISBN 978-85-7577-519-6 1. Romance brasileiro. I. Título. 08-3576. Rio de Janeiro RJ cep 22

Acne treatment and control

Almost all teenagers get acne at one time or another. Whether your case is mild What doesn’t cause acne? or severe, the information here can help you keep your acne under control. • Acne is not caused by foods you eat. Despite what you may have heard,there is no proof that soft drinks, chocolate, and greasy foods cause acne. What causes acne? • It’s not caused by dirt. The b

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The Webshop FAQ has been compiled for your convenience, however all Hospitality Package sales remain subject to the Webshop Hospitality Sales Regulations ONLINE REGISTRATION GUIDE Activating your Webshop account Q. What are the benefits of registering my details on this site? If you register on this site, you will be able to fully manage your account online, including the purchase and request of


HEALTH & BEAUTY CLINIC BEATY TREATMENTS – FACE, NECK AND SHOULDERS CLEANING Treatment carried out with application of laser therapy, ultrasounds and Proslim Gold care. OPTIMAL CLEANING This treatment cleans the pores and cleans the skin deeply. It prevents from excessive secretion of sebum, stabilizes the lipids (-).The skin becomes clear, delicate and matt. The skin also reg


ANTI-DOPING CODE November 2001 CONTENTS Definitions Position Statement Code Application Events for Dope Testing Doping Offence Therapeutic Purpose Referral of a Doping Offence to Hearing Hearings Sanctions 10. Applying Sanctions 11. Enforcing Sanctions 12. Appeals 13. Retirement and Comebacks 14. FIH Doping Policy Definition

Artigo recomendado

NASCER E CRESCER revista do hospital de crianças maria pia ano 2004, vol. XIII, n.º 2 Intestinal microflora in breastfed colicky and non-colicky infants Savino F, Cresi F, Palumeri E, Tullio V, Roana J, Silvestro L, Oggero R. in Acta Paediatr Scand 2004; 93: 825-829. Stockholm. ISSN 0803-5253 Background : Infantile colics are a Comentários a propósito do artigo e sobre um


A R T J E N C O M P L E X U S H O L D I N G S C O R P . What We Know About FBCx® May 1, 2007 What is FBCx:- FBCx® is an all natural soluble fiber derived from non-GMO corn that has the unique ability to bind nine times its own weight in dietary fat. Taken as directed six tablets per day is sufficient to decrease your daily caloric absorption by about 500 kilocalories or about 25-3

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PINELLAS COUNTY MOMCARE PROVIDERS As of December, 2013 (Health Insurance for Pregnant Women – A Special Medicaid Program) * Practices may see you before your Medicaid case is approved without collecting funds from you - they may go backwards and bill Medicaid when you get your ID number. **Healthy Start Care Coordinator on site. Drs. Hugo Perez & Jose Calderon (


Ergebnisübersicht: Waltrop,PLS vom 07.-10.08.2008 [ 460832025 ] 07.08.2008 - 10.08.2008 Führzügelklassen-WB Preis der Fa. Reifen Stiebling, Dortmund 1. P Lea Watermann (RFV Bodelschwingh e.V.)2. P Rebecca Borkenfeld (ZRFV "Lützow" Selm-Bork-Olfen e.V.)3. P Madleen Hagemeier ("RFV ""St.Georg"" Werne e.V.")4. P Celin-Anna Deggerich-Sollert (ZRFV Le


The abstract is a summary of the contents of the paper. It begins on anew page. It should be a single paragraph (not indented and NOTjustified) of no more than 960 characters, including punctuation andspaces. Reviews or theoretical articles should use 75 to 100 words andempirical studies should use 100 to 120 words. All numbers, except thosebeginning sentences, are typed as digits. The abstra

Minutes fifth twg hiv/aids and health

Minutes Fourteenth TWG ‘Health Sector HIV/AIDS Forum’ NAC Conference Room, 12 April 2006, 8.30 hours 1. Opening The meeting was opened by Douglas Lungu from the Clinical Department of the MOH at 8.45. All participants were welcomed. Approximately 40 people attended the meeting 2. Introductions Self-introductions were made as several new people attended the meeting. 3. Minutes


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß 1907/2006/EG, Artikel 31 1 Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. des Gemischs und des Unternehmens · Produktidentifikator · Handelsname: Methotrexat BioChemica · Artikelnummer: A3798 · CAS-Nummer: · EG-Nummer: · Relevante identifizierte Verwendungen des Stoffs oder Gemischs und Verwendungen, von denen abgeraten wird Ke

