High chemical resistant, self smoothing, Novalac based
floor topping
Nitoflor SL901 floor topping is designed to provide protection Solid content
to concrete and steel structures in aggressive chemical conditions. The material is particularly suitable in wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, electric power plants, chemical manufacturing plants, fertiliser and insecticide plants and Specific gravity
Nitoflor SL901 floor topping may be used in applications such as chemical processing and drum storage areas, Tack free time
Tensile strength
Nitoflor SL901 floor topping contains 100% solids.
Exhibits good chemical resistance in pH ranging from 1 Flexural strength
Compressive strength
Excellent adhesion to properly prepared concrete, mild Hardness
Abrasion resistance
1 kg, H 22 wheels
Service temperature
Nitoflor SL901 floor topping is a solvent free, crosslinked, high build epoxy novolac based self smoothing floor topping.
Nitoflor SL901 floor topping is a three part system consisting of a base, hardener and filler which when mixed provides a The fully cured topping is resistant to the splash / spillage of 2mm thick floor topping with excellent laying properties.
The company provides a technical advisory service supported by a team of specialists in the field.
Chemical and abrasion resistant floor topping
The chemical and abrasion resistant shall be Nitoflor SL901 floor topping, a high build, two pack epoxy novolac system specially designed to provide a tough and impermeable high chemical resistant self smoothing topping.
Once mixed, Nitoflor SL901 floor topping should be immediately applied to the prepared surface ensuring a continuous topping of uniform thickness.
The mixed material should be spread on the floor using a notched trowel at the recommended coverage. The spread material should be lightly rolled using spiked roller.
The local Fosroc office should be consulted for resistance to Nitoflor SL901 floor topping should be removed from tools specific chemicals and conditions or when long term exposure and equipment with Fosroc solvent Nitoflor Sol immediately after use. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.
Substrate, ambient and product temperature must remain Preparation of concrete surfaces
above 150C during application and curing. Minimum The substrates which is to receive the topping, must be dry, material/container temperature for spray application is 200C.
sound and free from debris and loose material free from Avoid moisture contamination. Nitoflor SL901 floor topping contamination such as oil, grease, wax, dirt or any other form of foreign matter which might affect adhesion.
Nitoflor SL901 floor topping may not be colour stable when All blow holes and imperfections should be filled with in contact with some chemicals. The colour change will not affect the performance of the protective system either on Nitoflor SL901 floor topping is designed to be used without primer. However, if the condition of the concrete substrate requires priming, Nitoprime 25 can be used.
It is imperative that the resin be thoroughly mixed with the hardener in the exact ratios to ensure optimum performance.
Therefore, the entire contents of the hardener can should be Coverage
added to the base container and mixed until a uniform colour Nitoflor SL901
and consistency are obtained, taking particular care to scrape the sides and bottom of the container. Finally the filler as Nitoprime 25
supplied is added and mixed further for three minutes until a The coverage figure is theoretical. Due to wastage factors homogenous lump free slurry is obtained. It is recommended practical coverage figures may be reduced.
that mechanical mixing be employed using a jiffy mixer on a Nitoflor SL901 floor topping has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry store at temperature between 15 - 300C.
Health & Safety instructions
Nitoflor SL901 floor topping and Nitoflor Sol should not come in contact with skin and eyes, or be swallowed. Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of vapour. Some people are sensitive to epoxy resin systems and may develop dermatitis on skin contact. Gloves and barrier creams should be used when handling primers and Nitoflor SL901 floor topping. If contact with the skin occurs, wash with soap and plenty of water. Do not use solvent. Direct contact with the eyes will cause irritation and may cause serious damage if left untreated. Any eye contamination should be washed thoroughly with plenty of water and medical treatment sought immediately. The use of goggles when mixing is recommended. Smoking is not recommended.
® Denotes the trademark of Fosroc International Limited
Important note :
Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject
to its standard terms and conditions of sale, copies of which may be obtained on request. Whilst Fosroc endeavours to ensure that any advice, recommendation specification or information it may give is accurate and correct, it cannot, because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation Fosroc Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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