Mara Glow GW
Solvent-based phosphorescent ink
Two phosphorescent duration qualities,
for screen printing
low odour, for PVC, PS, paperboard, and
Field of Application
Long-term Phosphorescent Duration
Mara Glow GW is suitable for printing onto PVC self-adhesive film, rigid PVC, polystyrene Both specifications contain a very high pig- PS, ABS, SAN, Acrylic glass, polycarbonate, ment quality and, if processed properly, are paperboard, and cardboard. Due to the very suitable for producing long phosphorescent high thickness of printed ink layers, printing onto thin materials like PVC self-adhesive film might be difficult. To avoid material warpage, This quality is used in the manufacture of long- we recommend the use of quality films with a term phosphorescent products like emergency exit and hazard location markings and the mar- king of devices, instrument panels, and dials. As all of the above mentioned print substrates We generally recommend not to use a spray may differ in their printability characteristics, even within an individual type, preliminary trials are essential to determine suitability for the intended use and especially the subsequent Characteristics
Field of Use
The ink containing the short-term phosphore- Mara Glow GW is a phosphorescent solvent- scent pigment quality, GW 361, can be pro- based screen printing ink and is available in cessed with a mesh of up to 90-48, analogous two different phosphorescent duration qua- to other screen printing inks. The homogenous lities. In general, phosphorescent inks absorb stirring of the ink prior to printing is essential. and store illuminated short wavelength UV The basis of the long-term phosphorescent ink rays and/or light and release them as longer is an extremely hard pigment with a very high wavelength visible light once the illumination specific gravity and high pigment content. The has stopped. This results in illuminated signs ink, therefore, must regularly be stirred consis- or effects during darkness. For the long-term tently before printing and during production. phosphorescent quality, this effect can be repeated many times. The following fields of The pigment content in the printed ink layer will otherwise be reduced and the phosphore- scent duration required by DIN 67 510 will Short-term Phosphorescent Duration
not be met. Due to the hard pigment quality, Mara Glow GW 361, yellow -green inherent the stencil abrasion during production is quite colour, is suitable as effect ink for printing onto significant. We recommend that the emulsion self-adhesive material or signs in the realm of is only applied to the print side of the screen, and a hard squeegee with rounded edges is Page 1/3 Marabuwerke GmbH & Co. KG ⋅ Telephone: +49-(0)7141-691-0 ⋅ [email protected] ⋅www.marabu- Technical data sheet
Mara Glow GW
Drying of GW 361
Colour Fastness
When printing with a 90-48 mesh, the single- All three phosphorescent inks are free of sided print dries stackable in the hot air chan- phosphor and lead, free of radioactive mate- nel (2 hot, 1 cold zone) at 40-50°C. Under rials, and harmless in accordance with DIN these conditions, a rather slow drying speed EN 71/ part 3. To provide for increased in- ternal and external longevity and to protect against humidity, we recommend a suitable Drying of GW 760 and GW 761
Due to the pigment size, the high ink film thickness, and to achieve DIN 67 510, both The following values relate to 1kg of printing products require printing with a very coarse ink plus a 5% thinner addition and depends mesh (e.g. 27-120). This slows down the drying largely on the stencil thickness and the round- speed considerably and makes passing through the hot air channel and subsequent rack drying To achieve quick solvent evaporation, we al- ways recommend to use a hot air tunnel dryer. To achieve a maximum phosphorescent effect, The following standard products are available: printing should only be onto white substrates. Phosphorescent Ink
Light Storage Saturation
Both ink qualities produce a maximum storage lengths present in both daylight and neon light. If only incandescent lighting is available, even prolonged charging will result in only a Protective Varnishes
To protect the phosphorescent ink against fading, the entire surface must be overvar- Phosphorescent Duration
ces, if fully charged and properly processed, a phosphorescent effect of approx. 30 minutes. 760 and GW 761 achieves and exceeds when properly processed and with uniform pigment Hardener H1 Hardener for protective varnish distribution the values of DIN 67 510 (20 mcd /m² after 10 min. / 2.8 mcd/m² after 60 min. - 340 min. until it drops to 0.3 mcd/m²), so Mixture ratio GW 911 to hardener H1 equals Page 2/3 Marabuwerke GmbH & Co. KG ⋅ Telephone: +49-(0)7141- 691- 0 ⋅ [email protected] ⋅ www.marabu- Technical data sheet
Mara Glow GW
When coating with varnish, the same mesh Recommendation
recommendation (or slightly finer) applies as The ink must be stirred well and consistently Auxiliaries
The long-term phosphorescent screen printing inks Mara Glow GW 760 and 761 are suitable for the manufacture of long-term phosphore- scent products in accordance with DIN 67510, Prior to printing we recommend adding 5% part 4 (in the version of July 1996). Of crucial thinner or retarder to the phosphorescent ink. importance in this respect is the correct pro- cesssing of the ink, the observation of printing
parameters, the proper installation at the loca-tion, and the observation of illumination con- Current Material Safety Data Sheets according to EC-regulation 91/155 exist for the ink type Mara Glow GW and its additives and auxilia- Our technical advice whether verbal, written, ries, covering in detail all relevant safety data or through test trials reflects our current know- including the labelling according to the current ledge for the purpose of information on our hazardous materials regulation and EC direc - products and their use. It does not constitute tives. These details can also be found on the an assurance for certain properties of the pro- ducts or their suitability for any application. Please order the safety data sheets. The ink has You are responsible to confirm the suitability a flashpoint above 40°C. According to special of the products supplied by us for the intended arrangement para. 2, section 4 of the regula- process or purpose by carrying out your own tions on flammable liquids dated 03/05/82 trials. The selection and testing of the ink for a the provisions of this regulation do not apply. specific application is exclusively your respon- We cannot, therefore, guarantee the charac- teristics and standard effects of long-term However, in the event of any liability claims such claims shall be limited to the value of the screen printing inks Mara Glow GW 760 and goods delivered by us and utilised by you with respect to any and all damages not caused in- Page 3/3 Marabuwerke GmbH & Co. KG ⋅ Telephone: +49-(0)7141- 691- 0 ⋅ [email protected] ⋅ www.marabu-



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