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Second Meeting of the Subcommittee of the Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines Tetracycline group in children WHO Model List of Essential Medicines for Children lists doxycycline100 mg capsule or tablet for the treatment of cholera. A review was requested to compare safety and efficacy of different tetracyclines to decide whether a square box listing is S

Curriculum vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE John Raymond Davis Ph.D., Clinical Psychology. APA-approved. Department of Psychology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. April 1983. Resident in Clinical Psychology. APA-approved. Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry, University of Virginia Medical Center, Charlottesville, Virginia. July 1979 - June 1980. M.A., Psychology. Department of Psychology, Way


SINUSITIS A sinus infection is a bacterial infection of one of the seven sinuses that normally drain into the nose. The sinuses are air-filled spaces in the skull which are lined with mucus membranes. Normally their mucus secretions are drained through tiny openings into the nose and then swallowed with the saliva. Swelling in the nose from any cause leads to blockage of normal mucus drainage.


Holbrook Heights Community Association Newsletter Summer Holbrook Pool Hours Playground Mon-Sat Renovation Moves Forward! Adult laps (no lifeguard) 11am-5pm General Swim (breaks at :45) Family Swim (breaks at :45) Adult Laps (no lifeguard) Sunday Adult laps (no lifeguard) 11am-5pm General Swim (breaks at :45) Message from


1818_34_tg3_l1-4_ung_muster_rz2.qxp:210x280mm 25.06.2008 11:39 Uhr Seite 11818_34_tg3_l1-4_ung_muster_rz2.qxp:210x280mm 25.06.2008 11:39 Uhr Seite 2 Kursbuch tolerant toleráns Sportstudent der, -en testnevelés szakos egyetemi hallga- Single-Leben das (Sg.) szingli-élet Lektion 1 sich verabschieden + von + DATIV du verabschiedestdich, sie/er/es verabschiedet sich elbúcsúzik Neua

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Suffering From Headaches? End The Suffering. Headaches are one of the more common conditions that enter the offices of primary care physicians, including medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic. As you know, the standard medical treatment revolves around the use of pharmaceuticals and/or injections. The standard chiropractic treatment approach includes manual therapies such as spinal m

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HOW TO USE EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS (ECPs)If you have experienced nausea or vomiting while taking hormone containing birth control methods, or if you have had severe "morning sickness" during pregnancy, you may want to use some medication to prevent or reduce this with Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs). Ask the family planning counselor for more information. These medicines work b

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Nobody ever asks you if you want to supersize your salad Complicated problems are best solved with simple solutions. When it comes to lust, renting is cheaper than owning. Spiritual growth is an option for the wealthy, but it comes standard for those in poverty. Children will resort to good manners when all else fails. Once you think you’re an expert, you’ve stopped being one. A good

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Activities for Arild Vatn – Thor Heyerdahl professorship August 2009 – August 2010 My work from August 2009 - August 2010 has concentrated on continuing previous activities – see report from 2008-2009 – and deepening some of my engagements (see appendix for details). Concerning the latter, three main issues should be mentioned: - Further development in climate research activities


Bad Bugs Bookclub Meeting Report: Intuition by Allegra Goodman The aim of the Bad Bugs Book Club is to get people interested in science, specifically microbiology, by reading books (novels) in which infectious disease forms some part of the story. We also try to associate books, where possible, with some other activity or event, to widen interest, and to broaden impact. We have establish


2013 Express Scripts National Preferred Preventive Drug List by Therapy Class Prescription Drugs: You Make the Choices, We Make it Easy Preventive Prescription Drugs: A Good Choice Prescription drugs that can help keep you from developing a health condition are called preventive prescription drugs . They can help you maintain your quality of life and avoidexpensive treatment, helping

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MASS PROPHYLAXIS Capability Definition Mass Prophylaxis is the capability to protect the health of the population through the administration of critical interventions in response to a public health emergency in order to prevent the development of disease among those who are exposed or are potentially exposed to public health threats. This capability includes the provision of appropriate

Herb risk list sample.xls

Risk assessment based on single dose of a 1:5 dried plant tincture (unless otherwise stated). A = 5ml, B = 2.5ml recommended single dose 0=no known risk 1=low risk 2=moderate risk 3=severe riskAconitum napellus (Monkshood) Schedule III - external only 1.3%Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag)Aesculus hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut)Agrimonia eupatoria (Agrimony)Agropyron repens (Couch Grass)Alchemilla arvens

