Pharmacoeconomics, Pricing, and Reimbursement
Neil Grubert, M.A., Research Program Manager The Pricing and Reimbursement Environment for
Neurology Drugs

Neil Grubert, M.A.
Neurological disorders will impose a growing social and fi nancial burden on the major pharmaceutical markets as the elderly population in these countries increases steadily. Governments and other payers recognize the pressing need to tackle these diseases, but they also have to control the relentless growth of healthcare expen-ditures. In an increasingly cost-conscious reimbursement climate, the pharmaceutical industry must clearly demonstrate the value of neurology drugs.
Get the Answers You Need to Shape Your Strategy:
• Health technology assessment will increasingly infl uence coverage of neurology drugs in most markets in the future. What changes are likely in Europe? How will government support for comparative effectiveness
research impact the U.S. market?

• The United States has the highest overall prices of any of the major pharmaceutical markets, but prices for neurology drugs vary widely from country to country. How do European and Japanese prices for best-
selling neurology drugs compare with prices in the United States? Which drugs in this therapeutic area
are more expensive in Europe and Japan than in the United States?

• European reimbursement authorities limit access to high-priced neurology drugs. Which agents are key tar-
gets for reimbursement restrictions in Europe? What role do health technology assessment bodies play
in regulating the use of drugs in this therapeutic area?

• The Japanese government has not employed the types of cost-containment measures used in the United States and Europe. What is the government considering with regard to the regular price revision process?
What are the prospects for long-listed drugs subject to generics competition?

