Minutes Ransom Canyon City Council Tuesday, November 14, 2006 This meeting of the Ransom Canyon City Council was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Robert Englund. The meeting was held Tuesday night, November 14, 2006, at the Ransom Canyon Fire Station # 1 Ridge Road, in Ransom Canyon. Aldermen present were Ron Cox, Kevin Carlson, Jack Randorff and James Overby. Donna Clarke was absent. After the Mayor called the meeting to order, he called for a moment of silent meditation. 2. Minutes. The minutes of the October 10, 2006 meeting were approved as read on a motion from Ron Cox, second from Kevin Carlson. All approved. 3. Financial Report. The October Financial Report was approved on a motion from Kevin Carlson, second from Ron Cox. All approved. 4. Building Committee. The committee approved the renovation of a roof on East Lake Shore Drive from a flat roof design to a pitch roof. At the October 30 meeting the committee denied an application for an entryway fence that would be six feet at the curb. The fence would be on the utility easement, and it did not comply with the Deed Restriction for fences, specifically for fence construction in front of homes. The committee needs two more members, and this notice will be included in the water bill. 5. James Overby attended a Chamber of Commerce luncheon on fiber optic technology. He contacted the AT & T representative at that meeting, and further meetings are scheduled to research expanded services for Ransom Canyon. 6. Thanksgiving Holidays are Thursday and Friday, November 23 and 24. 7. The council adjourned the open meeting, and convened into executive session. When they reconvened into open meeting, Mayor Englund announced that no action would be taken relative to discussions that took place during the executive session. 9.A Harold Needham submitted his monthly report in written format. Chris Broadstreet passed his pest control exam and is to be congratulated for passing that very tough state examination. 9.B. Fire Chief Rand McPherson reported that the new siren arrived and will be installed near the water tower. It will be mounted on a pole outside the tower security fence so that it will be more accessible if it needs service. The volunteer firemen, police and EMT’s will be helping again this year with the Chapel Tour of Homes on December 14. February 26 a basic EMT course will begin that will be held at our facilities. This is a new plus for Ransom Canyon to have training classes at our city facility. 9.C. Police Chief Wayne Rawls reported a quiet Thanksgiving, with traffic increasing the closer it gets to Christmas. A notice will go in the newsletter asking residents to turn lights out at 11:00, among other items. New officer Rick Vasquez is doing a good job, and is most welcome to the community. Wayne reported that on a personal note, he and his wife Nancy have moved to Lubbock, and their Ransom Canyon home is for sale. Wayne also had a notice from the Texas Department of Health stating that they will have supplies of Tami flu for $15 and Relenza for $21.72, for sale to Ransom Canyon. These flu vaccines are meant to be dispensed by the Town of Ransom Canyon, under the authorization and direction of a volunteer physician, in the event of flu pandemic. The Texas Dept f Health suggests that the city purchase enough doses to treat 25% of the population. First responders and medical personnel will get their doses directly from the state supplies. The purpose of the offer to sell directly to cities is to put supplies of the current flu vaccine out into the public. There is a shelf life of five years. In the event of pandemic, the CDC will direct the part of the population that would be eligible to get the shots. Prices would go up after November 7. Chief Rawls also explained to the council that the vaccines were to be dispensed to cities per the city’s Pandemic Plan. The model plan was promised by the CDC, but was not yet available. Ransom Canyon had until December 15 to respond. The council discussed this issue at length. Jack Randorff made a motion to move forward and set aside $4,000 to make this purchase as part of the Pandemic Plan, per the stated CDC deadlines in December. James Overby seconded the motion, and all voted aye. 9.D. Kim Copeland reported that the library is planning the annual Echo Christmas Card fund raiser. Last year most of the funds that were raised by this city-wide program were used to help purchase the new covered porch. Last year they raised $2500, and when Dr. Cox asked Kim if they had a target for this year, Kim offered that they are always happy to raise more than previous years. The board wants to build a sign that says “Children’s Library”. The ramp works beautifully. The deadline for donations is November 28. There will be an annual Christmas Gathering Tea at the Library on December 12, 5:00 to 6:30. The Air Conditioner needs to be replaced. Open Forum A healthy crowd of interested citizens were present for the Open Forum discussion. Mayor Englund explained to the audience that the council would hear citizen concerns, but could not take action that was not on the agenda. Most citizens were concerned about police coverage, and several solutions were suggested. All three police officers now do not live at Ransom Canyon, and two officers live in Lubbock. There was much discussion. The Mayor explained that employee residency was not mandatory. He also addressed the expense of hiring a fourth officer. No action was taken during this discussion. There was no further business, Jack Randorff moved to adjourn, James Overby seconded, and all approved. Melissa Verett

Source: http://www.ci.ransom-canyon.tx.us/archives/city%20council/minutes/Minutes11-14-2006.pdf


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