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Artículo 7: Derechos y deberes de los socios activosA) Derechos:1. Disponer de un ejemplar escrito de los Estatutos del Hogar Español y de un carné con fotografíaque le acredite como socio/a del Hogar Español. 2. Capacidad de voto en las Asambleas Generales de Socios. 3. Percibir los beneficios sociales que la entidad () disponga para los mismos. Cabe destacar el20% de descuento sobre los pr

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Two Timely Topics First, some news about pertussis (whooping cough). The State Health Department is reporting an epidemic of pertussis this year in California. There have been 5 infant deaths in the state (as of late June). Make sure your children are up-to-date with their shots. The “P” in the DTaP vaccine is for pertussis. In addition, kids should get a booster dose (“Tdap”) aft

Information for patients having urodynamic studies (a bladder test)

URODYNAMIC STUDIES Important: If you are taking one of the following medications for your bladder it is important that you stop them 5 days before the test (as they may interfere with the results). Failure to do so may lead to cancel ation of the test. Tolterodine (Detrusitol) Fesoterodine (Toviaz) Oxybutynin Trospium (Regurin) Solifenacin (Vesicare) On rare occasions patie


Clinical Endocrinology (2005) 63 , 530–536 Adaptation of the hypothalamic-pituitary hormones during intensive endurance training T. Bobbert*†, L. Brechtel¶, K. Mai*†, B. Otto‡, C. Maser-Gluth§, A. F. H. Pfeiffer*†, J. Spranger*† and S. Diederich*** Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition, Charité University Medicine Berlin, Campus Benjami

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BIOTECNOLOGIA: A CORRIDA PELA INOVAÇÃO1 Periódico: Inteligência Empresarial (UFRJ), v. 19, p. 15-22, 2004 Autor: CARVALHO, Rodrigo S. (Hélice Consultoria) E-mail: [email protected] 1- Um velho novo mundo OCDE (1999) define biotecnologia como a aplicação da ciência para o processamento de materiais, através de agentes biológicos, tendo como objetivo a p

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Table 302.4_List of Hazardous Substances and Reportable Quantities [Note: All Comments/Notes Are Located at the End of This Table] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statutory Final RQ Hazardous substance CASRN codedagger; RCRA waste No. pounds (Kg) ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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REGULAMENTO GERAL DE FUNCIONAMENTO FORMAÇÃO PROFISSIONAL O Regulamento apresentado nas páginas a seguir constitui para todos os efeitos um manual de procedimentos para a formação inter-empresas da HIGH SCORE. DISPOSIÇÕES GERAIS Artigo 1.º 1. Objecto e âmbito É aprovado o presente Regulamento de Funcionamento da Formação Inter-Empresas que se aplica


Please fill out this form & bring it with you to your Travel Clinic Appointment and bring all current medication to your appointment. Also bring any immunization records you may have. Name:_______________________________DOB:___________ Male or Female Address:_________________________________ Social Security:___________________ Home phone __________________ Work phone_______

Rivendell school

Dear Parent/Guardian: Your child has been sent home today because he/she was found to have head lice. There is no need for alarm . Head lice are a common problem among school children and can happen to anyone. They are not a sign of poor health habits or poor hygiene. We provide the following information so that you can assist in controlling the condition by following the procedure to treat

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Onderzoeksproject Het bespreken van seksualiteit met patiënten en hun partners na een hartinfarct, hartfalen of een CVA Inleiding Voor veel gezonde mensen is tevredenheid met het seksleven een belangrijke component van de kwaliteit van het leven. Vaak wordt gedacht dat dit bij hartpatiënten of patiënten na een CVA anders is en dat seksualiteit wel op een laag pitje zal staan en voor hen niet be

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Annual Report of Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Indiana – Health Care Excel   The template below was provided to Health Care Excel, the Indiana Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid The information in red represents data supplied to the QIO by CMS. The information in blue represents information entered by the Indiana QIO. I.


2-SPEED CORDLESS SCREWDRIVER _______________________________________________________________ 144 AFB 2,6 18,0 Volt / 2,6 Ah Technical specification Battery 1,5 – 13 mm Set includes Quick Action Chuck Ø 13 mm, Second battery pack, quick charger CSL 30 LI with cable depot, PH 2 screwdriver bit, Belt hook with integrated bit holder,



Opdaterede guidelines vedrørende diagnostik og behandling af hjerteinsufficiens

Tillæg til Cardiologisk Forum Oktober 2002 Nye retningslinjer vedrørende diagnostik og behandling Olav W.Nielsen, Niels Gadsbøll, Lars Køber, Per Hildebrandt, Henrik Villadsen Fra Arbejdsgruppen om Hjerteinsufficiens under Dansk Cardiologisk Selskab Introduktion 2. Objektiv dokumentation for kardial dysfunktionI 2001 udkom en task-force rapport om diagnostik3. Ved tvivl kan diagnosen

