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Department Chemical Technology
Course Title Skills of Analytical Chemistry
Prerequisite Spectrometric methods of analysis
Course Description:
Credit Hours
• Statistical analysis of chemical results. (hour/week

General Goal:
The course aims at training the student in the fieldwork by taking samples then analyzing
them in the lab using all the methods he has studied before in previous courses and in
particular advanced instruments then, write reports about these experiments in the form of a
small research project and discuss it.

Behavioral Objectives:
The study of this course enables the student to:
• Learn the methods of research in the chemical literature (literature surveys). • Learn the methods of sampling and sample preparation. • Learn how to write a scientific report. • Design chemical experiments. • Writing laboratory reports. • Statistical analysis of chemical results. • Christian G.D., 1994. Analytical Chemistry, 5th edition,
John Wiley & Sons, New York.
Ibrahim Al-Zamal, 1419 H. Analytical Chemistry :
Instrumental analysis. Al-Khareejy publications and
distribution. (In Arabic).

The various scientific periodicals.
Behavioral Objectives
1- Literature surveys:
• Recording research papers and abstracts. 2- Methods of sampling and sample preparation:
3- Writing a scientific report:
• The introduction and the theoretical • Statistical assessment and treatment of • Discussion and conclusion. • References and report content. 4- Design of chemical experiments:
• Carry out the analysis more than once. • Carry out the analysis in more than one lab. • Control solution. • Internal standard solution. Behavioral Objectives
1- Collecting and analysis of various types of
samples of water:
• A comprehensive study of chemical and physical properties (pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, hardness, chemical elements,) for the aim of determining the relevance of water for drinking and agriculture needs. 2- Sampling and analysis of various types of soil
• A comprehensive study of the physical and chemical elements,) for the aim of determining the soil quality and its relevance to agriculture.
3- Environmental study of Riyadh city:
• Analysis of poisonous heavy metals (Pb, Cd, environment of Riyadh city …) in different types of samples (dust, soil, and its problems. plants) in samples taken from schools for instance. 4- Determination of Fe, Ca, Cu, etc… in foodstuff, The student learns the
examples : vegetables, fruits and milk.
foodstuff samples, and their analysis in a correct manner. 5- Determination of aspirin concentration in
different samples of commercially available

6. Determination of Na and K concentrations in
Behavioral Objectives
7- Determination of vitamin C in fruits.
8- Separation and identification of compounds in
lubricants and then study these using IR

9- Determination of caffeine and preservatives,
example: benzoic acid in fizzy drinks.


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