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• International price comparisons for neurology drugs: Alzheimer’s disease therapies; Parkinson’s disease
therapies; multiple sclerosis therapies; antiepileptics; migraine therapies.
• Reimbursement environment in the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom,
and Japan: general environment; Alzheimer’s disease therapies; Parkinson’s disease therapies; multiple sclero-
sis therapies; antiepileptics; migraine therapies.
• Outlook and implications for the pharmaceutical industry: impact of healthcare reform in the United States;
cost-containment trends; prospects for biosimilars; increasing use of health technology assessment; innovative approaches to pricing and reimbursement.
Mentioned in This Report – Drugs:
• Almotriptan (Ortho-McNeil’s Axert/Almogran) • Lamotrigine (GlaxoSmithKline’s Lamictal, generics) • Amantadine (Novartis/Alliance Pharma/Endo’s Symmetrel; Roche’s Mantadan; Bristol-Myers Squibb’s • Levodopa (Roche’s Larodopa, generics) • Levodopa-benserazide (Roche/Chugai Seiyaku’s • Apomorphine (Britannia Pharmaceuticals’ Britaject Pen/ Madopar/Madopar CR, Modopar,Restex; Kyowa Hakko APO-go Pen; Chiesi’s Apofi n; Aguettant/Cephalon’s Kirin’s EC Doparl; Daiichi Sankyo’s Neodopasol; • Azathioprine (Prometheus’s Imuran, GlaxoSmithKline’s • Levodopa-carbidopa (Bristol-Myers Squibb/DuPont Pharma’s Sinemet/Sinemet CR, Nacom/Nacom • Benztropine (Ovation Pharmaceuticals’ Cogentin, RETARD; Daiichi Sankyo’s Neodopaston; Merck/Banyu Seiyaku’s Menesit; UCB/Schwarz Pharma’s Parcopa; • Biperiden (Dainippon Sumitomo/Desma/Par Pharma’s • Lisuride (Bayer Schering AG’s Dopergin/Dopergine; • Bromocriptine (Novartis/Meda’s Parlodel, generics) • Cabergoline (Pfi zer’s Cabaser/Cabaseril/Dostinex, • Memantine (Merz/Grupo Grunenthal’s Axura, Lundbeck’s Ebixa, Forest Laboratories’ Namenda ) • Carbamazepine (Novartis’s Tegretol/Tegretol XR, Shire • Methotrexate (Dava Pharmaceuticals’ Rheumatrex, Barr • Clobazam (Sanofi -Aventis’s Frisium/Noiafren/Urbanyl, • Methyl-prednisolone (Pfi zer’s Solu-Medrol, other brands, • Clonazepam (Roche’s Klonopin, generics) • Mitoxantrone (Merck Serono/EMD Serono/Amgen/ • Cyclophosphamide (Onko’s Cytoxan, Baxter’s Endoxan, • Mycophenolate mofetil (Roche/Aspreva/Chugai’s • Diazepam (Roche’s Valium, Astellas’s Horizon, Takeda Yakuhin Kogyo’s Cercine, other brands, generics) • Naratriptan (GlaxoSmithKline‘s Amerge) • Divalproex sodium (valproate semisodium) (Abbott/ • Natalizumab (Biogen Idec/Elan’s Tysabri) Sanofi -Aventis’s Depakote/Depakote ER) • Oxcarbazepine (Novartis’s Trileptal, generics) • Donepezil (Eisai/Pfi zer’s Aricept, Bracco’s Memac) • Pergolide (Eli Lilly’s Celance/Pharken/Nopar/Parkotil; • Duodopa (Solvay/Orphan Europe’s Duodopa) • Entacapone (Novartis’s Comtan; Orion’s Comtess) • Phenytoin/phenytoin ER (Pfi zer’s Dilantin/Dilantin ER, • Entacapone-levodopa-carbidopa (Novartis/Orion’s • Pramipexole (Boehringer Ingelheim’s Mirapex/ • Ethosuximide (Pfi zer’s Zarontin/Suxinutin, generics) • Etizolam (Mitsubishi Tanabe’s Depas, generics) • Prednisone (Pfi zer’s Deltasone, other brands, generics) • Felbamate (Meda’s Felbatol, Schering Plough/Essex’s • Primidone (Valeant’s Mysoline, generics) • Frovatriptan (Endo Pharmaceuticals/Menarini‘s Frova) • Rasagiline (Teva/Lundbeck’s Agilect/Azilect) • Gabapentin (Pfi zer’s Neurontin/Gabapen, generics) • Rivastigmine (Novartis’s Exelon, Esteve/Biofutura/ • Galantamine (Shire Pharmaceuticals/Janssen/Ortho- McNeil Neurologics’ Reminyl/Razadyne, generics) • Rizatriptan (Merck & Co.‘s Maxalt) • Glatiramer acetate (Teva’s Copaxone) • Ropinirole (controlled release) (GlaxoSmithKline/ • Interferon-beta-1a (intramuscular) (Biogen Idec’s • Ropinirole (immediate release) (GlaxoSmithKline’s • Interferon-beta-1a (subcutaneous) (Merck Serono/EMD • Rotigotine (UCB/Schwarz Pharma’s Neupro) • Interferon-beta-1b (Bayer Schering/Bayer HealthCare’s Betaseron/Betaferon, Novartis’s Extavia) • Selegiline (Somerset Pharmaceuticals/Orion’s Eldepryl, Movergan; HRA Pharma’s Deprenyl; Chiesi’s Egibren/Seledat/Jumex Meda’s Plurimen/Antiparkin; Bristol-Myers Squibb’s EMSAM; Fujimoto Seiyaku’s FP; generics) • Selegiline (fast-dissolving) (Valeant/Cephalon’s Zelapar/Xilopar/Otrasel)• Sultiame (Bayer/Desitin/Idis Pharma/Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry’s Ospolot, generics)• Sumatriptan (GlaxoSmithKline‘s Imigran/Imitrex)• Sumatriptan/naproxen sodium (GlaxoSmithKline‘s Treximet)• Talipexole (Boehringer Ingelheim’s Domin)• Tiagabine (Cephalon’s Gabitril)• Tolcapone (Valeant Pharma/Roche’s Tasmar)• Topiramate (Ortho-McNeil/Janssen-Cilag’s Topamax, Kyowa Hakko Kirin’s Topina) • Trihexyphenidyl (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals/Sanofi -Aventis/Teopharma’s Artane, generics)• Valproic acid (Abbott’s Depakene, Sanofi -Aventis’s Epilim/Depakine, Kyowa Hakko Kirin’s Depakene, generics)• Vigabatrin (Sanofi -Aventis’s Sabril, generics)• Zolmitriptan (AstraZeneca‘s Zomig/Zomigoro/AscoTop)• Zonisamide (Dainippon Sumitomo’s Excegran, Eisai’s Zonegran) Look for relevant insight within these Spectrum series and
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