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Transdermal Progesterone Cream as an Alternative Progestin in Hormone Therapy Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Nov/Dec 2005. Vol 11, No. 6; 36-38. Helene B. Leonetti, MD; Jennifer Landes, DO; David Steinberg, MD; James N. Anasti, MD Abstract Objective: To evaluate the endometrial effects and determine patients’ acceptance of transdermal progesterone cream compared to stan


Your GP or Endocrinologist may also check: What do I need to know about my medication? Hypoparathyroidism  The aim of treatment is to abolish symptoms – not to restore ‘normal’ calcium levels in the blood.  In the absence of PTH, higher levels of calcium are found in the urine for a given blood calcium level. When hypoparathyroidism occurs as a complication This can caus

Post-registration entitlements

Health Professions Council Council, 31st May 2007 Approval of programmes leading to entitlements under the Prescription Only Medicines (Human Use) Order 1997 Executive Summary and Recommendations Introduction At its meeting on 29th March 2007, the Education and Training Committee considered a paper from the Executive about the Approval of programmes leading to entitlements


Gemeindevermögen Rechnungen, Forderungszettel, Belege Den Gulden rechne ich mit ca. 30 €; 60 Kreuzer waren 1 G Taglohn Ludwig Schoner (Gleichauf) – Gräben, Brücken, Wege, Steine klopfen, Teichel- grubeSchoner, Martin Ehm (Geisinger) – Gräben machen Bürgermeister Bartle Hör (Schue Nazi) – Holz für Brücke vermessen Bannlinie ziehen zwischen Neudingen und GutmadingenProze

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Erwachsenen Histiozytose X e.V. Unter der Schirmherrschaft der Deutschen Atemwegsliga e.V. Bericht von Karl-Heinz zur Langerhans-Cell-Histiozytose ich habe von der „DLH“ von Ihrer Selbsthilfegruppe erfahren und möchte Ihnen einen Bericht zusenden, vielleicht finden Sie ihn interessant und veröffentlichen ihn., von mir aus gern! Anbei erhalten Sie den Krankheitsbericht aus Sic

Ripening effects on the chilling sensitivity of processing and

J. Appl. Hort., 2(2):76-78, July-December, 2000 Ripening effects on the chilling sensitivity of processing andnon-processing tomato cultivars Department of Food Production, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences. The University of the West Indies,St. Augustine. Trinidad, West Indies Abstract Studies on the sensitivity to chilling injury (CI) of 8 processing and 8 non-processing tomato

Happy cat – veterinary data sheet

Happy Cat™ Veterinary Indications Veterinary Data Sheet It is always important to identify the underlying reason for the expe-rience of stress, so as to discover a positive solution for it where Happy Cat ™ is part of an integrated approach to the treatment and prevention of feline stress-related behaviours and diseases, and to Mood disorders Ingredients Happy Cat �

Psychosomatische erkrankungen - alles nur einbildung

Alles nur Einbildung? - Psychosomatische Erkrankungen von Peter Launhardt Was lässt sich über psychosomatische Erkrankungen sagen und verstehen lernen? Ein Patient hat bestimmte Beschwerden und lässt sich untersuchen. Doch es wird nichts gefunden, was die Beschwerden und Symptome die er hat, ausreichend erklären könnte. Aber der Patient leidet noch immer unter seinen Beschwerden u


Inhalt 6-7 8-15 16-25 Die Funktionen der männlichen Hormone (1) 26-38 Die Rol e vom menschlichen Testosteron (2) 39-53 Prostatavergrößerung undProstatakrebs (3) 54-68 Östrogendominanz und Prostataprobleme (4) 69-75 76-93 Wiederherstel ung vomHormongleichgewicht (6) 94-106 .und wie sieht das inDeutschland aus? (7) 107-117 118-


Journal of the American College of Cardiology© 2002 by the American College of Cardiology Foundation and the American Heart AssociationACC/AHA/NHLBI CLINICAL ADVISORY ON STATINSACC/AHA/NHLBI Clinical Advisoryon the Use and Safety of Statins WRITING COMMITTEE MEMBERS TABLE OF CONTENTS and Blood Institute (ACC/AHA/NHLBI) Clinical Advi-sory is intended to summarize for professionals the cur


