Psa committee meeting

PSA Committee Meeting
14 Oct 2011 at 9.15am
Minutes of meeting
Attendees: Ragna, Izabel a, Sylvia, Jacqui, Kiri, Peggy, Sam, Gemma, Jen, Al, Steph. Helen C, Ali M, Yasmin, Claire K, Lucy K, Rebecca W, Amy B, Rachel M, Sam, Barbara, Kate, Matilda, Susan, Amy P, Sarah B, Tracey, Jo C, Melanie R, Nina, Kim (crèche) Vicky M (pop up café – Vicky B and Vicki B- just to confuse us al !!), Salome, Laetitia.
Thanks to Kim for hosting the crèche facility – please can parents with young children
use this free service which the PSA is funding.

1. Apologies for absence- Jawad, Joe Lambert, Keiko, Niki 2. Approval of last meeting’s minutes- these were agreed 3. Welcome to new members – introduction of committee members : Ragna and Bel a – Co Chairs and Sylvia - Secretary and Jacqui - Treasurer 4. Cultural Evening Thurs 20 Oct– Miss Martin told us about the event. It would be a chance for families to share food brought from their homes and wil be a lot like International Night. The main thrust of the event is to promote the launch of work on the Olympics and also gives families the opportunity to sign up for new family learning events.
Action: We need a team of people to man the bar on the evening and also to help set up and clear up at the end. Please e mail or chat to Ragna or Bel a if you are able to help.
5. Pop Up Café – huge success, making approximately £40 profit per week. Thanks to Bel a and Vicki Baker who have launched and worked so hard over the past month. Vicki and Bel a are happy to continue with this but only once a month. Jude and Ragna wil do another week, Vicki B and Jo C another week. Miss Martin happy to al ow nursery upwards pupils to attend breakfast club free if that helps?? 2.5 hrs work involved. Have to set up at 8.20am in order to be ready for 9am drop off!! BIG THANK YOU TO YASMIN FOR HER AMAZING FAIRY CAKES – SHE GIVES US 25%!! Action: We stil require 2 people to set up and man the café once a month? Please see Ragna if you think you can help.
6. Balham Crafts Fair Friday 18 Nov 11 – poster shared at meeting. See Bel a if you are interested in a table space or stal . Sylvia, Rachel M and Matilda to do the bar. Sarah B happy to set up from 5pm and Al and Claire happy to tidy up at end of the event. Bel a has arranged advertising in TimeOut. Details on PSA website and Action: We stil need people to set up and tidy away. Please see Ragna or Bel a if you can help. Amy W to advertise on Mumsnet. Sylvia to put onto Streatham Mums Network!! 7. Christmas Fair – Sat 10 Dec. We have secured sponsorship from Foxtons of a whopping £600 for 40 boards advertising the fair. Sylvia to organize Christmas trees like last year with help from Bel a and James and their minibus, Barbara’s James and his truck and also Kiri and her husband’s van! That should do it!! Magic show featuring Alex Kirk (the Summer Fair’s amazing escapologist Harry Patter) has been arranged and wil happen in a classroom at different time slots throughout the fair. Soaps and jam stal as usual. Jo C and Jacqui to do their craft stal ? (tbc at meeting) Needs to be a specific Christmas Fair meeting which is going to happen on Fri 4th Nov at 9.00am.
Action: Jo C to set up list before half term please to circulate to arrange for group to take round begging letters for raffle prizes. (Sarah B and Sam happy to help) 8. Abel and Cole –Jacqui and Sam have done a sterling job of organizing this. If you are interested in a bag of organic fruit or veg see Jacqui or Sam or email them ([email protected]). (25% of sales go to PSA). Details on PSA website.
Action: Jacqui is looking for someone else to run this. It takes approximately 2-3 hrs per week to sort out the spreadsheet and orders. She is happy to induct someone into the role.
9. Soap making day – Friday 4th Nov after the meeting in the School House.
10. Finance update – amazing news. We started the year with £11,000 in the Bank, we raised £15,000 and we now have £6,000 in the bank (£4,000 stil to go to Forest Schools Project). Best fundraising for the school to date! Waitrose green tokens raised £318!! 11. Years priorities – Miss Martin has asked that we match fund a new ICT suite. The PCs al need updating. It was agreed that it would be our main fundraising focus. 12. Hal oween cake sale – Monday 31 Oct – competition for the scariest cakes….Bring your cakes either in the morning or just before 3.30pm. Action: Please make cakes for the cake sale and help set up or clear away. Please see Ragna or Bel a if you can help. 13. Curries – 10% of ordered curries from Nadia goes to the PSA. Please download and order your curries on Thursday to pick up at 3.30pm on Friday. Great start to the weekend.
14. Weather Lottery – please see Rachel Mil er if you are interested in being the contact for this almost self running venture, or if you want to sign up and win!! 15. Yel ow Moon – remember to order your stationery and party stuff from yel ow moon. Go through our portal and we earn cash!! Again, see the website for details.
16. Summer Fair – proposed date is Sat 7 July 2012 17. Spring Valentines disco – Thurs 9 Feb. We’re going to look into adding 2 classrooms for lets dance and sing star!! Mixed age group like last year, however new ideas should enthuse older kids. Same DJ please and also loved !! the disco queen and king competition. Can we do that again? Action: Nina to look into practicalities? 18. Promise Auction – Sylvia is going to set up a subcommittee to do a spring Promise Auction around March. Team wil plan from Jan 2011.This is when people offer donations of goods/time/events/items, and after numerous wines we hold an auction and the highest bid wins!! Matilda, Sarah B, Rachel M and Jacqui wil help.
Action: Sylvia to arrange a meeting for early Jan. Set up letters etc.
19. Jo C is happy to set up a craft club or work with different classes on ‘craft’ activities using the school sewing machines. She is happy to have a look at them and ensure that they are working wel . Action: Jo C to meet with Jenny to discuss this further. Thank you all for attending this first meeting. Hope to see you all at the
next meeting to organize the Christmas Fair on Friday 4 November
9 am in the TASC hut. Crèche available.



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