1. General Information

Assisted reproduction centre in Girona (Catalonia)
Gynaecology – Egg donation – Fertility treatments – Genetics – Andrology

GIREXX – Clinic Onyar
Heroïnes de Santa Bàrbara, 6
17004 Girona – Catalunya
Tel. : (34) 972 226 004 / Fax : (34) 972 411 886
On the ground floor of clinic Onyar, on number 6 of Heroïnes de Santa Bàrbara
street – 15 minutes walk from the city centre and 20 minutes from the train station

Contact and information in French
Michèle Bosquet – Coordinator
Telf. : (+34) 674 076 878
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10am - 5pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Marjorie Marquier – Patients reception

Mobile: (+34) 673 813 662
Landline: (+34) 972 226 004

Working hours:
From Monday to Friday: 10am-2pm and 3pm-5pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm
Weekends and bank holidays: for the patients on treatment, please leave your
message in case of urgency and we will contact you as soon as possible.
2. Egg Donation

Negotiated rates for Les EK Association members:

The membership letter is not enough to get the preferential rate; you must send
the commitment letter.
A 10% reduction will be applied from the 2nd attempt (2nd cycle).
6.350 €
Total with IMSI
6.700 €
Total Without Drugs
5.350 €

The frozen embryo transfer will be able to be planned on Saturday with the
request of the patients and with an extra cost of 200€. Please ask for more
information at the clinic.

General Points
9 one for the first appointment 9 one for the embryo transfer • Success rate: 55% for the first cycle (80% after 4 cycles) • Number • Sample sperm collection at the laboratory: it’s necessary an abstinence period of minimum 3 or 4 days before the appointment • IMSI possible
About the Egg Donor:
• Maximum 30 years old • Tests done: 9 Personal and family past history 9 Complete gynaecological test (smear test, vaginal ultrasound 9 Phenotype form 9 Complete blood tests 9 Karyotype • Donor drugs (see document below) can be provided by the recipient on the first appointment. Otherwise an amount of 1000€ will have to be paid. • The choice of the donor will be done according to the physical features and compatibility of blood groups of the recipient couple. • Minimum number of collected ovocytes: 10 Recipient
• Maximum age to start the treatment: 49 years old • Drugs: see the list below Medical Tests Required For Your Treatment

Tests to be done before the first appointment:
Blood tests (man and woman)
Hepatic and renal control 3 months (SGOT, SGPT, FA, Bilirubin, Creatinine) Virology: Rubella, HIV 1 and HIV 2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Estradiol (3rd day of the cycle) 3 months Spermogram 1 year Reports of previous attempts in MAP (Medically Assisted *If you already performed some of these tests the year before contacting the clinic GIREXX, you can add them to your file and our doctor will advise you if you have to do them again (except the virology, which will be valid for 3 months according to the law). Drugs

Pharmacological treatment for the ovarian stimulation of the egg donor
(To be brought on the first appointment)

9 Orgalutran (5 Phials) Or Cetrotide 0,25 (7 Phials) 9 Puregon 900 Ui (4 Boxes)
9 The patients can either provide them to GIREXX on the first appointment or pay the amount of 1000€ for all the drugs for the donor. 9 The expired, open or started boxes won’t be in any case accepted.

Pharmacological treatment for the egg recipient (to be bought after the first

9 Estraderm 50 (Patchs) (Minimum 10 Boxes) 9 Cyclogest 400 (Vaginal Suppositories) (Minimum 2 Boxes) 9 Yasmin (Pill) (1 Blister Pack) (Await The Doctor’s Confirmation Before Modalities, Methods of Payment and Case of Cancellation

- We remind you that, in order to get the rates for the members of Les Enfants
association, you must send them the commitment letter, with the
membership letter is not enough. In case this requirement hasn’t been carried out,
we will be obliged to apply the normal rate.
IMPORTANT: Please, send to the association a copy of your membership letter
(in the process of validity) and of your commitment letter signed.
- Methods of payment accepted: Bank transfer, credit card, cash, Paypal
(previous request). Checks are not accepted. If you are planning to pay by credit
card, please confirm with your bank that the card is unblocked for payments in a
foreign country as well as high amounts of money.
- The estimate you will be sent will have to be signed and returned to the clinic at
least 3 weeks before
the egg retrieval’s planned date the latest. The breach of
this obligation will automatically mean the postponement or cancellation of the
- If the treatment is not decided and accepted by the recipient during the first
appointment, you will be charged the rate of one visit (160 €). It will be able to be
deducted when the treatment and organisation of the donor will be confirmed
(deadline of maximum 3 months after the first appointment).
- The donor will only be confirmed with the payment of 50% of the total cost with
the drugs. This payment must be done at least 3 weeks before the egg
retrieval’s planned date the latest. Otherwise the cycle will be cancelled.
- In case the recipient brings the medicaments with her, the amount of 1000€ will
be deducted from the cost.
- The payment will be done the day of the embryo transfer, before this one takes
- In case the patient cancels the transfer/cycle before the donor has started her
treatment, we will proceed to refund the amount paid with a deduction of 300€
(cost of tests/exams of the donor).
9 - In case the patient cancels the transfer/cycle once the donor has started her treatment, the payment will be refunded with a deduction of 2500€ (cost of exams, ultrasound scans, tests, treatment and compensation of the donor). The bank expenses will be payable by the patient. 3. Donor Sperm Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
Negotiated fees for EKD members:

Sperm Donation IUI Cycle
Drugs Used For the Treatment:

• ORGALUTRAN (only if needed, wait for the Doctor’s confirmation before Method of Payment And Cancellations

We would like to remind you that in order to benefit from special prices for
members of the association, it is necessary to send your Membership Application
form. Your member card is not enough. If you do not send this document, you will
pay the normal price (no discount).
IMPORTANT: Please send us a copy of your member card and your membership
application form already signed.
- Method of payment: bank transfer, credit card, cash, Paypal (available on
request). We do not accept checks. If you decide to pay by credit card, please
check with your bank if you are able to use your credit card abroad.
- The estimate you have been given needs to be signed and sent back to the
clinic at least 3 weeks before the insemination. If you do not send this
document, the insemination could be postponed or cancelled.
- If on the day of your first appointment you do not decide which treatment you are
going to do, you will need to pay 160 € for the appointment. This amount is
deductible once you confirm which treatment you have decided to do (within a
delay of 2 months after the first visit).
- You will need to pay 50% of the total amount (350 €) in order to confirm your
treatment and follow-up. This amount should be paid before beginning the ovarian
- The final amount should be paid on the day of the insemination, at the latest, always before doing it. - If the patient cancels her treatment or does not want to try again (complete cancellation), we will be able to refund the paid amount, except 200 € for the medical follow-up. 4. JOURNEY AND STAY IN GIRONA

Please have a look at the section Travel and stay in Girona on the part
International patient from our w. You will find all the
necessary information to organise your travel.
You are offered various hotels with preferential rates, all of them very well located
regarding the clinic.

Office in Saint Laurent de la Salanque near Perpignan (66)
28 rueArago
66250 Saint Laurent de la Salanque
Telephone number to be used only on the meeting days:
04 68 80 64 67
- Monthly meeting: Association + clinic
- 2 Mondays a month meeting: only clinic
Dates and timetable available on our websites
Last update: june 2011



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