Understanding Bone Metastases - When Cancer spread to the bones Cancer that has developed in one place can spread and invade other parts of the body. This process of spreading is called If a tumor spreads to the bone, it is called bone metastasis. Cancer cells that have metastasized to the bone can damage the bone and cause symptoms. Various treatments are available to control the symptoms


FIRST AID SHEET Student Last Name, First Initial: _______________________________________Grade: _________ Student cell phone: ____________________________________ I understand that accidents and illnesses occur. If "YES" below, the chaperones may administer this over-the-counter medication to my child. If "NO" below, the chaperones may not administer this over-the-coun


NTD News for Africa A randomised controlled clinical trial on the safety of co-administration of albendazole, ivermectin and praziquantel in infected schoolchildren in Uganda Harriet Namwanje et al. Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg 2011;105:181–8 Introduction Parasitic helminth infections, including lymphatic filariasis (LF), schistosomiasis and soil- transmitted helminthiasis (STH), are pr


FLUoxetine (Lexi-Drugs) ALERT: U.S. Boxed Warning The FDA-approved labeling includes a boxed warning. See Warnings/Precautions section for a concise summary of this information. For verbatim wording of the boxed warning, consult the product labeling or www.fda.gov. Special Alerts SSRI Use During Pregnancy and Potential Risk of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN)December 2011

What is dementia?

What is dementia? If you, or a friend or relative, have been confused. You may not know what dementia is. This factsheet should help answer some of yourquestions about dementia, including what causes it and how it is diagnosed. The term 'dementia' describes a set of symptoms which include loss of memory, mood changes, andproblems with communication and reasoning. These symptoms occur when

Health risk assesment report

PENNSYLVANIA’S HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT PROCESS Introduction More than 70,000 children and adults with mental retardation are living in the community andreceiving some type of support services from the Commonwealth’s community mentalretardation service system. Over 15,000 individuals are living in licensed community residences. This number increases each year as individuals move from stat


EP_Vertigo_060803 03.09.2003 10:49 Uhr Seite 2 An Unsurpassed Product Profile Vertigoheel Histamine Antihistamines Analogues (i.e.: Dimen- (i.e.: Betahistine) hydrinate) Prevalence of Vertigo The symptom of vertigo is very frequent in every popula-tion. In general 20% of men and even 40% of womencomplain about vertigo attacks. The treatment of vertigo remains still v


PROGRAM VOUCHER To obtain reimbursement (up to $50.00) for attending a smoking cessation class, call HNE to obtain a log number, fill out this form, cut along the dotted line and bring it to class with you. Mail the completed form to: Your Member ID Number: _______________________________________ Call HNE Your Log Number: 413-787-4000 or 800-842-4464 __________________

das schmerzmittel aspir

Aspirin ist der Markenname für den Wirkstoff Acetylsalicylsäure (ASS), der von der Firma Bayereingeführt wurde. Acetylsalicylsäure hat die Summenformel:HOOC-C6H4-COOCH3 und ist einkristalliner Feststoff. Ein weiterer Name für Acetylsalicylsäure ist 2-Acetoxybenzoesäure. 1897 gelang es dem Chemiker Dr. Felix Hoffmann zum ersten Mal Acetylsalicyl-säure verträglich zu machen. Vorher wa


July 2011 PipeLine Content 1 | h - A Single Source Solution for Utrecht’s Sewers, NL 3 | Long-Lasting Pipes for the Eternal City, IT h – A Single Source Solution for Utrecht’s Sewers Sewer Renovation Project in the Netherlands Utrecht, the 4th largest city of the Netherlands, counts about 312,000 inhabitants and is an important node regarding roads, rail- and wa-terwa

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Primary Care Paramedic Medical Directives Hamilton Health Sciences Base Hospital Program Medical Director: Dr. M. Welsford Suspected Cardiac Ischemia Chest Pain Protocol When the following indications and conditions exist, a Paramedic can administer Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg spray SL and/or ASA two (2) 80 mg chewable tablets, and ACPs may also administer Morphine Sulfate IV, according to the

Microsoft word - rifamycins and antidiabetic agents_11.6.2012

Rifamycins and Anti-Diabetic Agents: Drug-Drug Interactions General Tuberculosis (TB) Therapy Information Developed by Kelly Bujnoch, PharmD Candidate 2011 with the assistance of Regina Tabor, RPh, DPh, Robert Petrossian and Barbara Seaworth, MD Many diabetic medications are metabolized via the Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzymatic system in the liver. Rifampin is a potent inducer of the

