Metformin ranbaxy

Metformin Ranbaxy
Metformin Tablets

Consumer Medicine Information

What is in this leaflet
There are two types of diabetes If your blood glucose is not mellitus: Metformin Ranbaxy tablets.
hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose). High blood glucose can lead to serious problems Low blood glucose can occur suddenly. Signs may include: Metformin Ranbaxy against
If you have any concerns
about taking this medicine,
ask your doctor or
medicines for treating diabetes.  irritability pharmacist.
prescribed Metformin
Ranbaxy for another reason.
Ask your doctor if you have
What Metformin
Metformin Ranbaxy was
Ranbaxy is used for
 loss of co-ordination  slurred speech How Metformin Ranbaxy
Metformin Ranbaxy. It
 high blood pressure or other Tell your doctor if you are Metformin Ranbaxy is
Before you take
Metformin Ranbaxy

When you must not take
breast-feeding. Your doctor will discuss the risks and Metformin Ranbaxy
Do not take Metformin
benefits of taking metformin when breast-feeding. Ranbaxy if you are pregnant or
have had an allergic reaction to intend becoming pregnant. during pregnancy. Your doctor
will replace Metformin
Ranbaxy with insulin.
Do not take Metformin
Ranbaxy after the expiry date
Do not take Metformin
Ranbaxy if the packaging is
If you are not sure whether
you should start taking
metformin, talk to your
doctor or pharmacist.
Before you start to take it
 Type I diabetes mellitus that Tell your doctor if you have How much to take
Taking other medicines
You may need different amounts of your medicine or Metformin Ranbaxy can be
How to take it
Metformin Ranbaxy may
How to take
Metformin Ranbaxy
When to take it
Take Metformin Ranbaxy
 other medicines used to treat you by your doctor, pharmacist meal, at about the same time How long to take it
Continue taking Metformin
Ranbaxy for as long as your
you keep enough Metformin
Ranbaxy to last over weekends
Take Metformin Ranbaxy
Metformin Ranbaxy will help symptoms of low blood sugar
If you forget to take it
drink or taking glucose tablets. following: missed and take your next dose when you are meant to. symptoms may progress to loss  eating 3 teaspoons of sugar you remember (with food), and speech, confusion, fits or loss minutes of your next meal or snack, follow up with extra condition called lactic acidosis. carbohydrates such as plain If you experience any of these symptoms, immediately get this extra carbohydrate will prevent a second drop in your While you are using
If you take too much
Metformin Ranbaxy
Things you must do
Immediately telephone your
doctor or the Poisons
Information Centre
(telephone 13 11 26), or go to

Accident & Emergency at
your nearest hospital, if you
think that you or anyone else
may have taken too much
Metformin Ranbaxy.
keep Metformin Ranbaxy
have been taking it successfully If you become sick with a cold, Things you must not do
doctor or diabetes educator will metformin. Side effects
anaesthetist that you are taking
metformin before you have any Things to be careful of
Metformin Ranbaxy.
Metformin Ranbaxy helps most
have unwanted side effects in a few people. See your doctor once a year for is unlikely to affect how you Disposal
Tell your doctor if you notice
any of the following and they
Tell your doctor if you notice
worry you:
any other effects.
have passed their expiry date, ask your pharmacist what to do Product description
What Metformin Ranbaxy
tablets look like
effects which usually occur during the first few weeks. You may not experience any of Metformin Ranbaxy 500 mg
Taking Metformin Ranbaxy
nausea and diarrhoea. Skin rash After using Metformin
Tell your doctor immediately
Metformin Ranbaxy 850 mg
or go to the accident and
emergency department at
your nearest hospital if you
If you take the tablets out of the edged, film-coated tablets notice any of the following
symptoms of lactic acidosis
(high lactic acid in the blood): Keep your tablets in a cool dry
Active Ingredient
Do not leave it in the car on hot Excipients
 dizziness or lightheadedness reach it.  macrogol 6000
 purified talc
 titanium dioxide
 propylene glycol
Australian Registration

Metformin Ranbaxy 500 mg
: AUST R 142876

Metformin Ranbaxy 850 mg

Tablet - AUST R 142884


Ranbaxy Australia Pty Ltd
Suite 4.02, Level 4, Building D
12-24 Talavera Road
North Ryde, NSW 2113
This leaflet was prepared in
April 2011.



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