Vol. XXII, No. 3
March 2012
Can Electricity Cure
Diabetic Ulcers,
Reader Says Prolozone Cured
My Arthritis Pain

Incontinence, and Edema?
If you’re like me, you’d much rather treat your relieve pain. This month, I’d like to share health conditions in your own home than visit a doctor.
an email I recently received from one ofmy patients. Bill D writes: So I’m always on the lookout for powerful do-it-yourself treatments. Most of these treatments can treat only one January, I came to your office to receive or two ailments. But every now and then, I find one that Prolozone treatment for arthritis. Prior to works on a wide variety of ailments. This month, I’m going to tell you about another very simple and easy-to- use home remedy. This treatment has profound powers to heal many different ailments. It can help inconti- “Since the treatment, it has felt as if nence, injuries, arthritis, and many other ailments.
Take Patty K., a patient of Roopa Chari, MD, at the Chari Center of Health in Santa Barbara, CA. She had significant incontinence caused by a prolapsed colon experience of trying this attempt and that that was pushing down on her uterus causing it to pro- attempt to solve the problem with negligi-ble results.
lapse and protrude from the vagina. Incontinence is a scourge in older women. Some experts estimate that one out of three women has some form of incontinence. py, for the fact that my leg and back now Within just a few weeks, Patty reported that her prolapsed uterus and colon was completely healed. Her incontinence and urgency improved so much that she But Patty’s case is just the tip of the iceberg. Erma Fight Cancer and Viruses While
is a 76-year-old woman, my own patient, with congenital You Lose Weight
clubfeet. For years, her toes were curled down andunder. And she also suffered from edema (fluid buildup) I’ve always been a fan of green foods.
in her ankles. In one session, the edema was much bet- Their healing powers are astounding. I’vetold you about chlorella and spirulina in ter. In a subsequent session, in my office, a single treat- the past. These are blue/green algae with ment uncurled her toes for the first time in memory.
Erma broke down crying in an emotional release.
Another patient, in his mid 60s, had severe and have highly concentrated nutrients.
osteoarthritis of the knees and a previous serious frac- ture of his femur. He was totally frustrated by his lackof mobility. He did a “knee protocol.” After just five ses- Second Opinion
sions, he could stand up with just his legs. For the firsttime in years, he didn’t need his arms to help push him- HEALTH NOTES . continued
self up. And he could walk up stairs unassisted.
Still another patient had a forearm fracture. Her ticular strain of blue-green algae can sig- doctor put a cast on, and she received the treatments nificantly enhance your body’s ability to while wearing it. When her doctor removed the cast, he was shocked that her forearm muscles didn’t have atro- phy (wasting), as they usually do when you wear a cast.
And, one of the most amazing experiences of my professional life came at a meeting where we first learned about this incredible treatment. There, a woman the effect of AFA on natural killer cells displayed her chronic edema in her lower legs, ankles, and feet. I watched in amazement as the edema literally defense against cancer. Here’s what the These cases are just a small sampling of the miracles this treatment can bring. So what is this amazing treat- ment? It’s just a small box built on the work of the famous cells left their bloodstream and migrated to Nikola Tesla. This little box delivers electricity. No, it’s not a TENS machine. TENS units deliver very low DC volt- developed up to two to three times as many age. Low voltage requires higher amperage. And the high- adhesion molecules (ability to attach to bad er amperage can burn your tissues. So TENS machines guys). After a few hours, the NK cells in the have to stay in the lower amps range to avoid injury. This tissues came back into the bloodstream.
The action told the researchers that the makes them less effective. The ideal treatment would deliver higher voltage with lower amperage. This would offer a better treatment without burning you.
There is such a device. The company Neurocare had developed a “True Tesla” technology that is unique But AFA does more than kill bad cells.
It contains phycocyanin, a blue pigment.
among electrical devices. It delivers alternating current Like other colorful plant molecules, this at very high voltage, but at extremely low amperage.
This causes very deep muscle contractions without the discomfort caused by high amperage output units. Thedifference in effectiveness is startling.