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TITLE XI: BUSINESS REGULATIONS 110. RETAIL PERMITS CHAPTER 110: RETAIL PERMITS 110.01 Limitation on sale of pharmaceuticals SELL. Furnish, give away, exchange, transfer, deliver, surrender, distribute or supply, whether or not for monetary gain or other WHOLESALER. One whose business is § 110.01 LIMITATION ON SALE OF the selling of goods in gross to retail stores fo

Deelnemerslijst huis en tuin 2014.xlsx

Tuinontwerp en Tuinaanleg. Leverancier van Oude Fruitbomen. Bamboe composiet, tuinonderdelen en materiaalTuinbeurs Nederland bied 20.000m2 overdekte beleving & inspiratieHoveniersbedrijf Ed Bijker en Landelijkebouwstijl.nlBlije voeten Voetmassage apparaat/Blije voeten VoetencremeHouten garages, blokhhutten, tuinhuizen en tuinhoutPanasonic massagestoelen en shiatsu massagekussensMedite

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Dr.med. Rudolf Hermann 24-Stunden-Oesophagus-pH-metrie Die typischen Symptome der gastro-ösophagealen Refluxkrankheit - Sodbrennen und saures Aufstoßen – haben eine hohe Spezifität (~90%), jedoch eine geringe Sensitivität (~40%)1 für das Vorliegen der Krankheit. Fehlende Symptome, und dies ist besonders bei metaplastischen Veränderung (Barrett-Metaplasie) von Bedeutung,


Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario John D. Schultz Science Student Scholarship RECIPIENTS FOR SUMMER 2003 Students and Project Supervisor Bashar Alolabi Identification of autosomal dominant genes that regulate Josdalyne Anderson Furthering the Evaluation of Thrombophilia and the Econimics of Venous Thromboembolic Disease Yulia Artemenko SHIP2 signalling and mech


Utah Provider Manual for Primary Care Plan Division of Health Care Financing Updated April 2005 Primary Care Network Table of Contents SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 - 1Authority . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Hunt Club Park Community Association Meeting Minutes June 26, 2013 ATTENDEES *Carole submitted a written proxy to Yasmin Latif for any decision being made/voted on. DESCRIPTION DISCUSSION RESPONSIBLE Meeting was called Approval of the Approved by Dale Olm, 2nd by Karen Michaud Approval of the Approved by Karen Michaud, 2nd by Yasmin Latif DART Team Direct


SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING1.2. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against1.3. Details of the supplier of the safety data sheetHelifix Ltd21 Warple WayLondonW3 0RXUKTel: +44 (0)20 8735 5200Fax: +44 (0)20 8735 5201Email: [email protected]+44 (0)1773 540440 (Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00)2.1. Classification

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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in pregnancy: epidemiology, clinical syndromes, management, prevention, and infection control in the peripartum and post-partum periods. Susan M. Kellie, MD, MPH Associate Professor of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases University of New Mexico School of Medicine Hospital Epidemiologist, University of New Mexico Health Scien

C:\documents and settings\bradym\desktop\4b9f3119-0e5a-01d8-427d8969c87b90bb.html

Wednesday, June 01 A Message from Cardiology Associates, LLC Welcome to the June 2011 issue of our Cardiology Associates' ReferringPhysician Newsletter. The newsletter will focus on pregnancy-relatedcardiovascular disease, in particular hypertension (HTN) in pregnant andpost-partum women. As women are waiting until later in life to havechildren, we are more often seeing


Problem Set 3: Notes* *Slides as used in class. Additional notes and discussion not included. Comparison of models - countries differ in technologies- one factor (labor): constant marginal returns- trade: countries specialize completely- potential to gain from trade: different relative marginal productivity (constant)- countries differ in endowments (same technology)- three factors (two sp


Werner Bartens: Heillose Zustände. Warum die Medizin die Menschen krank und das Land arm macht, Droemer/Knaur Verlag, München, 2012, ISBN-13: 978-3-426-27581-8, ISBN-10: 3426275813; 223 S. Format 208mm/ 130mm/22mm; Amazon-Preis für gebundene Ausgabe 18 Euro; neu- ab 14,00 Euro; gebraucht- ab 10,99 Euro. Was ist die Medizin? Ist sie eine marktferne, dem Eid des Hippokrates treue und freie Hei

Uiaa mountain medical centre

UIAA Mountain Medical Centre Information Sheet 1 MOUNTAIN SICKNESS, EDEMAS & TRAVEL TO HIGH ALTITUDES Introduction A family of related medical conditions that sometimes develop when people travel to altitudes above 3500m (11,500ft), at times even lower. There is a wide variation in both the speed of onset, the severity of symptoms and also at the height at which they occur �

