General information about kailash – manasoravar yatra

General Information about Kailash – Manasoravar Yatra
Temperature and Weather:
Weather conditions from June to September in Tibet, can be expected to be dry and
sunny, with precipitation in July and August Day time temperature can be as high as 20 degrees
centigrade intimate. The average daily temperature will be 10 degrees centigrade, however the
intense sun at high altitude can, make it feel even hotter. At this time of year there is an

incredible drop in temperature from early afternoon to evening time, temperature at night time
will drop as low as 0 to -10 degree centigrade at altitudes of 5000 meters, our highest camp

during the Parikrama. While on the way the climate will be extreme hot during day times, and
extreme cold during night times.

Time difference:
The time difference will be three hours plus with Indian time.
Health considerations:
All participants must provide health certificate given by a reputed doctor confirming
that the participant is fit to travel in altitudes of 5700 meters. We do ask you to bring along
your medicine & first aid kit.
These golden rule is to deliberately slow down all activities

Rest, Relax - Do not exert; don’t be excited, Reduce talking, Walk slowly - adopt one third of
your normal speed & space.

Keep your load light, Walk 15 minutes and rest for five minutes, Lightweight warm clothing's
and boots / ked would help reducing strain and burden, Never let yourself into boredom -

boredom inducts fatigue, mental abrasions and exhaustion.
(Chant a prayer or visualize everything around to suit your pleasant thoughts. Or put on the

earphones and listen to your favorite music, bhajans, chanting etc. Scan the scenario with
binoculars. Resort to photography.) Do not exercise, Breathe slowly (never fast), Whenever you

feel uncomfortable, just stop: rest and relax, Ignore the sudden outbursts of fellow pilgrims and
avoid arguments, Observe silence with a smile, Remember - never go too high too fast, Avoid

smoking and alcohol - drugs or intoxicants, Consume plenty of liquids; never proceed with an
empty stomach.

Expedition experts advise that beyond 3500 meters ascent or climbing must be restricted to
300 to 400 meters at a stretch. Most people, however they say would experience minimum

symptoms, if given longer time to ascend. This must be borne in mind during Parikrama around
Kailash.Be careful not to catch a cold. It is better to be over-clothed than under protected.
Enroute, avoid taking a bath or drinking water from lakes, streams or rivers as your system is

not conditioned for this. Since the dry cold wind tends to make the nose dry (bleeding
sometime) keep your nose smooth by applying Vaseline. Keep your feet dry - never let it get

wet. Keep your boots / ked inside tents to keep them dry. Wearing cotton and wool socks in
combination would be the best. Face, feet and hands must be well protected.

Consult your DOCTOR to assess the state of your health to function safely within your
limitations. Learn the DO’S and the Dont’s from his advice. In addition to the personal
prescriptions by your physician, a First Aid Kit is essential for the travel. Request your Doctor to
prescribe effective medicines to cover the following:

Stomach Cramps
Body Joint Paints
Loose Motion
Muscle Pulls
Sore Eyes
Cold & Cough
Chest Congestions
Sore Throat
Nose blocks
You may never use any of these medicines but some one in the group may require it.
Protect yourself against direct sunshine and Dust during the long stretches of driving. In
addition to the medicines, your First Aid Kit must contain the following:
Facial Tissues
Toilet Papers
Rubber Bands
Mouth Fresheners
Dettol /Listerine (antiseptic)
Bandage Roll
Cough Drops
Candle & Lighter
Nose Inhalers
Body Lotion / Mustard Oil
Dark Sunglasses
Dust Cover (Surgeon’s Mask)
Small Plastic Bags
Eye Masks
Ear Muffs
One should carry glucose-based items (Mints, toffees, mini chocolate bars for periodical
consumption at high altitude for energy). Multi-vitamin and Vitamin C tablets are required for
daily consumption as a routine. It is preferable to avoid shaving as any cut or bruise may not

heal quickly and may irritate with nagging discomfort.
Never rush into things. Walk slowly and firmly. Guard yourself from slipping or falling to
prevent fractures, sprains and muscle pulls. The uneven ground, steep slopes and slushy banks
are full of potholes. Do not combine walking and sight seeing together. Inspect your track in

front and trek slowly. Listen to your guide or the one with experience. Never leave the Group.
Be in the Group. Do not leave anyone behind unless escorted.

