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MIL-E-17814E - Expansion Joints, Pipe, Slip-Type, Packed. Provide piping offsets and equipment required to control expansion and contraction of piping in accordance with the Drawings. Heating Hot Water: 200 degrees F. maximum. Submit under provisions of Section 01330 as applicable. Flexible Pipe Connectors: Indicate maximum temperature and pressure rating, face-to-face length, live length, hose wall thickness, hose convolutions per foot and per assembly, fundamental frequency of assembly, braid structure, and total number of wires in braid. Expansion Joints: Indicate maximum temperature and pressure rating, and maximum expansion compensation. Provide shop drawings detailing thermal expansion and thermal anchors, support and guide locations, welding to structure and catalog data on expansion joints. Submit a schedule with reference number for each flexible connector and expansion joint indicating all features and data for each connector cross referenced to supporting product data. Maintenance Data: Include adjustment instructions. Manufacturer's Installation Instructions: Indicate special procedures, and external controls. Manufacturer: Company specializing in manufacturing the products specified in this section with minimum three years documented experience. Accept expansion joints on site in factory packing with shipping bars and positioning devices intact. Inspect for damage. Protect equipment from exposure by leaving factory coverings, pipe end protection, and packaging in place until installation. Thermal Expansion Joints and Guides 1. Hyspan. 2. Metraflex. 3. Keflex. PART 2 - PRODUCTS
Neoprene Pipe Connectors, 2-1/2" thru 12" 1. Use flexible neoprene connectors to connect all piping to centrifugal water pumps, chillers on vibration isolators, except where flexible connectors are not permitted by code. Connectors shall be manufactured of multiple plies of nylon tire cord fabric and neoprene, both molded and cured in hydraulic presses. Use no steel wire or rings as pressure reinforcement. Connectors 2-1/2 inches and larger shall be manufactured with floating steel flanges. Rate connections to a minimum of 150 psi at 220 degrees F. Flanged equipment shall be directly connected to neoprene elbows in the size range 1-1/2 through 6 inches or any larger available size if the piping makes a 90 degree turn at the equipment. Make all straight through connections with either flanged or screwed connectors pre-extended as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent additional elongation under pressure. Wire Braided Pipe Connectors, 1/2" thru 12": Use wire braided connectors to connect all piping to air pumps and air compressors on vibration isolators. Drain connections from isolated equipment to floor drains shall have at least 2-inch air gap above from drain. Externally pressurized, guided expansion joint consisting of a stainless steel laminated bellows protected by a heavy walled shroud designed for line pressure, internal schedule 40 carbon steel sleeve, internal and external guide rings, flanged ends, drain port and housing. Two piece welded steel with enamel paint, bolted, with spider to fit standard pipe, frame with four mounting holes, clearance for minimum 1 inch thick insulation, minimum 3 inch travel. As an alternate, a sliding pipe guide may be used as manufactured by Pipe Shields, or equal. UNIVERSAL BALL JOINTS FOR STEAM, STEAM CONDENSATE, WATER AND AIR PIPING Flexible ball joints shall be Advanced Thermal Systems Thermal Pak Series “P2” or equal with integral socket/retainer without bolting. Ball joints shall be factory charged with self-lubricating injectable packing and provide for 360º rotation and total angular flex of 30º rotation and total angular flex of 30º for sizes ¾” to 1-1/2”, 33º for 2” size and 15º for sizes 2-1/2” and larger. Heavy-duty type packing cylinders having 1-3/4” minimum diameter to 4” ball joint size and 2” minimum diameter for 5” and larger sizes and shall be designed with a discharge tip that provides a check valve effect to prevent blowback when plunger is removed under full line pressure to 300 psig. The number of packing cylinders shall be as follows: The injectable packing shall be self-lubricating Type H Flake Graphite, HPI, to 800º F. For each packing cylinder furnish a minimum of two spare injectable packing plugs 5/8” diameter by 7/8” long or packing plugs having an equivalent volume. To prevent bypass of the injectable packing, a pressure molded soft containment seal compatible with operating fluid pressure and temperature shall be placed at each side of the injectable packing zone adjacent to compression seals. Compression seals shall be ductile iron. All pressure containing components shall be carbon steel meeting ASTM requirements as specified in Section VIII of ASME Code and ANSI B31.1. Ball sphere shall be corro-cote plus plated, a duplex chrome plate consisting of one mil of hard chrome applied over one mil of crack-free hard chrome per ANSI B650 Class 50 with thickness certified by permascope inspection per ASTM Standard B-499. Sizes 2” and smaller shall have threaded ends. Sizes 2-1/2” and larger shall be furnished with ends beveled for welding the schedule 40 pipes or with 150 lb., ANSI forged steel flanges. Testing: All ball joints shall be suitable for hydrostatic testing to 1.5 times design pressure. Performance: Submittals with proposal and for approval shall include the manufacturer’s published five year warranty and service guarantee and a five year leak-free warranty. PART 3 - EXECUTION
Hot pipes penetrating roof membranes shall be fitted with a welded cowl and air space between cowl and flashed curb shall allow for thermal expansion. Install in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Construct spool pieces to exact size of flexible connection for future insertion. Install flexible pipe connectors on pipes connected to equipment supported by vibration isolation. Provide line size flexible connectors. Install flexible connectors at right angles to displacement. Install one end immediately adjacent to isolated equipment. Install in horizontal plane unless indicated otherwise. Rigidly anchor pipe to building structure where necessary. Provide pipe guides so movement is directed along axis of pipe only. Erect piping such that strain and weight is not on cast connections or apparatus. Install supports and equipment required to control expansion and contraction of piping. Provide loops, pipe offsets, and swing joints, or expansion joints where indicated. Install pipe guides for the first three supports upstream and downstream of each expansion device including expansion loops. Provide expansion compensators in piping systems where expansion loops cannot physically be installed. Provide pipe guides on all piping with expansion loops. Provide design and installation of all pipe anchors for thermal and seismic expansion joints. Prepare and start systems under provisions of General Conditions and Division 1 as applicable. Provide inspection services by flexible pipe and expansion joint manufacturer's representative for final installing and certify installation is in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and connectors are performing satisfactorily. END OF SECTION


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