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Colonoscopy Preparation- Golytely, Nulytely, Colyte, etc
Please read all instructions when your examination is scheduled.
If you have any questions regarding your procedure or instructions for your procedure, please contact our office. Colonoscopy: This examination has been recommended to you. This examination involves guiding a
tubular, flexible instrument through the rectum and into the entire colon. The preparation for the procedure is important. It does cause diarrhea and may cause some abdominal cramping. 1. At your pharmacy purchase the bottle of liquid preparation (Golytely, Nulytely, Colyte, etc. ).
2. Medication Information: (Your physician may modify the recommendations.)
 Stop PLAVIX 7 days before your exam, or when your doctor that prescribes this medicine recommended you
 Stop AGGRENOX, PLETAL, TRENTAL and any FIBER SUPPLEMENTS (examples are Metamucil, Citrucel, Fiberall) 5 days before your exam, or when your doctor that prescribes this medicine recommended you stop
 Stop all iron supplements for 5 days before procedure.
 COUMADIN- please discuss this with your physician.
 INSULIN- Take ½ your usual dose on days of clear liquids. BRING INSULIN with you for procedure day.
 All diabetic oral meds such as DIABETA and GLUCOPHAGE- do not take while on clear liquids or day of  You may take your other oral medications with sips of water (call, if you have any questions).
3. Three days before your examination:
AVOID roughage (examples include-nuts, fruits with skins, vegetables that have seeds, and popcorn) 4. The day before your examination:
 Drink only clear liquids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Solid foods, milk and/or milk products are not
Examples of Clear liquids include: strained fruit juices without pulp, water, clear broth or bouillon, coffee or
 Also, all of the following that are NOT red or purple: Gatorade, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks,
Kool-aid (or other fruit flavored drinks), Jell-O (without fruit or toppings), ice Popsicles and Italian ice.
NO alcoholic beverages
NO chewing tobacco after midnight.
Between 4:00 and 6:00 PM: Mix Golytely as directed on container and refrigerate.
 Set aside 16 oz. for the day of the exam.
 Drink an 8 oz. glass every 20 to 30 minutes (leaving the 16 oz for the next day)
*Do NOT use red or purple liquid
 Individual responses vary; this often works within 30 minutes but may take several hours.
5. The day of the exam:
4 hours before your exam: Drink an 8 oz. Glass of Golytely mixture every 20 minutes until the 16oz are
finished. You may also continue drinking water.
2 hours before your procedure. Stop ALL liquids. Drinking any liquid during this time may
cause your procedure to be CANCELLED.


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