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1. Top ten things to consider when you pack
a. Mosquito repellant b. Bandana c. Sun block d. Hand sanitizer e. Anti – diarrheal, not Imodium but an antibacilliary like Smecta f. Powdered drink mix with electrolytes to avoid dehydration g. Tampons as not possible to buy here h. Light cotton or quick dry pants and shirts i. Proper working shoes (boots or sport shoes) for building at sites j. A waist pack to wear on build site to carry sun block, sanitizer, camera, etc… 2. Health reminders
a. Always wash your hands thoroughly before eating. Use a hand sanitizer if available
b. WATER: always request for purified or bottled water. Even when taking mixed drinks
(shakes etc.) or soda’s with ice, please request for ice/ice cubes from purified water c. Using purified water may include for brushing teeth d. Water can be purified or distilled. Bottled water is abundant and readily available. e. Water contamination may apply to bathing as well as food. If bathing or swimming in rivers is a practice, be cautious if the water could be contaminated. f. Wash thoroughly and disinfect cuts and sores afterwards. Do not shave while bathing in such g. If purchasing fruits and vegetables on your own, please have this thoroughly washed or even h. STREET FOOD: volunteers are not encouraged to buy street food.
i. In special cases where toilet facilities are a challenge to some participants, some may choose
not to drink enough water just to avoid using these facilities. Dehydration can be the consequence. Caution co participants of this problem. Please freely discuss this concern with your hosting project. Rely any digestion difficulties to the Coordinator immediately. j. Always put on sunscreen before working k. Never forget to put on sun block when going out even in the city l. Wear a hat or bandanna on the work site to protect the face. m. Dress in layers or with long sleeved shirt to protect arms and long pants for the legs. Remember to keep clothes dry to avoid colds/pneumonia n. Frequent breaks and rest are encouraged. o. Drink lots of water! Please contact your Coordinator or Team Leader if you feel your regular Sunburn and even heat exhaustion and stroke are always a potential risk.
3. Some things to consider when you pack:

a. Clothes: Keep in mind that humidity in Viet Nam is high, so pack light cotton and airy clothes. For travel, wear comfortable clothing. b. General: Underclothing and socks; swim suit for use at the hotel, long sleeve shirt for air- conditioned rooms or for work shirts; broad-brimmed hat; light rain jacket; UV-blocking
sunglasses; sandals or flip flops; casual clothing for relaxing in the evening, bug spray and
sun block
….and a SMILE!
c. Work Clothes: Old work boots or other sturdy shoes with closed toes (no sandals) for the building site and changes of comfortable work clothes. Bandana or face cloth. d. Recommended for men and women: Long durable pants or shorts that are long enough to cover the lower thighs; short-sleeved cotton shirts and long sleeved shirts (to protect against sunburn and scrapes); and heavy cotton socks to protect against blisters. Please remember that Viet Nam is a very traditional country in which you are guests so please wear no revealing clothing, mini-shorts or stomach-bearing shirts while in the rural villages or on worksite for both safety and cultural respect. 4. Some things to consider when you pack:
The policy relates to all minors (below 18 years of age) around a HFH construction site and/or participating on International Volunteer Teams. The primary issues here are the safety of these minors, the potential ramifications if something were to happen to them, and the general safety of the construction site. Underage volunteers should be fully compliant with the international and alternative off-site activities should be suggested instead. Off-site activities could also be organized for them; as long as they do not happen when regular construction is taking place and they are limited to particular tasks in compliance with the policy.  Have Standard Minor Waivers signed by Parent or Guardian  In the event of International Boarding Schools, the minor should be covered under the Memorandum of Understanding between HFHI and school, using the Passive Minor Waiver  Minors must adhere to the AGE-APPROPRIATE HFH activities while participating on 5. Meet Habitat Team
Name: Sara Coppler
Name: My Xuan Ngo
Position: Volunteer Programs Coordinator – HCMC/Tien Giang
Name: Cao Minh Le
Name: Kim Ngan Le
Position: Volunteer Programs Coordinator – Kien Giang
Name: Mai Anh Ho
Name: Cam Tu La
Position: Volunteer Programs Coordinator – Vinh Phuc/Hai Duong


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