E-MAIL: (Oglethorpe email only—PLEASE Block Print):
YEAR IN COLLEGE:_______________________
ACADEMIC ADVISOR:______________________
University/ Destination: _________________________________
(Please answer these questions truthfully and directly. Answers are kept

Why do you wish to travel and study abroad?
What is your present classification in terms of hours at OU, your age, and GPA,
and your major?

If we need to check academic references, what two professors would you use as

Have your traveled abroad before, and where?
Do you speak any languages other than your native language?
What do you perceive either a short-term trip or a semester abroad as enabling
you to do in your future endeavors?

Would you rather travel with classmates or by yourself, and why?
Do you have any medical conditions of which we need to be aware, and if so, are
you taking medications for it? (Only your trip director or the OUSA Director will
have access to this information).

Do you smoke or drink?
If you were to get lost in another country, what would you do?
Do you have legal issues or any convictions in the US that may hinder you from
going abroad (you do not have to reveal the nature of the conviction here, and
any information discussed will be strictly confidential).

Do you feel capable of enduring long days of touring, museum visits, and walking
in foreign cities?

Do you fully understand that short-term trips are NOT entitled vacations, and that
you must follow your leader’s instructions?

Will you be attending trips or study abroad for academic credit?
(For students considering studying abroad for a semester or year) Oglethorpe students seriously considering studying abroad at one of our partnership colleges, or at any non-partnership university throughout the world, should follow the steps outlined below. STEP 1: REVIEW AND SELECT A STUDY ABROAD DESTINATION.
This is a crucial decision, based upon a number of factors, including your goals, your field of study, your career path. Select a college or university abroad only after you have researched the websites and material available in the OUSA office, on second floor of library or in the Career Services Library in Goodman Hall 22. You can review our partnership colleges on the OU website at: http:// You should also carefully examine the application procedure, semester dates for the college, and the costs. STEP 2: GET ADVISED.
After you have made a preliminary choice for a study abroad destination, set up an appointment with the OUSA Director. If you have decided upon studying at a partnership college, you can find the faculty contact for that school on the same website listed above to determine if that college is where you would like to spend a semester or a year. Review with your academic advisor what specific courses you would like to take in what program abroad. As a rule, all grades you make in an approved program will transfer to OU. However, you will need to get approval from your academic advisor or a professor in the appropriate discipline for courses and credits required in your major and minor. The best idea is to secure the course descriptions from the college, and discuss this with your academic advisor. Most course descriptions can be found on the website of the college you wish to attend abroad. In addition, every student attending an approved semester or year abroad will receive credit for one semester of the junior year core (either 301 or 302). The student decides the course for which he or she would like to receive credit in the junior core, and informs the academic advisor. STEP 3: CALCULATE THE COSTS.
Most of our partnership colleges will cost you almost exactly what you pay at Oglethorpe, excluding transportation to and from the international destination. Costs for non-partnership colleges will vary, and some offer comparable tuition rates to OU. In calculating the costs, you will also need to pay a nominal fee to Oglethorpe before embarking upon your study abroad stint. This fee covers administrative costs to maintain your enrollment while you are abroad. Finally, you should make arrangements to discuss your financing options with the Financial Aid office for any non-partnership colleges. STEP 4: APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS.
All students accepted into partnership colleges are eligible for Oglethorpe’s International Grant. This grant equals one-half of the remaining tuition balance after all grants and scholarships have been deduced for the term. Additional scholarship aid exists for students studying at the University of Dortmund in Germany and at Otaru University in Japan. The Halle Foundation supports students studying at Dortmund, and may offer stipends for students who wish to study at non-partnership colleges in Europe. Students will receive announcements from the OUSA office concerning application deadlines for these scholarships. The Japanese government also furnishes generous support to students studying at Otaru. The scholarship includes round-trip air transportation, and a monthly stipend sufficient to cover room, board, books, and other essentials. Deadline for submitting applications for this scholarship is December 15th. (See the faculty contact for application information for the Otaru scholarship). Other sources to support your study abroad can be found by exploring student aid websites, researching grants or scholarships given by your selected college abroad, or by securing students loans in the Financial Aid office. Please direct any questions about funding your study abroad to Financial Aid. The OUSA office will advise you on any aspect of applying to your study abroad destination in conjunction with the advice of the OU faculty contact for that college. STEP 5: APPLY AND MAINTAIN CONTACT.
