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The contents of this pack are enough for 1 trip. Ayahuasca (or ‘yage’) is a magic potion that has been brewed for millennia by Indian shamans (a.k.a. ‘vegetalistas’ or ‘ayahuasqueros’) in the Amazon rainforests of South-America. The word ayahuasca means ‘vine of the soul’ (‘aya’ means spirit, ancestor or soul; ‘huasca’ means rope or vine, after Banisteriopsis caapi, the most used plant in the brew). The potion is used to make contact with the spirit world, in the Western world better known as the (collective) unconscious. This contact can help to solve emotional, psychic and physical problems, to prophesy or to worship gods. DMT The most important substance in ayahuasca is dimethyltryptamine (DMT). It is a substance that occurs in many plants and animals, also in humans. The precise natural function of DMT in humans is still unclear. It is chemically related to the brain hormone serotonin and has a role in consciousness processes. According to Rick Strassman in his book ‘DMT, The Spirit Molecule’ it is responsible for spiritual experiences at birth and death, spontaneous religious ecstasy and even the experience of an alien abduction could be ascribed to it. DMT is a powerful psychoactive chemical that provides for an intense trip. The three ways to administer DMT are smoking, injecting and oral ingestion as ayahuasca. Some plants that contain DMT: Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), Jurema prêta (Mimosa hostilis), Reed canary grass (Phalaris Arundinacea) Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) Mono Amine Oxydase The problem with orally ingested DMT is that it is immediately broken down in the body before it arrives in the brain, having no effect. This is done by Mono Amine Oxydase (MAO). MAO is an important enzyme that breaks down certain chemical compounds such as drugs and poisons. It can be compared to the antibodies that act against bacteria and viruses; in this case MAO acts against chemicals. That is why Ayahuasca is always a combination of at least 2 plants, one containing DMT and one with a so called MAO-Inhibitor. This is a substance that blocks the function of MAO (in this case temporarily). MAO-inhibitors must be used with great caution because they cause otherwise harmless food to become poisonous, mainly tyramine rich food and medicine. The result can be very dangerous: from nausea and light headaches to worse symptoms such as hypertensive crisis (extreme high blood pressure and intense headaches) which can lead to unconsciousness and even death. Below is a list of foods and medicines that should be avoided 12 hours before and 12 hours after the use of an MAO-Inhibitor. In the shamanic tradition MAO-Inhibitors are used after at least 12 hours of fasting. It is advised to follow this tradition. Can cause nausea or headaches in combination with a MAO-Inhibitor: cultured dairy products (buttermilk, yogurt, and sour cream) aged/mature cheese (exception: cottage cheese, cream cheese) dry and fermented sausage (bologna, salami, pepperoni, corned beef, and medicines against migraines and allergies Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) such fruits (figs, bananas, pineapple, avocados, raisins, canned red plums, sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Seroxat) broad beans and pods (lima, fava beans, lentils, snow peas, and soy beans) LSA (Morning glory and Baby Hawaiian Woodrose seeds) MDA related herbs (sweet flag/Acorus calamus, nutmeg) caffeine products (guarana, coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, etc) ginseng nose sprays like Vicks Sinex, Prevalin or Otrivin other MAO-inhibitors Some plants that contain MAO-inhibiting substances: Banisteriopsis caapi, Syrian rue (Peganum harmala), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Yohimbe Because Peganum harmala does not naturally occur in South-America, Banisteriopsis caapi is traditionally the main plant with a MAO-inhibiting function. Ayahuasca with plants that are not traditionally used in South-America are called ‘ayahuasca analogs’, ‘anahuasca’ for short. ‘pharmahuasca’ is ayahuasca with synthetic ingredients, for example MAO-inhibiting medicines. Peganum harmala en Banisteriopsis caapi contain the same MAO-inhibiting substances, harmine and harmaline. In Peganum harmala the concentration is much higher so much less is needed. Banisteriopsis caapi however contains tetrahydroharmine which has a telepathic effect. The concentration MAO-Inhibitors in Passionflower and Yohimbe is low, making them less usable for ayahuasca. Recipes There are no