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“What is the homeopathic remedy for high blood pressure?”
“It is more important to know what sort of patient has the disease than what disease the patient has.” Sir William OSLER, famous 19th century physician Every homeopath is likely to encounter this type of question sooner or later.
I remember being at a birthday party many years ago and starting a conversation with the person standing next to me, let’s call her ‘Mrs. Brown’. When she found out I was working as a homeopath she asked “What sort of things can you treat?” When I answered “Anything” she continued “My mother-in-law has high blood pressure and she is taking some medication prescribed by her GP. The levels are much lower now, but she has quite a lot of side-effects from the drugs. Could she take the homeopathic remedy for blood pressure instead and can I buy it from the health food shop?” The answer to this could not be as short as the first one! I did not want to sound evasive, as if I was reluctant to give free advice, I did not want her to regret asking me the question and, most of all, I knew that I needed a little bit of time to explain homeopathy. Of course we were interrupted the next moment and I gave her my card saying I would be very happy to have a chat on the phone.
It is more straightforward when, in a similar situation, one asks a conventional medical practitioner the same questions. They might say that they cannot advise because it is not their area of expertise. Or, if they are a specialist in that field, they might suggest that you try Acepril, Capoten, Kaplon to name just a few, all containing the same basic chemical under different brand names. The advice would be to try different drugs, under the supervision of your own doctor, until you find the one that you tolerate with the least side-effects. We can understand this answer and we find it satisfactory because this is how our dominant health care system is organized at the moment.
Compared to this, my answer is going to be longer, but we are not going to be interrupted now, so please read further.
First of all, we homeopaths, do not treat diseases, we treat people who suffer from
one or several diseases or complaints.

Why is that? Because we believe, based on everyday experience, that each of us manifests a disease in our specific and unique way. We inherit certain tendencies and weaknesses from our parents and grandparents, we have different personalities, lifestyles and life stories. All these factors contribute to the way our bodies cope with the disturbance which is in fact the disease. The conversations in the waiting room of a heart specialist are an example of this variety. Let’s imagine we can hear what they say: Patient No. 1 “I know when my blood pressure is high because I wake up with this headache at the back of my head and I feel a bit dizzy.” Patient No. 2 “I don’t get any warning, my blood pressure can be sky high and I am still able to carry on with what I am doing.” Patient No. 3 “I get this strange noise in my ears especially after a meal and if I take my blood pressure, it is very high.” and so on.
What is the homeopathic remedy for high blood pressure? - Dr A Marian What does this mean? It shows that, although the actual mechanism that pushes the blood
pressure up is similar in all of us, the causes of it and the way we express it (our
symptoms) are varied. This confirms what we homeopaths see in practice, that human
beings are unique and they express their illnesses in a unique way.
This leads me to the second aspect I want to mention. Because of our own individual way
of expressing disease, ten patients with eczema might receive ten different homeopathic
remedies, in spite of the fact that, from the medical point of view, they suffer from the same
problem. So now you understand why it is not possible to suggest ‘the’ homeopathic
remedy for asthma or pre-menstrual syndrome. Many homeopathic remedies can help
the same medical condition. The choice of the right remedy for that person is based
on ALL the symptoms presented by that individual.
Going back to the waiting room
example, patient No. 1 will need a different remedy from patient No. 2 or 3. Sometimes
people hear that, for example, the remedy Allium cepa is good to take if you have a cold.
They go and buy it and because the whole family seem to have a cold, everyone takes it.
The ones for whom the remedy is the right one are going to benefit from it, the others are
not. Sometimes, unfortunately, this makes people think homeopathy does not work, when
the problem is just lack of knowledge.
The third point I want to mention is that by taking into account all the symptoms presented
by the patient, it follows that the right homeopathic remedy is going to help with the most
pressing health problem and it will also improve other complaints in the background.
Conventional medicine is organized in such a way that if you suffer with irritable bowel and
arthritis you have to go to a gastroenterologist and a rheumatologist. Many times these two
conditions in the same person are considered to be totally independent of each other, a
coincidence. But is this possible? Are they totally unconnected? Any medical student starts
by learning anatomy and physiology, and discovers how intricately connected, both in
structure and in function, all our organs are. They are connected in health and they are
also connected in illness. Science might not be able yet to explain how a digestive
problem can affect our joints or the other way around, although research is already
showing that our cells communicate to each other all the time. One homeopathic remedy
can help several different ‘diseases’ presented by the same individual.

Do you remember ‘Mrs. Brown’? Her mother-in-law did come to see me and after having homeopathic treatment for a while, she was able to keep her blood pressure under control with a very low dose of the anti-hypertensive drug prescribed by her doctor and with almost no side-effects. She was also very pleased with the improvement in her arthritis and the increased level of energy, all due to the same remedy.
Treating the whole person as a unique individual requires the homeopath to select
one remedy out of many. That remedy will start the process of healing of all the
diseases/complaints present in that person at the time.

Actually, it is our own body, our self-healing internal pharmacy that does the work. The
right homeopathic remedy just triggers off and supports this marvelous mechanism.

‘Drakefield Homeopathy’ 39 Dryburgh Road, Putney, London SW15 1BN Tel: 020 8785 6261 What is the homeopathic remedy for high blood pressure? - Dr A Marian

Source: http://www.drakefieldhomeopathy.co.uk/pdf/bloodpressure.pdf

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