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Healthwatch Leicestershire and Healthwatch Rutland Briefing and update: Urgent Care/Minor Injury and Illness Services Consultation 26 February to 23 April 2014 Introduction Urgent care is treatment for minor il nesses and injuries, without an appointment, at hospitals, walk-in centres and GP surgeries. It refers to health conditions which are urgent, but are neither life-threatening no

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Weiterführende Informationen zum Thema Angiologie Schlagadern (Arterien) bringen das sauerstoffreiche Blut vom Herzen zu den Organen und zur Muskulatur. Erkrankungen der Schlagadern, wie Arteriosklerose , äußern sich z.B. als Herzinfarkt, Schlaganfall oder Durchblutungsstörungen derBeine mit Schmerzen beim Laufen (Claudicatio, „Schaufensterkrankheit“), nichtheilenden Wunden od

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Operation Pill Crusher Report: Saturday, April 18th Local Law Enforcement including the Hendersonville Police Department, Laurel Park Police Department, Fletcher Police Department and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office participated in “Operation Pill Crusher”, a drop-off service provided to the community to turn in their expired, unwanted and unused medications for safe destruction. Thes


Insulinoma How to Recognize It and Emergency Treatment Insulinomic ferrets may just act a little tired, lethargic. Their back legs may wobble. They may seem "out of it" and stare at nothing. They may feel nauseous. Some let you know by pawing at their mouths. More severe symptoms include seizures or comas, which are life threatening, of course. If an Insulinomic ferret is comatose


Thrombosis Research (2005) 116, 465 — 470Effect of increasing doses of aspirin on plateletfunction as measured by PFA-100 in patients withdiabetesAdnan Abacia,T, Yucel Yilmazb, Mustafa Caliskanb, Fahri Bayramc,Mustafa Cetind, Ali Unald, Servet CetinbaDepartment of Cardiology, Gazi University School of Medicine, Ankara 06550, TurkeybDepartment of Cardiology, Erciyes University School of Me

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VIHA Regional Pain Program Pharmacist Assessment Name : Davidson,Niomi DOB: 1971 Oct 27 F MRN: 1814706 PHN: 9027201757 Family Physician: Dr Jeff Saffrey Date : April 9, 2010 Chief Complaint/Reason for referral/patient goals: - Left pelvic pain/referral for lidocaine infusion by Dr.William Craig (specialist in o Wants to learn about lidocaine for pain treatm


Human intestinal bacteria as reservoirsfor antibiotic resistance genesAbigail A. Salyers, Anamika Gupta and Yanping WangDepartment of Microbiology, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL 61801, USAHuman intestinal bacteria have many roles in humanthrough the human colon on a regular basis are pathogenshealth, most of which are beneficial or neutral for thesuch as Streptococcus pneumoniae and


INSTRUCTIONS • Each output has a built-in 3 hour safety timer INTRODUCTION • Tri-color LED and audible indicators for each outputindicates charge status, as well as for improper inputThank you for purchasing the PolyCharge4 lithium-polymervoltage, output reverse polarity, open-circuit, and morecharger! Capable of charging 4 separate lithium-polymer packs• Built-in fan keeps


SUMMER SELF STUDY PROGRAM Drug Therapy for Stabilization of AF: From Foxglove to Tarantulas Friday, May 16, 2008 Bramah N. Singh, MD, DSc, FRCP Gerald V. Naccarelli, MD, FHRS Current Drug Options for Atrial Fibrillation L. Brent Mitchell, MD Dr. Brent Mitchell discussed the magnitude of the clinical problem of atrial fibrillation. He reviewed the epidemiology of atri


New therapies, along with improved diagnostic tests, are clearing the way to better care. With advances in veterinary medicine, we have an increased understanding of diseases that strike our horses. EquineCushing’s disease has been recognized for more than 70 years, but has often been misunderstood. Today, however, withour improved diagnostic and treatment options, Cushing’s horses are li


janeiro 2011 projecto Investimento rondou os 350 mil euros No decurso da reformulação do espaço físico do Hospital, surgiu também a necessidade de actualizar toda a infra-estrutura de TI. A proposta escolhida, e ganha pela CPCis, envolveu soluções combinadas da APC, HP Networking, Avaya e Axis A CPCis, empresa focada na comercialização projecto, envolveram um novo datacenter


