Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
1. What is the "FeM" and how do I become a member?
6. I am sharing a computer with a roommate. Do we both need to be FeM
The "Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V." (FeM, English: "Research Community for members?
Electronic Media") is the largest student association in the environment of the TU Ilmenau, with Yes! You are the member in our society, not the computer. Therefore both of you have to be approximately 2000 members. Its main activities focus on electronic media of any kind. members because otherwise you would violate the user rules of the FeM-Net. This can result in You may become a member by submitting a complete application form to your administrator. The exclusion from the FeM-Net or termination of your membership.
admission fee amounts to 25€ once while the membership fee is 40€ per semester. The fees are to 7. I have two computers. May I use them both in the FeM-Net?
be payed in full, so no partial payment for a partial semester is accepted. You can then gain access to the FeM-Network by using a network-access form. All the application forms can be aquired via the Yes it is possible to use multiple devices in the FeM-Net. It is however dependent on the number of FeM website or from your administrators. They are also the first contact for you in case of problems available IP addresses in your block. As you are not paying for using the FeM-Net there won't be with the membership or internet connection.
2. For what purpose do I need to pay membership fees every semester?
8. Which terms are in effect for me as a FeM member?
You pay those fees for being a member of the society "Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Concerning your membership in our community: Medien e.V.", not for FeM-Net access or specifically the internet connection.
http://fem.tu-ilmenau.de/satzung (German) One of the results would be: If you cannot use your Fem-Net access - for example because you http://fem.tu-ilmenau.de/beitragsordnung (German) conduct an internship elsewhere - you won't automatically be exempt from payment.
Concerning the usage of the FeM-Net and access to the network of the TU Ilmenau or the internet: http://fem.tu-ilmenau.de/nutzerordnung (German) 3. Do I have to pay the membership fee in internship semesters?
• the user rules of the TU Ilmenau computing center and DFN Theoretically yes! (cf. 2.) However there is a possibility to exempt you from payment but you won't Please note that downloading and distributing copyright-protected material (e.g. music, films, be entitled to using the FeM-Net or other benefits for members of this society during that time.
software), even for private use, can pose serious legal problems! To make use of this service you'll have to apply for a resting membership before the internship We asume that you as a member of our society or as a user of the FeM-Net respectively are familiar semester. Applications during or even after the internship semester will not be considered. This with those terms and follow them accordingly! arrangement is done by courtesy of the board and thus there is no entitlement to this service. A paused membership may be requested twice (which means a maximum of two semesters).
9. What happens if I don't pay my membership fee?
The application may be done informally via the online form with name and membership number. A Should you refuse to pay your fee even in light of a warning (and removal of your access to the FeM- confirmation e-mail will then be sent to you.
Net) your membership may be terminated after a deadline of two months by decision of the board (following artice 4 (4) of the statutes of the FeM e.V.).
4. Which responsibilities do I have as a FeM member or FeM-Net user?
10. Will my membership be terminated automatically after moving out?
• you want to use your FeM-Net access from a different place (e.g. when moving to another room).
No, your membership won't be terminated automatically if you move out of your room, finish your • you don't want to use your FeM-Net access anymore (e.g. you are leaving the student residential studies at the university or in any other case where you cannot or don't want to use the FeM-Net any further. You will have to terminate your membership yourself in every case. A refund of already • your FeM-Net access will be used by another person (e.g. you rent your room to s.o. else).
2.To terminate your FeM membership use the online form or write an e-mail to [email protected] 11. What do I have to do to leave the society?
ilmenau.de (following article 4 (6) of the statutes). To terminate your membership use the online form. You should specify your full name, membership 3.You should always specify a valid e-mail-address, preferably your university address to avoid mail number, e-mail address and the preferred date of execution. In case you are using a FeM-Net access delivery problems. You might also want to read any e-mail you get from us.
please also specify where you live. If you allowed us to use direct debiting from your bank account, 5. How do I find out my membership number?
your permission will expire together with your membership. Alternatively you can terminate your membership by e-mail to [email protected].
