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1.Read the following extract from a book about English people. Five sentences have been removed
from the text. Fill in gaps 1-5 with the missing sentences from A-F. There is one extra sentence that
won't fit any gaps.(5 points
If you look from a helicopter at any English town, you will see that the residential areas consist almost entirely of rows of small boxes, each with its own little patch of green. 1_____ The principle, however, will be clear: the English all want to live in their own private houses with their own private gardens. What you cannot see from your helicopter, you will learn as soon as you try to visit an English home 2_____ Some humorists claim this is the result of ‘a conspiracy to mislead foreigners’, pointing out that our streets are never straight, every time a street bends, it is given a different name, there are at least 60 confusing synonyms for ‘street’, and the numbering of the houses is hopelessly illogical. The house numbers are at least as well camouflaged as the street names. 3_____ One taxi driver explained: ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle, right? We can’t actually have massive walls around it, but we can make it difficult to get to.’ The Englishman’s home is much more than just his castle; it is also his identity and his prime obsession. 4_____The mania for home improvements is widespread. Research shows that only 2% of English males and 12 % of females have never done any Do-It-Yourself. Working on home improvements is an opportunity to exercise our creative talents. 5_____Although it may sometimes be an economic necessity, we see the arrangement, furnishing and decorating of our homes as an expression of our unique personal taste. A You may have its address and a map, but you will have great difficulty in finding the house you are looking for B Or at least that's how we like to think of it. C This is an unwritten rule of home ownership and the moving-in ritual. D They are either hidden, or even not there at all. E In better-off areas, these boxes will be further apart, and the green patches attached to them will be larger. F This is why a house is not something you just passively 'have', it is something you constantly 'work on'. 2. Read the extract from a London travel guide and use one word only to fill each gap to form a
logically coherent and grammatically correct text.(10 points
Playing with marbles
If you have been to the British Museum in London, you will be familiar 1______the Elgin Marbles. They are 2______of the Museum's key exhibits 3______show in the Duveen Gallery, a grand extension to the Museum which was specially built to exhibit them. The Elgin Marbles mainly 4______from the Parthenon in Athens. For that 5______they are also referred 6______ as the Parthenon Marbles. They are a collection of sculptures, considered by many artists and critics to 7_____the finest examples of Ancient Greek art there are. They were made between 447 and 432 BC, 8______the Parthenon was rebuilt after it had 9_____destroyed by the Persians. The collection 10______of several statues and fragments of statues from the Parthenon. There are also a few pieces that come from the other temples on the Acropolis. 3. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given in bold and use the appropriate word
made of the word given in bold.(10points)

Buying by Mail
You have probably seen (1. advertise)____________in newspapers or on TV for mail-order houses.
Perhaps you (2. to send)____________a catalogue and (3. to buy)____________something by mail.
Why (4. people to buy)____________things they have not seen in person? One of the main reasons
might be that some people believe that things can (5. to buy )____________more cheaply by mail.
Another advantage of mail-order ( shop)____________is that it is more comfortable to sit at home
and look through a catalogue than to rush around the stores. The mail order (7. busy)____________is
very wide spread. Some companies have agents who show (8 .good)____________ from the catalogues
to customers. Perhaps you (9. to have) ______________one of these agents call you or come by your
home. They (10. to pay)____________a commission for every order they take.
4. Write the second sentence similar to the first sentence, using the word given. (5 points.)
1. `How are you feeling after the operation?` the doctor asked.
The doctor asked______________________________________________________after the operation. 2. He is extremely rich but very mean.
He is very mean________________________________________________________is extremely rich. 3. What a pity I broke the vase.
I____________________________________________________________________________the vase. 4. Would you like to join the competition?
Do you fancy____________________________________________________________the competition? 5. The drug-store might be closed so I will take some aspirin.
In_________________________________________________________closed I will take some aspirin.


Autoimmune hepatitis

The field of autoimmune hepatitis has been quite active since the last update on the topic at the Day of Hepatology of Beaujon Hospital in 2002. A simplified diagnostic score, better knowledge of some unusual forms, more solid criteria for remission and relapse, better understanding of prognostic factors, and especially improved therapeutic options are now available. The purpose of this chapte

Kvh aktuell *pharma*kotherapie 1-2009: literaturliste

Dies ist eine PDF-Datei aus Die Urheberrechte liegen bei derKassenärztlichen Vereinigung Hessen. KVH aktuell Pharmakotherapie 1-2009: Literaturliste Die Literaturliste zur Ausgabe Nr. 1-2009 von KVH aktuell Pharmakotherapie stellen wir Ihnen hier zur Verfügung Zu "Antipsychotika bei Demenz: Zulassungsbehörden erweitern wegen höherem Sterberisiko die Warnhinweise"

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