What to Bring
1. What IP Provides
__ Drinking water
____ Food
____ Toilet paper
____ Laundry detergent
____ Basic first aid - anticeptics, band-aids, OTC pain relievers - Motrin, Advil, Tylenol- rehydration mix,
2. Passport and Money
____ Original Passport must be with you at the airport
____ Leave a copy of passport at home, hide another in gear, and bring original
____ Picture ID – diver’s license, school ID, etc.
____ At least $100 in small bills ($1, 5, 10) hidden in several places, $10 always in pocket
____ Plus - $10 to pay for a visa at the San Salvador airport upon arrival in El Salvador
3. Clothes
____ 2 sets of casual clothes to wear on plane and while in city – women modest clothes only
____ 2 - 3 pair of comfortable, long, work pants (quick dry or light weight fabric is ideal, jeans are hot and
____ 2 - 3 pairs of shorts ____ 6 shirts for working – with sleeves to prevent sunburn on shoulders/arms ____ 1 long sleeve shirt ____ 1 sweatshirt or light jacket ____ 8 underwear ____ 8 socks ____ Night clothes for non-private wear (shorts & t-shirt) ____ Rain jacket or poncho (optional) ____ 1 pair of work boots – you MUST wear boots at construction worksites ____ 1 pair of comfortable shoes (sneakers) ____ 1 pair of Teva type sandals, flip-flops or water shoes for bathing and swimming ____ Bathing suit (for women: one piece with quick dry shorts or a sports bra and quick dry shorts or a long t-shirt to wear over one piece or two piece - no string bikinis) ____ Hat ____ Bandanas and/or hand towels for wiping sweat from brow 4. Toiletries and Medicine
____ Soap
____ Tooth brush, paste, dental floss
____ Tampons for females
____ Shaving gear
____ Shampoo
____ Bug repellent with deet
____ Sting-ease, or something to soothe insect bites
____ Personal prescriptions, pain killers and antibiotics, if possible
____ Calamine lotion, band-aids, sudaphedrine, benadryl, aspirin, vitamins optional
____ Anything you would want to have with you if you if you get a headache, earache, upset stomach, or
____ Sunscreen - required ____ Hand sanitizer -required ____ Tissue ____ Lip balm 5. Miscellaneous
____ Daypack, waist pack, or tote bag
____ Spanish dictionary or phrase book
____ Camera & film (extra batteries for your camera)
____ Polaroid camera & film, if you have one
____ Small album w/pictures of your family, house, school, friends, etc.
____ Gift for your host family: framed picture of yourself (other gift ideas include: work gloves, kitchen gadgets (potato peelers) postcards from your home town, t-shirts, baseball hats, pins, pens, stuffed animals, crayons, coloring books, soccer balls) ____ Flashlight and extra batteries
____ Travel alarm
____ Extra eye glasses, contacts
____ Sunglasses - essential
____ Jewelry – minimize
____ Playing cards, marbles, jacks, Frisbee, jump rope, soccer ball
____ Water bottle w/ a screw top like Nalgene brand
____ Zip lock bags, sandwich and gallon size, & a roll of duct tape
____ Books (for your reading pleasure)
____ Journal, pen, writing paper - You will thank yourself later for recording your impressions when they
____ Mosquito netting ____ Light sleep sack – you can make one by sewing up a flat bed sheet ____ Towels for bathing and swimming ____ Laundry bag (a pillow case will work fine) ____ Pillow - optional ____ Work gloves – essential ____ Safety goggles ____ Ear plugs (the roosters crow throughout the night) ____ Musical instruments - guitars, small drums, etc. ____ Granola bars, energy bars ____ Small fan/extension cord 6. How to Pack - Luggage details
____ 1 “Purse” – this can also be a small day pack, tote bag, camera bag, etc.; anything that will fit under
____ 1 Carry-On ideally w/wheels - Weight limit is 20 LBS The size is not to exceed 45" (the total of the
width plus height plus length)
***Pack clothes and toiletries for days in San Salvador in your carry on bag***
____ 2 Checked Bags – weight limit is 50 LBS each. The size is not to exceed 62" (the total of the width
plus height plus length) Label suitcases with Name and Community!
7. Fill your suitcases with donations to the limit (50 pounds each). Ítems will be
distributed in your community.
School supplies, art supplies, books in Spanish
Math flash cards, English/Spanish flash cards Toys for dramatic play: dolls, dress-up clothes, trucks, cars, toy tools, doctor/nurse kits, etc. Games such as playing cards, jacks, marbles, jump ropes, Frisbees, balls, etc. Blocks, legos, and other “construction” materials, puzzles Sand box toys: buckets, shovels, dump trucks Measuring materials: rulers, measuring cups, spoons, etc. Office materials: 3x5 or 4x6 index cards, calculators, tape, file folders, staplers, staples, paper clips, etc. CD players, CDs of children’s songs in Spanish, musical instruments First aid supplies, toothbrushes, toothpaste Basic tools (hammers, pliers, kitchen tools, etc.)


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