SECOND OPINION (ISSN 1068-2953) is pub-
You may have heard of Nikola Tesla. He’s the inven- lished monthly by Soundview Communication, tor of modern alternating current (AC) electricity. His dis- Inc. PUBLISHER: Garret W. Wood; EDITOR-
covery enabled the transmission of large amounts of cur- IN-CHIEF: Robert Jay Rowen, MD; COVER
PRICE: $8 per issue, discounts available for one-
rent, since wires, like our tissues, heat up with amperage.
and two-year subscriptions. Contact our BUSI- Alternating current provides a means to transmit elec- NESS OFFICE: P.O. Box 8051, Norcross, GA30091-8051, 800-791-3445 or 770- 399-5617.
tricity at high voltage needing much less amperage. You SECOND OPINION is a newsletter contain-
may know that high voltage power lines often transmit in ing general comments on health, nutrition, and excess of 183,000 volts. If the electric company delivered medicine. Readers are advised to consult withtheir own physician before implementing any that same voltage in DC, the power lines would have to health idea they read about, whether here or in be 12 feet in diameter to handle the higher amperage any other publication. Copyright 2012 bySoundview Communication, Inc. All rights load because of the resistance of DC current flow.
reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this Direct current (DC) moves the electrons in one direc- newsletter or its contents by xerography, fac-simile, or any other means is illegal.
tion. This causes great heat build-up from the friction ofthe electrons as they move through the wire. Alternating March 2012
current overcomes the resistance of distance by simplyalternating the direction of the flow of electrons down HEALTH NOTES . continued
the wire back and forth in a very rapid manner at much lower amperage levels. This minimizes the friction and allows smaller lines to carry higher voltage.
Amazingly, you have the same resistance issues in your body. In 2008, researchers proved the human body normally functions with more than 15 million volts of called PEA (phenylethylamine). This mol-ecule acts as a neurotransmitter. And electricity per cubic meter of human tissue. Your body quite a beneficial one at that. It increases can produce this astoundingly high voltage because it mood, and prevents depression and ADD.
This amazing medical device uses this same extremely low amperage strategy. It saturates active quite beneficial for those battling addic-tive tendencies. This includes over- muscles with large amounts of voltage. High voltage can indulging in comfort foods. Comfort foods penetrate atrophied muscle fibers. That’s why Patty was able to recover so miraculously. When the voltage pene- “feel better.” However, a more beneficial trates atrophied muscles, it stimulates them to contract.
way to feel better is to take a “superfood” The contraction actually reverses atrophy. The wasted muscles regain their girth and recover so they can do need. By doing this, you can feel betterwithout the dangerous empty calories.
their job. In Patty’s case, it strengthened the muscles around her uterus and bladder so these organs could have greater control (like they do in your youth).
This effect is not possible with DC output electros- Ref: J Med Food. 2007 September;10(3):435-41.
tim systems. Because of the burning, the DC output sys-tems just can’t do what the “True Tesla” technology can More Dangerous Than Driving
do. Even AC systems using high amperage in relation to the voltage can’t accomplish what the True Tesla does.
medicine cabinet puts you at more risk ofdying than driving on the highway? Well, So why does this technology cause edema to disap- it’s true. Long-term readers of Second
pear? When excess fluid builds up in the matrix that sur- Opinion know that drugs are far more
rounds our cells, it can disrupt the delicate mineral bal- ance around and inside our cells. That damages the elec- trical energy flow within the cells, causing them to become dysfunctional. Cells that do not function properly electri- cally will eventually die unless you correct this condition.
“legal” drug use than by motor vehicle Diseased tissue has great resistance to electricity moving accidents. While most major causes of pre- through it. Mineral laden edema may conduct electricity ventable death are on the decline, that’s better than muscle. The current will be “stolen” from and not so for drugs. The report says that the deny the muscle cells the benefit of the electricity.
rise in deaths is largely due to the growingpopularity of powerful prescription pain Muscles need higher voltage to stimulate them. But and psychoactive drugs (i.e., for anxiety).
your body cannot mount the higher voltage needed to activate diseased cells. The Neurocare True Tesla device deaths than heroin and cocaine combined! delivers an astounding 440 volts of AC current. But I really don’t get it. Big Pharma petro- since it’s AC, it needs very little amperage. The high chemicals kill more people than cars andstreet drugs. Yet our government has voltage penetrates and saturates all tissues. Yes, it will even penetrate diseased cells regardless of edema or atrophy. But because of the minuscule amperage, you Second Opinion
barely feel it. Yet you get significant muscle contraction.
