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Compact Communicator PC3040/20DEZ
The compact communicator PC3040/20DEZ is part of the PC3300 series in the OIS-P family. It is designed and built for continuous operation in the automotive industry where rapid data transfer and a high degree of reliability are required. The unit is a replacement for the PC3040/00B and PC3040/01B. For the connectors there is a suitable adapter available. The communication range is 0 – 1 m. The communicator reads and programs 10DEZ or 20DEZ formatted data tags in the PC3000 and PC3100 series. All the electronics, including the processor, the antenna and the serial host interfaces, are built into a casing. This saves space and facilitates installation. The digital IOs can be read and set from the host system. Communication with data tags occurs via a microwave link in the international standard frequency range of 2.45 GHz. The exact frequency channel can be set through the software. Emitted microwave power from the OIS-P system is well under the thresholds specified by the health and telecommunication authorities from all over the world. OIS-P communicator with integrated antenna Serial host interfaces (RS232/422/485, TTY) Reading and writing of 20DEZ and 10DEZ data tags Protocol and Interface compatible with PC3040/00B & 01B
About the OIS-P Auto-ID System in General

Communication Range
Using appropriate antennas this data tag provides a communication range of up up to 10 m, as well as an excellent reading and writing capability with fast moving objects. Long Battery Lifetime
The OIS-P technology maximizes the battery lifetime. The data tag is of a semi-active type, normally held in a passive state. Battery lifetime typical y exceeds 5 years. Data Tags for Every Use
A variety of data tags are available for various applications with memory sizes of up to 32 Kbytes. They differ in read/write range, memory sizes and housing designs. Fast Data Transfer Rate
The RAM memory design allows an unlimited number of read-write cycles while enabling Unlimited Memory Life
high data transmission rates. This also gives the opportunity for identification of fast moving objects. The user data is backed up by a lithium battery. Connection Guaranteed
The central units and compact communicators are off-the-shelf available with several interfaces like Profibus and Ethernet. Other interfaces are available on request. Heat-Resistant Data Tags
Heat-resistant data tags are applicable for temperatures up to 235 °C cyclic. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS
Technical Data
Operation Data
Compatible with all data tags formatted for 10DEZ or 20DEZ. Data tags of series PC3001/xx and PC3100 (old and new types) and PC3004/20DEZ. Mixed use is possible. 10/20DEZ formatted With its unique Intelligent Long Range® data tags of PC3000 series (e.g. PC3004/22A, PC3005/xx). Status information is available via the service terminal, and the front panel LEDs. Furthermore they can be read from the host identification, tracking and localization of Communication speed (Antenna to data tag) depending on the type of tag less than 645 ms Mechanical data
Aluminum, light grey, with plastic cover lateral mounting flanges for 4 screws M4, semi-symmetrical, unit may be turned by 180°, 192 × 125 mm (W × H) Logistics and Supply Chain Management. To learn more about how ILR® technology can increase efficiency of your business, contact IDENTEC SOLUTIONS or visit our website at In Europe: +43 5577 87387-0, or Interfaces/connectors
- Service terminal (RS232, 19’200 Bit/s, not opto-isolated) - 2 inputs (Object Detect, Reset Timeout, opto-isolated*) - 1 output (Timeout Error, 24 V, DC isolated*) - RS 232 / 422 / 485 (1,2 / 2,4 / 4,8 / 9,6 kbs, DC isolated*) Information in this document is subject to change - TTY/Current loop (passive, 4,8 / 9,6 kbs, opto-isolated) without notice and becomes contractual only after written confirmation by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. “IDENTEC SOLUTIONS”, “Intelligent Long Range”, * For replacement with a PC3040 there is an adapter available – PC3040/CL-Y, order code: “ILR”, “i-LINKS”, “i-Q”, “i-D”, i”-B”, “i-CARD”, “i-PORT”, “Solutions. It’s in our name.”, “Smarten up your DD 100 377. If this adapter from 2 × 15 pin to 1 × 25 pin D type is used power supply, assets.“ and the stylized “i” are trademarks or signals and host interfaces are not DC isolated. registered trademarks of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, Inc. Environmental conditions
Contents subject to change without notice.

Changes or modifications not expressly
approved by manufacturer could void the user’s
authority to operate the equipment.
Complies with the R & TTE 99/5/EC directive * Reg-Nor. B1109-200 — Issue 3 — February 2007 All values are specified at 20 °C, unless otherwise noted. * R & TTE – Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
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