Can I bring my children with
me when I volunteer?
Volunteers add value to the services people have family commitments we offer and help develop and and we’ll try to fit your volunteering � Can I volunteer if I have a
criminal record?
Frequently Asked Questions
Having a criminal record will not necessarily stop you from volunteering with us, but some � How often do I need to
Can I volunteer if I have a
volunteer. We’ll try and fit our roles disability?
How long does it take to
become a Knightstone
What happens if I can’t
attend my volunteering session?
volunteer supervisor and give us as much notice as possible.
Where you can volunteer
volunteering opportunities in as many areas as possible. Our office
Opportunities differ in activity and time commitment, so we can fit � Who you’d like to volunteer with � Help run volunteering projects (young people, older people, in the office and so on) Our communities
� Where you’d like to volunteer.
� Other community projects.
You could even run your own project. Just let us know if you have any ideas! Volunteering with older people
We provide sheltered housing for
and activities like board games, bingo, yoga or dance classes � Supporting individual residents community. by helping them with their shopping or having a chat over a cup of tea.
Volunteering with young people
aged 16-25, providing them with temporary housing and helping them to find education and employment. If you have skills in music, teaching,IT, art, dance, or youth work, youcould volunteer with us, supportingand educating young people.
Support and training
Volunteer supervisors
you while you volunteer with us. Your supervisor will give you an Ongoing support
If you have any medical or
religious requirements, please

do let us know. We’ll make every
effort to cater for your needs and
fit your volunteering around you.

Other useful
Policies and procedures
pocket’ expenses where possible challenging situations. Please note: if you do use public
Your role description
Health and safety
Reporting concerns
Equality and diversity
volunteers. If you’re a driver you’ll need to tell your insurance company on the basis of age, disability, maternity, race, religion or belief, sex Your personal details are stored
First aid
securely in either a password
protected electronic database or
a lockable filing cabinet. If you’d
offices. You’ll be introduced to these like to see any of the details we
have for you, please ask your
offer first aid courses to volunteers if Weston-super-Mare, Somerset BS24 7JPT: 08458 729729 If you need this information in another format please contact us.
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out these forms. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. The information we collect will be helpful to your clinician and provide the cornerstone for future preventative studies. The information gathered here will be kept strictly confidential. NAME: _______________________________________________ DATE: ____/____/____ AGE:________ ADDRESS: __

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