Apply to your chosen college abroad, either through hardcopy applications via mail, or through the college’s website application. When you receive notification of acceptance, you must make a copy of all the paperwork for OUSA files: your application, any correspondence with housing or academic advisors abroad, and any acceptance letter you receive. In addition, you must meet with the OUSA Director here at OU during the application process for any college, and maintain email contact with the OU office to insure you are submitting what is necessary for your acceptance. If you need to apply for a student visa, you need to work directly with the OUSA office in obtaining one from the respective consulate. During the application process, you should also insure that you have secured a valid passport, and you will need to photocopy it for our files here at the OUSA office. Finally, we will need to have on file a copy of your ticket to your destination. STEP 6: SECURE THE CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE FOR STUDY ABROAD.
After you have been accepted at a college abroad, you must also obtain from the OUSA office either a Certificate of Acceptance for OU partnerships colleges or a Letter of Transient Status for all other study abroad colleges. These must be signed by the OUSA Director, your advisor, and the registrar. At the registrar, you must enroll for one of the following courses FOR EACH SEMESTER YOU ARE ABROAD: FOR 412 for non-partnership colleges abroad This “course” keeps you enrolled at OU while you are abroad for the semester or year, and thus you do not have to re-enroll upon your return. Bring the Certificate of Acceptance or the Letter of Transient Status to the Financial Aid office for final approval for the distribution of funds. STEP 7: FINANCE YOUR STUDY ABROAD.
Schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid counselor. You must bring the Certificate of Acceptance signed from the OUSA office, and in this meeting you will calculate your exact costs and determine what resources are available. Information on these resources can be found at Click on “Study Abroad” for specific application procedures. Bring any additional cost information for tuition, fees, and housing that you will be required to pay outside of your obligations to Oglethorpe. In addition, housing costs—room and board—at any study abroad institution are your responsibilities. You should make housing arrangements and financing of those arrangements with the study abroad institution before you depart. STEP 8: OBTAIN INSURANCE FOR YOUR TIME ABROAD.
You will need at this point to discuss with your parents how you will be covered for health insurance while abroad. Call your insurance company first, and determine if you will be covered during your time abroad. Or, if you have a student health policy, discuss the coverage with the OU nurse. In addition, the OUSA office has information on companies which specialize in covering students while abroad. STEP 9: PURCHASE ARILINE TICKETS.
You should reserve your ticket far enough in advance after you have been accepted to feel comfortable about your travel. You must copy your ticket info and give the OUSA Director a copy for your file. Be sure to alert your contact via e-mail at your study abroad college, and inform him or her of your flight so that someone is there to meet you at the airport. STEP 10: STAY IN TOUCH WITH OU.
You should contact the OUSA office just as soon as you can after you arrive in the country of your study. In addition, the office can be contacted anytime, night or day, should you need help on any matter. OU would like for you to contact us at least once a week, through a brief email, and let us know how you are doing. You can contact the OUSA Director directly through email on campus. Upon your return, report to the OUSA office, and be sure to contact the registrar here at OU and abroad about any transcript procedures for obtaining your grades. OUSA office: Second Floor Library, Oglethorpe University Cell Phone for International Use: 404.573.2173 Complete this Form BEFORE your appointment Does your program require completion of a medical form by a practitioner? Are you current enrolled in a health insurance plan that covers you while outside the United States? What insurance coverage do you currently have: Countries AND cities to be visited in order of visits Arrival Date Have you ever traveled outside the US before? No- Ascending to high altitudes (> 7,000 ft. or 2,300 meters) in the No- Working in the medical or dental field with exposure to blood or other Have you ever had a reaction to any of the following? (Please check all that apply) Sulfa drugs (e.g. Bactrium, Setra, Gantrisim) Antibiotics ( e.g. Noemycin, Streptomycin) Thimerosal (preservative in contact lens solution) Quinines ( choloquine [Aralen], Meflaquine [Lariam], Hydroxycholoroquine [Plaquenil], Primaquine) Tetracycline (Doxycycline, Minocin, Minocyclin, Acromycin, Sumycin) Are you using steroids, receiving radiation therapy or other immunosuppressive chemotherapy? List your current prescription medications an medical condition treated: (include birth control pills) Current Prescription medications
Condition or reason for use
List regularly used non-prescription medications (over-the-counter, herbal, homeopathic, vitamins, etc.) OR supplements (like those purchases at GNC store): Regularly used Non-prescription medications or Condition or Reason for use supplements Have you been told you have any of the following medical conditions (check all that apply): Please list additional questions or concerns that you might have regarding your travel (i.e. international voltage requirements, currency, dealing with seasickness, etc.) STUDY ABROAD CHECKLIST
(Check each step after completion, and photocopy for OUSA

