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When prophylaxis antibiotics are indicated, month and then a booster at 6 to 12 months a daily dose of Cipro is recommended.
(And we don’t mean your credit card!)
These can only be obtained by prescription Sobel Family Medicine & Physical Therapy through your physician. Pepto-Bismol can
Areas where the infection is present include, does provide immunizations for the preven- but are not limited to, Africa, Asia (except tion of infectious diseases during foreign times daily with meals and at bedtime is the Japan), the Mediterranean basin, Eastern travel. We ad minister all types of immuniza- Europe, the Middle East, Central and South side effects (turning the tongue and stool black, and/or ringing in the ears). People Patients often ask us for advice on pre-
Hepatitis B
cautions for traveling abroad. Treatment
Pepto-Bismol, and it should not be taken
of diarrhea and prevention of malaria are If traveling to Southeast Asia
or Africa, vaccination is necessary for
quirements for entry into another country medical personnel or for people who expect Treatment: If diarrhea occurs, rehydration
and the possible diseases that may be en- to have sexual contacts, receive medical or is important. Your body will lose electrolytes countered vary. The Center for Disease and, therefore, replacement with drinks like Control (CDC) in Atlanta is responsible for Gatorade or other re-hydration solutions is keeping current on such issues nationally, information can be obtained by calling the Japanese Encephalitis
Imodium may be taken as needed up to 8
Center for Disease Control (CDC), At-
pills per day. For more severe cases, antibi- It is not recommended for all travelers to lanta at 1-404-332-4559.
otics will usually be effective. Bactrim,
Asia. This disease is a tick or mosquito-
Travelers’ Diarrhea

Cipro, or Floxin are the best choices since
borne infection which can lead to encephali- they are effective on resistant strains of bac- tis. It is offered to persons spending a month or longer in endemic areas during the with E. Coli bacteria. This condition is self- months of May to September. It is a series limited and only lasts for several days. Hepatitis A
of three doses given over 30 days and is Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, para- Hepatitis A occurs by contact with infected sites, and viruses can also occur. In areas feces, either through direct person to per- of poor hygiene, you should avoid foods that Measles
son, through water, supplies contaminated are not steaming hot, raw vegetables, fruit If you were born in 1957 or later, have not
that you have not peeled yourself, tap wa- received two prior immunizations (after your from polluted waters. In adults, a primary first birthday), and do not have a physician- dose is given initially, then a booster 6 to 12 Prevention: Recent recommendations no
months later. In those 2 to 18 years of age, tory evidence of immunity, you should re- longer try to prevent infection, but rather an initial dose is followed by a dose in one ceive a single dose of measles vaccine be- treat the condition as soon as it occurs. fore traveling anywhere (at least two weeks SOBEL FAMILY MEDICINE & PHYSICAL THERAPY | 4550 E Bell Rd | Suite 114 | Phoenix AZ 85032 | Phone (602) 996 6668 | Immunization

before or three months after immune globu-
Vaccination against cholera is on a country If your travel plans include traveling to or by country basis. A single dose of vaccina- from a South American or African country tion is sufficient for entry into a country that is infected with yellow fever or is lo- Meningitis
that has an outbreak of cholera. The com- cated in areas where yellow fever transmis- pleted primary series (two doses given at sion has occurred, then a yellow fever vac- least one week apart) is suggested for spe- only for travelers going to areas where epi- cial high-risk groups that work and live in infected areas under inadequate sanitary Yellow fever vaccination is a one-dose shot mon in sub-Saharan Africa from December
and is good for ten years. It may be ad min- to June and also in northern India and Ne-
istered to adults and children over 9 months pal. Saudi Arabia requires a certificate of
of age. Persons severely allergic to eggs Is an acute, life-threatening illness cause by Polio
Salmonella typhi. Risk is greatest for travel- Rabies
ers to the India, Asia Africa and Latin Amer- Adults traveling to tropical or developing ica who will have exposure to contaminated food and drink. Two vaccines are available mended for travelers with an occupational immunized against polio should receive a risk i.e., animal workers) or those traveling primary series of inactivated polio vaccine. If 1. Vivotif Berna which is a live-attenuated protection is needed within four weeks, a single dose of eIPV is advisable.
2. Typhim Vi which is ad ministered in shot Mefloquine (Lariam) is the drug of choice
in most areas due to the disease’s resis- Cholera
Yellow Fever
tance to chloroquine. Chloroquine can still
be used in Central America (west of the
Is an acute bacterial infection of the intesti- Is a viral disease found in parts of Africa
Panama Canal Zone), Mexico, Haiti and
nal system. Cholera is acquired by ingestion and South America It is transmitted to hu- the Dominican Republic, and pars of the
Mideast (including Egypt, Syria, and
quire a Yellow Fever Vaccination for all Iraq).
Travelers to cholera-infected areas are ad- travelers, while others only require a vacci- vised to take appropriate food and beverage nation if a traveler is coming from either ar- In all malarious areas, mosquito precautions precautions, including the avoidance of un- are advisable. Insect repellents, netting, cooked food, especially fish and shellfish, clothing with long sleeves, and long pants and peeling fruits themselves. Carbonated curred called Endemic areas. The endemic bottled water and carbonate soft drinks are areas are found in tropical South America SOBEL FAMILY MEDICINE & PHYSICAL THERAPY | 4550 E Bell Rd | Suite 114 | Phoenix AZ 85032 | Phone (602) 996 6668 |


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