Dr. R. P. Limaye (Professor & Head)

DR. R.P. Limaye is honored as refry for oxford Journal of alternative medicine Oxford Journals U.K. DR. R. P. Limaye has published 6 national and 1 international paper in the last four years. The department has created microteaching workbook with Dr. R P Limaye as executive editor & Dr. Gokhale as an assistant editor. Dr. R.P.Limaye is the Member of American College of Clinical Pharmacology since last ten years.He is also the Member Secretary of the Institutional Ethical Committee He has a total teaching experience of 18 years& 9 months He has a total teaching experience of 15 years after MD He has worked as secretary IAEC (Institutional Animal Ethical He is Member secretary IEC (Institutional Ethical Committee) He is a Member of RRC( Research Review Committee) He is a member of METU of the college (Medical Educational Technology He is also a reviewer for Oxford Journal of Alternative Medicine. - Member of American college of Clinical Pharmacology since 2001
- Member of IPS ( Indian Pharmacological Society )
- Referee of Oxford Journal of Alternative Medicine
- Reviewer of many National & International Journals
- Number of Ongoing projects- 10
- Contribution to college development
- Chief editor of booklet on microteaching
Dr. D.V. Gokhale (Professor)
The department has created a microteaching workbook with Dr. R P Limaye as editor & Dr. Gokhale as an assistant editor.Dr. Gokhale has a special experience in ayurvedic medicine. - He has an experience of 20 Years 9 Months of teaching in -He is a member of the Indian Pharmacological Society. He has worked as faculty member of CME- Cell. He has special experience in Ayurvedic medicine, and certificate course in Hospital Administration. He is presently Secretary of Institutional Formerly he was a lecturer at UNIMAS, Sarawak Malaysia. -Number of Ongoing projects- 7

Dr. N. D. Grover (Associate Professor)
Dr Neeta Grover: She is the recipient of Servier Young Investigator’s
Award, by the International Congress on frontiers in Pharmacology in
21th century.
She has also been associated with D.Y.Patil Medical College, Kolhapur.

She is a reviewer for Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacy
Her name has been included in the Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine in
the year 2010-2012 She is a member of the Indian Pharmacological Society. - Number of publications: 1 - Number of Ongoing projects- 7 She has an experience of 12 Years 9 months of teaching in Pharmacology.

Dr. T. R. Patil (Lecturer)

Dr T. R. Patil has pursued two post graduation Degrees of M.D. (Medicine), and M.D. (Pharmacology) with a degree in Law. He also holds the degree of FCPS (Medicine) from College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai. He has an experience of 10.3 years Pharmacology. In addition to the above, he also holds a law degree (L.L.B. special).
Dr. K.S. Joshi
He has an experience of 5years & 5 months of teaching in Pharmacology.
Experience: 1. Designing, Conducting, Monitoring Clinical Trials
(Phase I –IV)
2. Designing, Conducting, Monitoring BA/BE studies 3. Conducting CMEs in pharmacology and Clinical Nutrition 4. Medicomarketing: Product management, Training, Promotional, scientific literature designing and drug monograph designing 5. Liasoning with FDA, EMEA and DCGI. 6. Undergone extensive GCP Training: a. 1998: In House Criticare Laboratories, a division b. 2000: In House: Han Ul Medizin Pvt. Ltd. c. 2002: GCP Seminar and Workshop organized by Express Pharma Pulse Seminars for pharmaceutical excellence d. 2003: International workshop on Clinical Data Management, Institute of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, University of Pune. e.2007: Seminar on PET and regulatory requirements for CTA submission in EU. TFS, Trial Form Support, Sweden. Mumbai. f. 2007: Clinical Project Management. Pharma LIG and Critical Skills Inc. Singapore. 1. Conducted over 100 Bioavailability, Bioequivalence studies that include Multiple dose steady state and interaction studies and 28 clinical trials. 2. Effect of A.C.E. Inhibitor (Lisinopril) in Dementia (S.D.A.T.) 3. Effect of DHS1 and DHC1 - Herbal preparations in HIV 4. Evaluation of the experimental cream containing clobetasol propionate in the patients of psoriasis and eczema. 5. Sparfloxacin in acute uncomplicated UTI 6. Prescription analysis with reference to essential drugs. 7. Combination of Nimesulide and Dicyclomine in the treatment dysmenorrhoea. Comparitive clinical evaluation with the combination of Mefenamic acid and Dicyclomine 8. A prospective, Uncontrolled pilot study to assess efficacy and safety of IND-2 in patients with Type II diabetes mellitus on treatment with Insulin. (In progress) 9. A prospective, randomized, double blind, parallel design, dose and schedule finding study to assess efficacy and safety of IND-1 in antiretroviral naive, asymptomatic HIV-1 infected patients with CD4 above 200/mm3 10. Efficacy and safety of "IRA-01" in rheumatoid arthritis patients a prospective, randomised, multicentric, double blind, placebo controlled, phase IIIclinical study with open label extension 11. Efficacy and safety of IDM 1 in patients with type II diabetes mellitus on treatment with sulphonylurea 12. Treat Asia HIV Observational Database (TAHOD) as a part of IDEA an Amfar (American Foundation for Aids Research) initiative. Sanjay Pujari, MD, AAHIVS; Ameet Dravid, MD; Nikhil Gupte, PhD; Kedar Joshi, MD; Vivek Bele, MD Effectiveness and Safety of Generic Fixed-Dose Combination of 13.Tenofovir/Emtricitabine/Efavirenz in HIV-1-Infected Patients in Western India. eJIAS: eJournal of the International AIDS Society. Medscape J Med. 2008; 10(8):196.


P-cats list_en & fr.xls

Paediatric Canadian Access Targets for Surgery (P-CATS) *Wait 1 is defined as the time from referral to a specialist to the initial specialist consultation. **Wait 2 is defined as the time between the date on which a decision is made to proceed with surgery and the surgery date. P-CATS Prioirty Classification TablePriority Classification Canadian Paediatric Surgical Wait Times (CPSWT) Proj

Finite p-nilpotent groups with some subgroups c-supplemented

J. Aust. Math. Soc. 78 (2005), FINITE p -NILPOTENT GROUPS WITH SOME SUBGROUPS c -SUPPLEMENTED XIUYUN GUO and K. P. SHUM (Received 10 June 2001; revised 18 February 2004)A subgroup H of a finite group G is said to be c -supplemented in G if there exists a subgroup K of G such that G = H K and H ∩ K is contained in core G . H /. In this paper some result

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