fixed ayahuasca recipes. Dosages depend on the individual plant's growing conditions and on the sensitivity of the user. Every shaman has his own recipes, which are varied depending on the desired effect. Traditionally other plants are added such as tobacco, datura or brugmansia, to give a certain direction to the trip. It is not advised to add such plants unless you are an experienced ayahuasca user. However a cannabis joint halfway through the trip is highly recommended. average dosages per person: Banisteriopsis caapi - 30 grams Psychotria viridis - 30 grams Peganum harmala – 3 grams Mimosa hostilis - 8 grams A pure water source such as distilled of filtered water is important because excess minerals may inhibit the effectiveness of the brew. Half a liter (or a bit more) of water per portion is regularly used. The pH of the water should be between 4 and 5. This helps the alkaloids become more soluble. This can be done by adding ascorbic acid in the form of ground up Vitamin C pills or lemon juice. It is very important to grind or pulverize the plant material as fine as you can and to boil the plant materials for a couple hours. Strain and save both the water and the plant material. Put the plant material back into new pH adjusted water and repeat the whole process. Continue this process until the new water doesn’t change color anymore. Then mix all of your boilings and boil it down to a more drinkable quantity. (source: www.ayahuasca.com) For those people with less patience, two other recipes are given in the book ‘Plants of the Gods’ by Schultes, Hofmann & Rätsch. One recipe is for Peganum harmala and the other for Mimosa hostilis: Peganum harmala Let 3 gram Peganum harmala seeds steep for 15 minutes in boiling water on a small fire. Drink the extract after sifting. The seeds can also be eaten without any preparation. Take the drink or the seeds on an empty stomach 15 minutes before eating the DMT-containing plant. Mimosa hostilis Let 8 gram Mimosa hostilis steep for 15 minutes in boiling water on a small fire. Add some lemon or lime juice. Drink it 15 minutes after ingestion of the Peganum harmala or Banisteriopsis caapi. Effects First you might feel some nausea. Because of its bitter taste many people tend to finish the drinks in one gulp. This way your body has to adjust to the full dosage at once. It might be wiser (especially the first time) to divide the dosage into 2 or 3 portions, and take them at 20 to 30 minute intervals. This will minimize the nausea. If you feel the need to vomit, it is best to do so in stead of fighting it. In this case vomiting has a purgative effect, both physically and mentally. Nausea can be a physical symbol for the discharging of emotions you normally would not like to be confronted with. After vomiting you will feel much better and it will be easier enjoy the trip. After about 15 - 30 minutes the first effects will appear and one can experience ecstatic visions. The visions might consist of intense colours and shapes like flowers, fireworks and mandalas. Depending on the dosage you can experience jungle like worlds, inhabited by exotic animals (usually jaguars, reptiles and insects), ancestors, gods, extraterrestrials and monsters. You can be confronted by your own fears and frustrations. It is important not to panic or avoid them, but to learn to control these fears by confronting them. You might suffer from cold shivers, so it is convenient to have a blanket standby. Another occurring side effect can be diarrhea, which can be seen as part of the purging process. The trip usually lasts approximately 4 hours. Mushroom ayahuasca It has been claimed that psilocybe mushrooms also contain DMT. It is unclear whether this is true or the quantities are large enough to have any effect, but the combination mushroom and MAO-Inhibitor does have a synergistic effect. You will experience another kind of trip, more intense (“twice as strong, ten times as weird”, according to a trip report). Due to the intensity of the trip you have to consider the mushroom dosage. Warning Ayahuasca is not a party drug. Use it in a quiet, familiar environment, preferably with a sitter, a sober person that can take care of you. Do not use when pregnant, lactating, depressed, psychotic, operating motorized vehicles or heavy machinery, or in combination with alcohol or medicines. Not to be used by minors. Instructions in other languages available on :www.azarius.net - [email protected] - Postbus 3458, 1001 AG Amsterdam

Source: http://de.azarius.net/media/manuals/ayahuasca_pack_uk.pdf

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