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LANTUS solution for injection in a pre-filled pen SoloStar

SoloStar® is a pre-filled pen for the injection of insulin. Your healthcare professional has decided that SoloStar is appropriate for you based on your ability to handle SoloStar. Talk with your healthcare professional about proper injection technique before using SoloStar. Read these instructions carefully before using your SoloStar. If you are not able to use SoloStar or to follow all the instructions completely on your own, you must use SoloStar only if you have help from a person who is able to follow the instructions completely. Hold the pen as shown in this leaflet. To ensure that you read the dose correctly, hold the pen horizontally, with the needle on the left and the dosage selector to the right as shown in the illustrations below. You can set doses from 1 to 80 units in steps of 1 unit. Each pen contains multiple doses. If you have any questions about SoloStar or about diabetes, ask your healthcare professional or call sanofi-aventis at 1800 818 806 (Australia) or 0800 283 684 (New Zealand).
Schematic diagram of the pen
Important information for use of SoloStar:
Always attach a new needle before each use. Only use needles that are compatible for use with SoloStar. Becton Dickinson (BD Micro-FineTM +) needles should be used with SoloStar. Do not select a dose and/or press the injection button without a needle attached. Always perform the safety test before each injection (see Step 3). This pen is only for your use. Do not share it with anyone else. If your injection is given by another person, special caution must be taken by this person to avoid accidental needle injury and transmission of infection. Never use SoloStar if it is damaged or if you are not sure that it is working properly. Always have a spare SoloStar in case your SoloStar is lost or damaged. Step 1. Check the insulin
A. Check the label on your SoloStar to make sure you have the correct insulin. The Lantus SoloStar
B. Take off the pen cap.
C. Check the appearance of your insulin. Lantus is a clear insulin. Do not use this SoloStar if the
insulin is cloudy, coloured or has particles. Step 2. Attach the needle
Needles are available in different lengths and gauges from Becton Dickinson Consumer Healthcare. Becton Dickinson (BD Micro-FineTM +) needles should be used with SoloStar. Contact your healthcare professional for further information. Always use a new sterile needle for each injection. This helps prevent contamination, and potential needle blocks. A. Remove the protective seal from a new needle.
B. Line up the needle with the pen, and keep it straight as you screw it on.
x If the needle is not kept straight while you attach it, it can damage the rubber seal and cause Step 3. Perform a Safety test
Always perform the safety test before each injection. This ensures that you get an accurate dose by: x ensuring that pen and needle work properly A. Select a dose of 2 units by turning the dosage selector.
B. Take off the outer needle cap and keep it to remove the used needle after injection. Take off the
C. Hold the pen with the needle pointing upwards.
D. Tap the insulin reservoir so that any air bubbles rise up towards the needle.
E. Press the injection button all the way in. Check if insulin comes out of the needle tip.
You may have to perform the safety test several times before insulin is seen. If no insulin comes out, check for air bubbles and repeat the safety test two more times to remove them. If still no insulin comes out, the needle may be blocked. Change the needle and try again. If no insulin comes out after changing the needle, your SoloStar may be damaged. Do not use this SoloStar. Begin again from Step 1 with a new SoloStar. Step 4. Select the dose
You can set the dose in steps of 1 unit, from a minimum of 1 unit to a maximum of 80 units. If you need a dose greater than 80 units, you should give it as two or more injections. A. Check that the dose window shows “0” following the safety test.
B. Select your required dose (in the example below, the selected dose is 30 units). If you turn past
Do not push the injection button while turning, as insulin will come out. You cannot turn the dosage selector past the number of units left in the pen. Do not force the dosage selector to turn. In this case, either you can inject what is remaining in the pen and complete your dose with a new SoloStar or use a new SoloStar for your full dose. Step 5. Inject the dose
A. Use the injection method as instructed by your healthcare professional.
B. Insert the needle into your skin.
C. Deliver the dose by pressing the injection button in all the way. The number in the dose window
D. Keep the injection button pressed all the way in. Slowly count to 10 before you withdraw the
needle from your skin. This ensures that the full dose will be delivered. The pen plunger moves with each dose. The plunger will reach the end of the cartridge when the total of 300 units of insulin has been used. Step 6. Remove and discard the needle
Always remove the needle after each injection and store SoloStar without a needle attached. This helps prevent: x Entry of air into the insulin reservoir and leakage of insulin, which can cause inaccurate A. Put the outer needle cap back on the needle, and use it to unscrew the needle from the pen. To
reduce the risk of accidental needle injury, never replace the inner needle cap. x If your injection is given by another person, special caution must be taken by this person when removing and disposing the needle. Follow recommended safety measures for removal and disposal of needles (contact your healthcare provider for advice) in order to reduce the risk of accidental needle injury and transmission of infectious diseases. B. Dispose of the needle safely, as instructed by your healthcare professional.
C. Always put the pen cap back on the pen, then store the pen until your next injection.
Storage Instructions
Please check the reverse (insulin) side of this leaflet for instructions on how to store SoloStar. If your SoloStar is in cool storage, take it out 1 to 2 hours before you inject to allow it to warm up. Cold insulin is more painful to inject. Discard your used SoloStar as required by your local authorities. The used SoloStar pen cannot be recycled. Maintenance
Protect your SoloStar from dust and dirt. You can clean the outside of your SoloStar by wiping it with a damp cloth. Do not soak, wash or lubricate the pen as this may damage it. Your SoloStar is designed to work accurately and safely. It should be handled with care. Avoid situations where SoloStar might be damaged. If you are concerned that your SoloStar may be damaged, use a new one.



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