Foot care and Blister Treatment:
Band-Aids, adhesive roll & strips, gauze pads moleskin, Gauze pads, Gauze roll,
Adhesive Tape, Ace Bandage for the Ankle, Elastic Bandage.
Water disinfectant tablets:

Antibiotics: (Triethoprim / sulfamethoxazole – Bactrim DS or Septra DS – Double strength
(160 mg 800 mgs). Antidiarrheals – Lomotil & Pepto – Bismol tablets and make sure you bring
Charcoal tablets! Please see your doctor for more advice! Concerning antibiotics &

Diamox 10 mg: 20 Tablets.
Anti – inflammatory: Advil, Rufen or Mortin. Aspirin / Tylenol or general painkillers. Strong

sunscreen oil, skin antibiotic cream / antifungal ointment Lozengers/Strepsils (Plenty).
Small scissors & knife, Waterproof Matches, Safety pins, Thermometer, Lighter Dehydration salt

(Electrolyte Packets, Foot cream, and Heat Balm for muscles / Joints. Vicks inhaler/ vaporub.
Fitness: Please start to get in shape NOW!!! A good 30 minutes walk, jogging daily, stretching

and regular exercise should put you in the right shape (Concentrate on your heart & legs –
Aerobics). Porters will be carrying the bulk of your equipment, but it is recommended that you

bring a good day pack and are fit enough to carry shacks, filled water bottle / canteen food /
snacks, camera, film, map jumper, sun hat, first aid kit, lightweight rain gear, extra clothes etc.,

Altitude Sickness: This is an environment-related condition that can affect anyone who ascends
too rapidly too high elevations without acclimatizing properly. Suggest to read any book on

trekking, which has a chapter on this, and also consult your doctor.
Responsibility: All arrangement within Tibet is solely at the discretion of the China Tibet

Tourism Bureau (CTTB), a government organization and we have no control over Tibet Guide,
Drivers and the quality of the vehicles or the facilities. We have reserved the right to change

itineraries without advance notice, depending on the weather and road condition.
Currency: All major foreign currencies and TC’s are accepted in Zangmu Bank in return for Yuen,

The basic unit of Chinese currency, equals 10.
Jiao and 1 jiao equals 10 Fen. At present us$1=8 Yuen, credit cards are not accepted.

1 Yuen= INRs. 6/- approximately
Custom formalities

Valuable goods taken for personal use (radio & Video cameras etc) should be declared at
customs office by completing a customs declaration form and brought back on return journey.
Antiques must be properly certified; otherwise they may be confiscated.

Katmandu to Kodari private minibus will be provided for the group. Border crossing from
Kodari to Zhangmu (Tibet) will be on trekking, approximately 30 minutes walk. At Tibet region,
the luggage and all camping equipment’s and food supplies will carry by trucks.
Staff – Guide / Escort

Our highly experienced sherpa staff will be responsible for all camping & cooking
Guide / Escort

Local English speaking guide will escort the group throughout the tour.
OxygenOne Oxygen cylinder will be provided in each vehicle and during the PARIKRAMA of

Briefing & Orientation
There will be a briefing on the program on the day of our arrival in Katmandu. It is very
important the all participants should attend this briefing.

Accommodation in Nyalam, Saga, Paryang and in Darchen, guesthouses will be
available. The dormitory rooms at these places are very basic without any modern amenities.
However accommodation at guesthouses are subject to the availability. During the rest of
journey two ‘Deft high altitude terms will be provided while camping we shall be providing all

tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and camping equipment required for the trip, Single /
Individual room cannot be guaranteed. Toilets are very basic and in some places it is not
available. At the camping places separate Toilet tents are available.

Food & Beverage
We will be providing vegetarian breakfast and dinner cooked by our cooks at campsite,
who will be taken from chennai. You will be required to bring sufficient supplementary food like
chocolates, biscuits, nuts, bhujias, dry fruits and your favorite tinned items. Only packed lunch

will be given at Tibet.
Visions and Documentation

You must be in possession of valid passport for at least 9 months. We will obtain your visa
name, as it appears in your passport, number, date of expiry, place of issue, nationality, date of

birth and occupation. Two passport size photographs are also required. Additionally, you must
allow a minimum of 10 full working days in Katmandu for the visa. Getting a visa for Tibet on

the Indian passport is guaranteed once the tour is booked. Your passport should reach us not
less than 15 days prior to your departure. Keep your documents updated for the travel.

Passport - Photostat copies, original passport shall be given at Nepal-on-arrival.
Identity Card, Visiting Card, Dairy: Addresses, telephone numbers, contacts, Waist Pouch, Ball

Pens (spare refills), Traveler's cheques, credit cards & currency, Airline / Railway tickets /
vouchers, Any other documents for personal use.

Personal jewellery must be kept to minimum, Camera - Film rolls as required, Torch (waterproof

& powerful) spare cells, Video camera - if required, Pocket cassette recorder with earphones to
listen to music, prayers etc. during travel and also to record daily events, Binoculars (If

Needed), Conventional spectacles - Contact lens not advisable, Cap (Sun / snow / rain
protection), Plastic mug, Swiss knife (multipurpose). Leak proof plastics water bottles (for

water from Mansarovar and Gauri Kund). Whistle, Plastic Carry Bags.
Photography – Insurance – Communication

Still cameras, home video cameras, are allowed in to China

According to climatic and weather conditions, Yatris health condition only, Chinese
guide will allow to take part in Kailash Parikrama.