Review and Select A Study Abroad Destination ______
Get Advised _____
Calculate the Costs _____
Apply For Scholarships _____
Apply and Maintain Contact _____
Secure OU Certificate of Acceptance _____
Finance Your Study Abroad _____
Obtain Insurance _____
Purchase Airline Tickets _____
Stay In Touch With OU _____
I have completed all of the above steps for study abroad.
OUSA Director
Oglethorpe University Students Abroad
Oglethorpe University is concerned for the safety, comfort, and general well being of students, faculty, staff, alumni, any and all relatives, friends, and/or non-students who travel with and participate on any trip created and sponsored by Oglethorpe University Students Abroad. As a participant on this trip, I hereby agree to the following guidelines: 1. I will avoid any act that might endanger the safety or rights of self or others. 2. I will avoid any involvement with non-prescribed or illegal drugs or substances 3. I will use only the specific housing accommodations arranged for and approved by the Coordinator, and will assume full responsibility for any damages I may cause to any accommodation or related facility. 4. I will remain with the OUSA trip throughout the duration of the trip, unless special arrangements have been made with the Coordinator prior to the trip. 5. I will abide by all rules of conduct and behavior as stated in the OU student 6. I will comply with any special instructions or directions of an academic nature 7. I will attend all lectures, museums talks, field trips, and special excursions as I plan to participate in the _________________trip led by______________, scheduled____________________. I HAVE VOLUNTARILY ELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS TRIP. This trip may serve as a part of the OU curriculum, and may be credited as ___ academic hours for the _____________________________course. I agree that if I take this trip for credit, I will pay the normal tuition cost to Oglethorpe University for the course, fully cognizant that the cost of the trip does not include OU tuition for the course. I also agree to abide by all conditions for fulfilling the course requirements as stated in the syllabus for the trip. I, by my signature below, and intending to be legally bound, hereby acknowledge and agree that I am unconditionally releasing Oglethorpe University, Oglethorpe University Students Abroad, affiliates, related entities, their officers and directors, agents and employees, coordinators and professors, couriers, and all personnel involved on this trip, from all other claims, suits, and/or damages, and any connection with the trip, or as a result of any NEGLIGENT ACTS OR OMMISSIONS ON THE PART OF THE UNIVERSITY, ITS EMPLOYEES,OR AGENTS, relating to me. I accept those risks and assume full responsibility for such injuries and other consequences. I have read the agreement and understand it. I have had the opportunity to review this document with an attorney. I acknowledge that I have entered into this agreement freely and without coercion or duress. I have also read and agree to abide by the Student Responsibilities document. ______________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian of Minor VISA DOCUMENTATION FOR SOME STUDY ABROAD LOCATIONS The following is a list of items you will be REQUIRED to bring to the consulate for any country requiring a VISA for entry or longer stays. Please consult with the website for any country and the consulate to insure this list is always accurate and up-to-date. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN THE VISA; OU AND THE UNIVERSITY TO WHICH YOU HAVE APPLIED CANNOT IN ANY WAY PRESSURE ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY, INTERNATIONAL COURIERS, OR ANY EMPLOYEE OF ANY UNVIERSITY OUTSIDE THE U.S. TO EXPEDITE OR BY-PASS ANY REGULATIONS CONCERNING ARRIVAL OR OBTAINMENT OF VISAS. BE SURE TO APPLY FAR IN ADVANCE FOR ANY PASSPORT OR VISA—THREE MONTHS BEFORE IS MINIMUM FOR SECURING A VISA. BRING THE FOLLOWING TO YOUR VISA INTERVIEW:
Some consulates require more or less all of these items, so it is best to go over-prepared to the interview.



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