HEALTH NOTES . continued
And these deep muscle contractions will move out theedema helping the body return to normal function. bazillions, inciting border carnage, andlooks the other way when Pharma chemi- Contracting muscles are vital to good health. When cals murder people. While you can’t con- your blood moves through your capillaries, it squeezes a clear fluid out of the capillaries into the space between absolutely control what goes in your body.
tissue cells, which becomes lymph. But your lymph is totally passive. The channels don’t even have valves to before you take any petrochemical drug.
In my opinion, 95% plus of all prescrip- direct the flow. Gravity pulls lymph down, muscle con- tractions pumps it back up. If your muscles don’t con- tract, this fluid just stays there, causing edema.
You experience this on long distance plane flights.
Your legs, motionless for hours, allow fluid accumulation drugs, including one for anxiety/depres-sion. He’s now free of the chemicals they (edema) in your feet. If your body is healthy, this edema eventually resolves when you begin walking again. But program, he became the first person I’ve diseased cells will prolong the process.
While the Neurocare unit vigorously contracts mus- the age of 90 who was NOT in a casket.
Drugs kill! That same year, the Poison cles, it’s completely painless. It doesn’t hurt at all. So, patients can tolerate the treatments for 45-minute-long and other nutrients killed ZERO people.
sessions. And, according to a recent study from Creighton University, this 45-minute treatment provides all of the benefits of full resistance exercise, hard to per- Ref: Associated Press, September 18, 2011.
Marijuana for Cancer?
With muscle action “propelling” lymph fluid back to your bloodstream, your kidneys can eliminate the As you may know, I live in California.
excess. As edema leaves, normal blood circulation to the You also may know that there’s a big wargoing on right now between the federal area returns. And this restores normal cellular function government and California over the use of almost immediately. As I mentioned earlier, this device medicinal marijuana. I’m not going to use can quickly resolve chronic edema in one session.
this article to fight for or against drug legalization. But in light of the previousarticle on drug deaths, I think the topic women give birth to children, it can cause trauma to the pelvic muscles, weakening them. The common Kegel contraction does little to restore generalized deep pelvic floor muscle atrophy and weakness. By applying elec- trodes on opposite legs, the high voltage/low amperage AC current crosses the pelvis from one leg to the other.
This stimulates the weakened muscles, restoring normalarchitecture and strength. Reversing the atrophy can effectively resolve the incontinence. And it can improve general muscle tone in the treated muscles.
Another ailment the Neurocare device can treat very effectively is diabetic neuropathy. The device won’t resolve diabetes; only diet can do that. However, the neuropathy is a circulatory defect impairing peripheral nerves. It especially affects your lower legs. A primarycause is a sedentary lifestyle. Inducing full resistance March 2012
contractions in your muscles can move out the edemathat accumulates from insufficient muscle activity. It HEALTH NOTES . continued
restores circulation and gives a quick neuropathy fix! The Neurocare company registered its device with destroy California’s state law permitting the FDA, which gave it a 510k certification, back in the use of marijuana for medicinal uses.
1993. There are thousands of units in use worldwide for the following FDA registered indications. These include: relaxing muscle spasm, preventing or retarding disuse which was in total compliance with stateand local laws. I’ll forgo the legal argu- atrophy, muscle-re-education, maintain or increase range of motion, increase local blood supply, immediate post surgery, and circulation stimulation of calf muscles But that’s only a small sample of what the patients who have used it successfully tocounter their pain, nausea, and lack of Neurocare can treat. You can use it for a wide range of appetite in cancer. I’m seeing increasing muscle-related applications. These include: stroke recov- reports that marijuana might have signif- ery, frozen shoulder, athletic performance and specific icant uses in actually killing cancer.
muscle toning, post-op muscle rehab, sprains/strains, carpal tunnel, whiplash, TMJ, postural imbalances, instability on your feet, repetitive strain injuries, plantar had a highly aggressive brain cancer. Theresearchers performed tumor biopsies fasciitis, tension headache relief, MS symptom relief, both before and after a 26-30 day period of spasticity, muscle wasting, and even Cerebral Palsy.