We recommend that you insure yourself against sickness, EMERGENCY rescue, accident,
hospitalization, cancellation, etc., We are not responsible for damages or expenses which may
arise from mishaps to persons of their belongings during those pilgrimages.

You can able to make any international calls in Tibet. However, please be informed that
it may be difficult at times to get the connection. If any urgent message has to send to any of
the participants, then please contact us for the hotel address in Katmandu.
We recommend that you bring the following items to make your journey more comfortable

Clothing’s for both extremes of climate and temperature. While driving to Kailash, it will
be warm inside the vehicle and light clothing will be required, but as soon as you step out of the
Vehicle, warm clothing’s will be required to keep off the cold winds of the Tibet Plateau.

Evening will be generally cold and warm clothing will be required. We recommend that you
bring along the following clothing’s and accessories with you:

Down Jacket – one (can be rented in Katmandu @ approx., INR. 500/- Entire Trip), Woolen Jacket,
Warm pants – 2, Warm windproof jacket – one, Thermal under pants I long – two (Inner / Tights),

Thermal vest / warm shirts –two (Inner / Tights), Rain coat (should be roomy) – one, “Broken –
in” pair of ankle high walking boots & one extra shoelaces, Light tennis shoes & light rubber

sandal, Warm woolen socks – 4; Cotton Socks – 3, Warm gloves – 2, Soft paper tissues and
handkerchief – plenty, Monkey cap and sun hat – one each, Towels (one big, one small),

Washing kit, Sun Glass, Keds / Boots very light, skid proof, water resistant, ankle protection and
soft interior - 2 pairs. Break in earlier for comfortable use, Ladies should select suitable and

comfortable clothing accordingly.
Terms & Conditions:

Those who are all having valid passport with a validity of minimum six months are
eligible for Mt. Kailash Journey.
Those who are having high blood pressure without control & Severe Asthma complaints
are not entitled to undergo for Mt. Kailash Dharshan.

Those who are all having foreign passport (other than Indian passport), they have to pay
an additional amount equalent to $150.
Those who are undertaking the Kailash Yatra should pay an advance amount of Rs.
If there is any cancellation after the booking, the amount of Rs. 5000/- is non –
If there is any cancellation, before 15 days 50% of the tour fare only will be refunded.
If there is any cancellation before 10 days of the departure of the trip, no refunds will be

The entire jurisdiction will be subject to Hyderabad only for any disputes.
Rules & Regulations for Kailash Tour Customers
1. Our representatives will receive our customers at Gorakhpur.
2. A medical certificate regarding health fitness for travelling Kailash trip, must be taken by the
customers, and a copy should be handed over to us.
3. All are requested to have their original passports without fail, and it is your responsibility to keep it
safely. If there is any lapse in handing the original passport to us at Kathmandu in proper time, Sree
Travels cannot able to give any assurance for their confirmations of Visa’s and in that case no refunds
can be made.

4. Before starting your trip, always you are requested to keep the xerox copies of the passports and two
of the photos with you.
5. Food plates, Tumblers & Spoons will be provided by us and you have to keep it. If you don’t want our
plates, you can avail on your own.
6. You have to take care of your Luggages and porterage from Kodari, and also while on return to Kodari,
you have to pay for the porterage charges (Rs. 1000/- INR).
7. While on immigration at Kodari, immigration fee of around Rs. 300/- IC should be paid by the
8. If there is any delay in getting the group visas from the Chinese Govt., ultimately the programme also
will be changed. Sree Travels is not in any way responsible for the delay and devotees must bear the

9. In case of delay in getting visas / any delay from China Side due to heavy rush / any reason, no. of days
will also increase. Ultimately the return train / flight tickets also may be useless, and in that cases,
Sree travels will arrange for their train tickets by Tatkal scheme, Sleeper class tickets only will be
arranged, and the difference for the tatkal ticket, amount should be paid by the customers. Regarding
the flight tickets, we will assist you for the confirmation of their tickets on the required day. For any
additional charges customers have to bear.

10. In case of any land slides, or natural calamities on the way, or any bandh at Nepal, Expenses for the
extra days Rs. 1000/- per head per day, should paid by the Customers and in any case, the amount to
be paid at Kathmandu itself.

11. In case of any land slides, or any natural calamities, evacuation expenses should be borne by the
12. Even though we are providing Oxygen cylinders, customers are requested to keep handy oxygen
cylinders with them for their convenience and safety.
13. Don’t give much importance for Food at Tibet / China Sector. Anyhow, Vegetarian food will be provided
through out the trip. Menu will not be given, and according to the circumstances, food will be

14. We are advising all the customers to take dry fruits, fruit juices and other eatables like snacks, Biscuits
15. Regarding down jackets for the kailash dharshan, it will be available at Kathmandu for rental, but
other things like monkey caps, woollen gloves, Lipguards, wollen socks, and thick canvass shoes, and
trekking shoes should be purchased by the devotees. Don’t carry heavy luggages.