P a t h o p h y s i o l o g y / C o m p l i c a t i o n s O R I G I N A L Benfotiamine Prevents Macro- and Microvascular Endothelial Dysfunction and Oxidative Stress Following a Meal Rich in Advanced Glycation End Products in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes LIN STIRBAN, MD KNUT KLEESIEK, MD ONICA NEGREAN, MD MICHAELA MUELLER-ROESEL, MD E ndothelial dysfunction is

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STATE OF WISCONSIN VILLAGE OF HALES CORNERS MILWAUKEE COUNTY __________________________________________________________________________ WHEREAS, Section 13.09 of the Municipal Code provides for fees for ambulance WHEREAS, the Committee of the Whole of the Village Board of Trustees has determined that the Village should adopt Advanced Life Support (ALS) rates recommended by the Milwaukee County


Therapie der Aufmerksam- keitsdefizit-/Hyperaktivitäts- störung im Erwachsenenalter J. Krause Johanna Krause1 und Doris Ryffel-Rawak2Psychiatrische und psychotherapeutische Praxis in1Ottobrunn bei München, 2Bremgarten bei Bern D. Ryffel-Rawak Bei den meisten erwachsenen Patienten mit einer ausgeprägten Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-/Hyperaktivitätsstörung ist eine kombinierte medika


Option D: Medicines and drugs (15/22 hours)The aim of this option is to give students an understanding of how medicines and drugs can influence the functioning of the body. Students should be able to recognize the fundamental structures and relevant functional groups of several classes of drugs and medicines (as listed in this option or in topic 10), and should be able to distinguish between them.


A PUTATIVE GAIN-OF-FUNCTION MUTATION IN CRHR1 GENE CAUSING ACTH-DEPENDENT HYPERCORTISOLISM IN A POODLE DOG. V. De Marco1,2,3, LR Carvalho1, AEC Billerbeck1, PSL Oliveira4 & BB Mendonca1. 1 Laboratório de Hormônios e Genética Molecular LIM/42, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. 2 Universidade Guarulhos, SP, Brazil. 3 Pompéia Veterinary Hospital, São Pau

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Attenuation of SSRI-induced increases in extracellular brain 5-HT by benzodiazepines Chapter 8 Attenuation of SSRI-induced increases in extracellular brain 5-HT by benzodiazepines. Abstract Enhanced serotonergic neurotransmission is generally thought to be the neurochemical basisof the antidepressant effects of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). The anxiolytic benzodiaz

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I recognised the prevalence of rabies miasmin this case, which was most clear in bark-ing and growling at moving cars, whichHomeopathic Manage- was also relatively recent. Tom had inten-sity in play that, along with his other char-acteristics, led me to prescribe Belladonna. Idecided to start with 12 C twice daily sincehe was on Florinef twice daily. Once I hadevidence of improvement from the

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Beispiel: Medikamente bei Hypertonus bzw. Herzinsuffizienz und zur kardiovaskulären Prävention; Das Ziel ist eine einfache, effektive und wirtschaftliche Therapie für etwa 60-80% der Behandlungsfälle. Medikamentengruppe Vorrangig empfehlenswert: Bedingt empfehlenswert: Nicht empfehlenswert: [In Klammern = Tagesbehandlungskosten in €/d] [In Klammern = Tagesbehandlungsko


ASSESS THE NEED FOR SEDATION IS THE PATIENT COMFORTABLE AND AT SEDATION GOAL? 1 . Assess the need for analgesia prior to beginning or continuing a sedation regimen 2. Set a goal for sedation using the Riker Scale and regularly redefine for each patient 3. Search for correctable causes of anxiety/agitation: SEDATIVE PROPERTIES: All sedatives possess amnestic effects

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Jerry L. Dennis, M.D., Medical Director, Raymond K. Lederman, D.O., Associate Medical Director, ADHS/DBHS BENEFITS OF PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATIONS • Assists with biologically-based disorders • Decreases negative symptoms • Increases functioning • Increases effectiveness of other approaches • Cost-effective KEY INFORMATION • Generic and

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4th Board of Studies DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY 24th May ANNEXURE-C Scheme of Studies for 4-Year BS (Hons) Program and B.Sc 2 years Colleges program CURRICULUM FOR 4-Year BS (Hons) Program The students who have passed F.Sc. /A-level examinations with chemistry shall be eligible for BS chemistry program. A student may choose chemistry as a major subject along with two other su


Retail Program The retail program provides up to a 34-day This program is based on the CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) supply of medication. Simply present your or CareFirst BlueChoice, Inc. (CareFirst BlueChoice) preferred drug prescription drug identification card at a list, which is made up of all generic prescription drugs (Tier 1) and preferred brand name prescription dru

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