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W O R K / L I F E B A L A N C E C H A L L E N G E D B Y W O R K P L A C E The latest work/life balance dissatisfaction as a result of the workers and the organisa-benchmarking survey shows that inability to achieve and balance tion. An increase in staff sations are struggling to find a sibilities. manage their lifestyle demands. In organisations that have not developed work/life policies and programs 60% say they have ob-served an increase in employee When is the most important time the streak is fully developed it cal implications, dictating of your life? Birth, leaving home, thickens at the end to form a the time limit for experi-marriage, death? None of these structure called Henson’s node, ments on human embryos in H E A S C O N S U L T A N T P S Y C H O L O G I S T S according to British biologist which produces chemicals that many countries. For exam-Lewis Wolpert, who singles out a trigger the formation of the ple, the UK’s Human Fertili- time two weeks or so after the nervous system. It is also a sation and Embryology (HFE) sperm fuses with the egg, when a marker for individuality: if the Act, which came into force groove forms on the surface of fertalised egg turns into twins, in 1990 dictates that no the growing human embryo—the this almost always happens embryo can be stored or before the primitive streak used after the primitive streak is an outward sign of a The primitive streak marks a industrialized nations that massive re-organisation of the major milestone in the develop- embryo from a sphere into a ment of the embryo, but it’s not adopted the same 14-day only of interest to biologists. It’s time limit (in the US only a ess called gastrulation. It marks central to the debate about few states allow any kind of the establishment of the body when human life begins, and embryo research). plan of the future fetus. When has profound ethical and politi- The push-button telephone that is about to What the public is not yet aware of is the adopt the full alphanumeric keyboard of mind-boggling revolution in telephone a typewriter. Linked to an MF telephone, new technology that may one day turn it development it has started. By the end of this could be used not only to key in com-into a domestic computer terminal. the decade, the button dial will be ideal y plicated statements to a computerized suited to the high speed switching that the database, but also to send letters over Looking exactly l like a conventional instru- new generation of electronic telephone the phone lines at up to 15 characters ment, except for its 10-button keypad in exchanges will make available, and quite per second. place of the rotary dial, it is being sold to different type of telephone signaling tech- the public as “the phone with the modern nique will have begun to enter public ser- touch”. And while it will set up a call no vice. Known as multi-frequency (MF) this quicker than a conventional dial, because of the drawbacks of electromechanical ordinary telephone as a data-input ser- telephone exchanges, the keypad will allow vice. Then the possibilities for entirely new (typically 5 seconds for a 10-digit number, compared with 14seconds using a disc The ultimate would be a full teletype sys-dial). tem with a visual display until that could E A S I E R A L T E R N A T I V E T O R E H A B F O R A L C O H O L I C S that alcoholism can be treated successfully (CBI), a 50-minute specialised counselling wit h just nine 20-minute sessions with the session and medical management (MM), family GP together with either the drug nalterexone or specialised counselling. The tient’s diagnosis, recommended that they trial included 1383 alcohol-dependent drinking, and the results were published patients were assessed for up to one year. this week in the Journal of the American naltrexone plus MM, CBI plus MM and placebo tablets, or naltrexone and CBI Two drugs were tested—naltrexone, which prosate, the newest treatment for alcohol- weeks in rehab to get sober. In the largest tively) than those receiving placebo tablets ism. Researchers also tested two types of study of its kind, researchers have found therapy—combined behaviour intervention T R E A T M E N T T O H E L P P H O B I A S Whether you’re scared of spiders or public before, during and after the test. For the speaking, a new study in the Proceedings spider test, cortisone treatment (but not Cortisone may also improve spider phobia cial phobia and 20 with spider phobia, and reviewing a colour picture of a 10cm spi- gave them either cortisone or an inactive duced fear levels during the final session der. In both cases subjects who received placebo. There was a one-hour rest period cortisone reported less fear and anxiety for the drug to be absorbed, followed by a


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OMÉGA-3 CALMEMC frites). Ce déséquilibre alimentaire peut entraîner une carence en acides gras oméga-3 qui sont des composants importants des membranes cellulaires du cerveau et du système nerveux. Sans un apport suffisant d’acides gras oméga-3, les autres types de graisses fournis dans le régime alimentaire sont intégrés dans la membrane cellulaire. Cela peut altérer la st


BEVEZETŐ ÖSSZEFOGLALÓ REFERÁTUMOK Ö S S Z E F O G L A L Ó R E F E R Á T U M O K A D-vitamin szerepe a krónikus szívelégtelenség kialakulásában SZABÓ BOGLÁRK A DR.1 ■ MER KELY BÉLA DR.1 ■ TAK ÁCS ISTVÁN DR.2 Semmelweis Egyetem, Általános Orvostudományi Kar, 1Kardiológiai Központ, 2I. Belgyógyászati Klinika, Budapest A krónikus szívelégtelens

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