16. If any customers fell sick, and cannot able to continue the dharshan, they will be sent back to
kathmandu by the tibetian representatives, and all the expenses should be borne by the customers

17. Regarding Parikrama at holy mount Kailash from Darchan, it is at the own risk of the customers to
perform Parikrama. But our sherpas will assist you in all the ways until your return to Darchan, the
base camp. According to the climatic conditions, weather conditions and yatris personal health
conditions only Chinese guide will allow to perform parikrama. If the yatri cannot able to perform
parikrama no refunds / part of refunds will be made.

18. Those who cannot able to go for parikrama, must wait in the base camp / Manasarovar Camp until the
return of the other devotees, who went to parikrama. Nobody should be allowed to go earlier before
that, and if any body wants to return, it is at their own Expenses, and their own risks. Sree Travels is
not responsible for their journey in any way.

19. Those who are all wishes to go to (Mukthinath Dharshan by Flight, Rs. 14,000/- per head) as transport,
Flight / Helicopter Charges, boarding & lodging expenses, should be paid before starting the Trip.
Flight seats will be allocated according to the enrolment basis only.

20. Foreign Travel Insurance is a must and we are advising you to have it. Hence you have to make
Insurance arrangements for your own safety and it helps you during the journey.
21. If the customers want to come by flight we can assist for getting the flight ticket but if there is any
change in rates / dates we are not responsible for the cancellation charges for their flight tickets.
22. Customers who are crossing the Sanauli Border they have to bear the border expenses Rs. 250/- IC per
23. In case, there is any hike in flight / train tickets / any taxes due to government policies the customers
have to bear the difference.
24. While on the Journey customers are requested to maintain the prescribed timings given to them.
25. If there are any cancellations in the tour either from the customer side or due to any political
disturbances, government policies (India, Nepal & China), strike, natural calamities and any of the
unforeseen events or any form of cancellations, the amount of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousands
Only) is non – refundable.

26. If any Customer fell on Sickness, and if customer cannot able to continue, his / her travel, he will be
sent back to Kathmandu, and all the expenses should be bear by him. A sum of approximate Rs. 5,500/-
to be paid in the Chinese immigration as a fee for come out from the Chinese Border after Bifurcating
the group Visa.

27. We are providing Guest House / Mud houses at Nyalam, Saga, Paryang, Darchen, Manasarovar & and
Tents at Parikrama (Dirapuk & Zuthulpuk). Those who are not going to Parikrama we are giving stay in
Guest House at Manasarovar / Darchen. If, any customers wants to stay at Guest houses at
Manasarovar & Parikrama they have to bear the charges.

28. Toilets are very basic in China / Tibet Sectors. At Manasarovar & Parikrama there are no toilets and we
are providing toilet tents only.
29. All arrangements within Tibet / China is solely at the discretion of CTTB (China Tibet Tourism Bureau),
and we have no control over Tibet guide, Drivers and the quality of the vehicles or the facilities. We
have reserved right to change itineraries without advance notice, depending on the Yatris health
condition, weather and road condition.

30. During Parikrama the charges for Pony / Yak / Yak Men / Porter Charges should be borne by the
31. Entire tour fare to be paid 15 days before tour departure or the customers are not entitled to
participate in the tour.
32. If there is any cancellation after the booking, the amount of Rs. 5000/- is non – refundable. If there is
any cancellation, before 15 days 50% of the tour fare only will be refunded. If there are any
cancellations before 10 days, no refund or part of refunds, will be made.

33. Sree Travels needs every ones co-operation for the success of the Holy Trip.
34. The entire jurisdiction will be subject to Chennai only for any disputes.
Declaration by the Participants of Mt. Kailash Yatra
______________________________________________ hereby declared that I have read carefully all the Instructions
about the Trip to Kailash - Manasarovar, and I am fully accepting all the Instructions, Terms and Conditions
mentioned by M/S. Sree Travels, Chennai.
I am participating in the Mt. Kailash Holy Yatra arranged by M/S. Sree Travels, Chennai on my own risk and
I know all the risk factors of the Yatra, and I took responsibility that if there is anything happens (i.e) any
landslides, Road Blockades, Accidents, Loss of life, Government’s new policies, Strikes, delay in getting
chinese visa, Sickness due to Altitude height, any other natural calamities etc., while on Yatra. I inform
that I am medically fit for the Mt. Kailash – Manasarovar Yatra. In case any expenses incurred caused due
to above reasons, I will bear for the expenses for myself.
Dated on_________________.
Name: ______________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________



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