You can view your membership info from your computer at https://myinfo.fem.tu-ilmenau.de. If you don't have access to this site ask the administrators for help. You will get a confirmation e-mail after your termination request is executed. If you don't get a confirmation you should contact us again.
Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.
Network configuration
1. Hardware requirements
4. Proxy server and firewall
Ethernet adapter
In some cases, the proxy server is necessary to reach websites that are usually blocked by the FeM Firewall, especially using active FTP.
• The firewall blocks: UDP connections (incoming/outgoing) and TCP connections (all ports • Network cable (patch cable)
incoming, ports 135, 137-139, 445 outgoing), more information in the FeM-Net-FAQ.
• Using automatic proxy scripts in the web browser: http://proxy.fem.tu-ilmenau.de/noproxy.pac 2. Getting the MAC address
Always use proxy server (except FeM-Net): The MAC address is the hardware address of a network adapter. It is necessary for the unique 5. Services of FeM e.V.
identification of the adapter in the network. It looks like: 00:11:EE:2C:BD:B6 or 00-11-EE-2C-BD-B6.
Only registered MAC addresses (computers) have access to the FeM-Net. If you connect a non- • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, instructions and hints) http://faq
registered computer, the access to the FeM-Net is blocked for the complete network outlet. This • FeM News (discussion platform for members)
means that you only have access to a small range of pages (e.g. TU Ilmenau, FeM Website). • MyInfo (membership information)
Windows XP/Vista/7
CName (change your computer name in the network)
• Click Start (and Run in XP), then type “cmd” and hit [Enter], then type “getmac /v“ in the • Proxy server
TFSNA (internal search engine)
• Search for “Ethernet adapter“ or “Local Area Connection“ (not “Wireless LAN adapter“!) • Mailgate (contact other members)
• Read the MAC address labeled “Physical Address” • Wiki (information about FeM)
Mac OS X
• Apple (top left) -> System Preferences -> Network -> Show: Built-in Ethernet -> “Ethernet“ tab • sPi (students community portal)
• Read the MAC address labeled “Ethernet ID” • Jabber/XMPP (alternative instant messaging service)
IRC (Internet Relay Chat, reachable in the IRCNet)
Streaming (lectures on demand etc.)
iSTUFF (student television)
• Open up a console and type ”/sbin/ifconfig” • Pergon, SMRealms (online games)
• Read the MAC address labeled “hardware address” or “HWaddr” 3. Setting up your operating system
6. Terms of service
Windows XP/Vista/7
• If you‘ve got any questions, please read the FeM-Net-FAQ on http://faq.fem.tu-ilmenau.de first.
• Windows XP: click Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections • Windows Vista/7: click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing • In case your question still isn't answered, feel free to post your question in the FeM News on
Center -> Change adapter settings (Vista: manage network connections) fem.net.help or ask your admin.
• Right-click on “Local Area Connection” -> Properties • We strongly recommend you having antivirus software installed. More information can be found
• Windows Vista/7: uncheck “Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver” and “Link-Layer • Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click Properties • Virus infected computers are isolated from the others for security reasons. The access to the FeM- • Check ”Obtain an IP address automatically “ and ”Obtain DNS server address automatically” Net will be restricted to a few websites and services like the FeM-Website and virus scanner • Click Advanced., choose “DNS” tab and uncheck “Register this connection's addresses in DNS” websites. If your computer is in this quarantine network, please follow the instructions in your
browser or contact [email protected].
Mac OS X
• Apple (top left) -> System Preferences -> Network -> Location: Automatically; Show: Built-in • Please notice that the FeM-Net uses the Internet uplink of the university, so avoid high network
loads (e.g. long video and audio streams) from the Internet. There are no such limitations inside
• In tab “TCP/IP” set “Configure IPv4:“ to “Using DHCP” and finish with “Apply Now” the FeM-Net or the internal network of the university.
Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V.

Source: http://www.fem.tu-ilmenau.de/fileadmin/fem-homepage/files/download/infozettel/FeM_Info_en_2012.pdf

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