Another is diabetic and vascular ulcers. Leg ulcers na killed tumor cells while leaving normal are a common and painful condition caused by poor circu- cells intact. A second report focused on theuse of marijuana on skin cancers. In mice, lation. I reviewed several cases (none of my own yet) where the Neurocare helped heal leg and foot ulcers that (cell death) and strangles the blood supply patients had endured for years. And it healed these ulcers completely in just two months. Most actually expe- rienced granulation (the beginning of the healing process evidencing return of circulation) around the wound by given us “herbs for the service of man.” treatment six on day three. That’s simply astounding.
And Genesis says, “He gave us the plantsfor food.” Marijuana is an herb. It’s not a The news gets better. Neurocare is a small portable processed drug like cocaine or heroin. So it device made for home use. It’s really easy to use and painless. You will feel your muscles contract without even trying to move them. The company has a clinical over 100,000 deaths annually, marijuanadidn’t kill anyone in 2009. Again, you tell support advisor who will assist in your use and electrode placement if the easy-to-use protocol manual doesn’t Ref: The Journal of Clinical Investigation, April 2009.
I got one for our office. My wife, Terri, was so pleased with the results she ordered a second one for Do You Need a Yearly
home use. This is simply a Godsend for people. With the Physical Exam?
FDA registration, insurance will often reimburse you for it (depending on coverage). The company even has some client clinics functioning around the country that offer exam with a doctor. Most of the time,these exams focus on preventing cancer in-office treatments that Medicare covers. Second Opinion
However, the best application of the instrument is HEALTH NOTES
self-administered right in the privacy of your own home.
This lets you do the treatment at your convenience. Typical treatment times are 45 minutes per session, monly suggested yearly chest X-rays as ascreen for lung cancer, yearly mammo- The unit does require a recommendation from a licensed health professional. This includes licensed exams for prostate cancer, and stool sam- nurses, chiropractors, psychologists, podiatrists, natur- opaths, nutritionists, and even licensed body workers like massage therapists! (And even me!) Neurocare will whipped up in hysteria for fear of cancer.
And your prescription for life was this provide you with the valuable extra electrodes and special lead wires as a courtesy at no additional charge.
ly what you need? Is visiting a doctor once The cost for the Neurocare is higher than many devices I've written about in the past. But, considering what it does, it's very cost effective ($5,495 plus shipping health alert (which you can view for free), and handling). Patients can be trained to take the unit home (without needing to purchase it) and treat them- focused on early detection. And, as you’ve selves as part of a total three month treatment program supervised by select clinics nationwide. Treating your- the mainstream press, early detection has self twice a day will get much better results than coming into a clinic 3 times a week and the home treatments the illusion that you are living longer.
also save travel time by eliminating the need to go to the see (on imaging) a prostate cancer, it’s Call Renua Medical at 877-885-1258 to find a cancer industry is reeling by these reve- Neurocare True Tesla TM clinic near you that offers the lations. But dragons don’t die easily.
combination of clinic supervision and self administered treatments. You can also check out their website at In between our
Ref: Clinical Physiology (1997) 17, 213-224.
monthly visits, be sure
True Tesla is a Trademark of MediaWest licensed to Renua Medical.
HEALTH NOTES. to check in online!
I’ve told you a lot about nitric oxide (NO) lately. NO is that magic molecule that dilates your blood vessels. It protects your heart. And, in men, it’s the end result of drugs used for erectile dysfunction. So how would you every issue of the newsletter and Health Alert at your fingertips like to get NO for free? A new study shows you how.
