Flouride is in your drugs and water - enormous effects

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Flouride Is In Your Drugs
And Water - Enormous Effects
Almost everyone has at least heard the recent news stories citing linksbetween certain antidepressant drugs and suicides and even school shootings. Several surveys have shown that a majority of schoolshooters were taking SSRI- type antidepressants before theycommitted their heinous acts. What most people have not heard is thatin most cases these were fluorinated drugs (Paxil and Prozac, etc.), thechemical structure of the drug included the toxic element fluorine. A growing number of studies are showing that fluorine added to drugsand to drinking water can have a profound and prolonged harmfuleffect on the brain. At present, I am reviewing all the studies done onfluorinated pharmaceutical drugs and their effects on the brain. What Ihave found is shocking. There is a strong link between the use ofmany of these drugs and violent behavior, including homicides andsuicides. In 2002, a number of murder/suicides occurred on the military base atFort Bragg, N.C., which were linked to the fluorinated anti-malarialdrug Lariam. The Canadian military experienced a similar rash ofmurder/suicides and uncontrollable aggression among its soldierstaking the drug as well. According to the "Physician's Desk Reference," used by doctors toprescribe medications, the commonly used fluorinated antibioticsFloxin, Levaquin, and Cipro can cause nightmares, psychoticreactions, paranoia, agitation, manic reactions, aggression andhostility, hallucinations, and even depersonalization, all symptoms associated with acts of homicide and suicide. In fact, in their own clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies foundhomicides, homicidal acts, homicidal ideation, and aggressive behavior to be a side effect of the fluorinated medications. In addition,it was found that children with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)taking the medications experienced hostility episodes 17 times moreoften than depressed patients.
Of particular concern was the finding that 1.1 percent of healthy,psychiatrically normal people who took an SSRI anti-depressant experienced one or more hostile episodes, while none taking theplacebo had such an event.medications remain in the brain forprolonged periods after discontinuing the medication, more so withfluoxetine (Prozac) than Paxil. In 1990, about 220 fluorinated pharmaceutical drugs were on themarket. Now some 1,500 are under development. With millions ofpeople taking these classes of fluorinated drugs, events similar tothose at Virginia Tech are bound to occur. This incident was a greattragedy. I send my prayers for all those who were killed and injured and especially to their families. It has been estimated that such side effects with these anti-depressantmedications, as well as other fluorinated medications, are grossly underreported to the regulatory agencies. One study estimated only 1percent to 10 percent of cases are ever reported. Why more people are not affected may be related to the abnormal brain chemistry ofdepressed and OCD-affected people. What is unusual about the effect of fluorinated drugs is that theytrigger planned violence rather than just violent outburst. This is whatwe also witnessed in the mass shooting at Virginia Tech. Make surethat the medication your doctor prescribes is not a fluorinated one. MainPage
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