Emory University researchers studied exercise on mice. I know, exercise doesn’t sound exciting. But what these researchers found could save your life — including your sex life. The researchers had mice run on a wheel for four weeks. They found that exercise enables the heart to produce AND actually store more NO, which protects your heart from injury. The lead researcher, David Lefer, PhD, said, “Our study provides new evidence that nitric oxide generated during physical exercise is actually stored in the bloodstream and heart in the form of nitrite and March 2012
These more stable nitric oxide intermediates appear tobe critical for the cardioprotection against a subsequentheart attack.” HEALTH NOTES . continued
They thrash around before collapsing.
This simply means your heart stores nitrites and nitrosothiols (sulfur containing nitrite compounds) as an immediately available delivery reservoir of NO. They research is finding that 20% or more of all found that voluntary exercise boosted levels of an enzyme that produces nitric oxide (eNOS, endothelial medical intervention. Could this high fig- ure of spontaneous remission account forthe so-called “cures” of mainstream cancer Importantly, the levels of eNOS in heart tissue, and therapy? I think so. Studies now show that nitrite and nitrosothiols in the blood as well as heart tis- the price for shrinking a tumor with chem- sue, stayed high for a week after exercise stopped. This icals often results in more metastases and was unlike other heart enzymes that exercise stimulates.
In other words, exercise can prevent a heart attack for up to a week after you do it. The protective effects of ments do! I’ve known of more people who exercise did not extend beyond four weeks, though. By died of the horrific cancer treatment than that time, nitrite and nitrosothiols in the heart returned of cancer itself. Yes, those with cancers to baseline. The researchers knew it was the eNOS enzyme at work, since mice lacking that enzyme did not have eventually died anyway, but at God’s You can get nitric oxide from several different sources — and, no, you don’t have to take drugs to get it.
your blood pressure. If it’s high, you can The two best ways to get it are diet and exercise. One of make changes that can prevent damage.
the best ways to raise nitric-oxide is to eat beets. You can read all about this wonderful food on my website. These doctor to check your blood pressure. Youcan get a cheap cuff at a drugstore and You also can get nitric oxide from supplements that drugs by reading this newsletter. And you enhance eNOS production and deliver the raw material (nitrite). I think that’s great, and they’ll definitely benefit some people. The supplements I recommend contain physical. You’ll be far better putting the costof one exam into a five-year subscription to beets (Advanced Greens Formula) or beet crystals. You this or other similar newsletters to get infor- can also use a supplement like Neo40 Daily, which deliv- mation that can really prevent disease ers nitrites directly. These are excellent supplements you instead of detecting and maintaining it.
can use if you can’t get enough exercise. And you canorder both by calling 800-791-3395.
Coming Next Month.
Ref: Circ. Res., May 4, 2011.
• Prevent and even reverse liverdisease (including cancer), vascu- Looking for an integrative physician near
you? These organizations can help:
• American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology — • International College of Integrative Medicine — why. (We had to delay this articlefor one month. Our apologies.) • American College for Advancement in Medicine — there are only a few of these around.
opinion on the basis of the problem.
answered, send it (typed only) to:
Second Opinion Letters
ries (see my website), which deliv-ers chelation rectally, might decal- Q: I am 80 years old and have cify your prostate and assist it. It’s
been having a lot of trouble
with my prostate. I have to uri-
nate every single hour. I have
not had a good night’s sleep in
over a year. I’m taking Flomax
and the other poison, I forgot
the name, and it still doesn’t
should be made to Second Opinion's help. The medications make
me very lethargic and give me
headaches. Can you recom-
mend something natural that I
can take? I am desperate. I
I took your advice and
can’t even take a ride that
started drinking green tea.
takes over an hour without
But lately I’ve been having
having to go to the bathroom.
ventricular ectopics, which
Help! Help! — Tony Z., via e-mail
stopped when I discontinued
drinking. Can you please tell
me why? — June H., via email
and no guarantee that any willhelp. This is a bit of a laundry list, A: Ventricular ectopic beats are but I’ve seen many of them help of the above will work for you. But



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