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Friday, February
Shabbat, February 24
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Eastside Torah

Ezra Bessaroth
Sephardic Bikur
Shaarei Tefilah-
Shevet Achim
For Kline Galland times, please see http://zekainim.tripod.com
§ A reminder that the following four restaurants are considered DAIRY (Chalav Stam) and that
any food that you take home should be considered DAIRY: Pabla-Renton, Pabla-Issaquah,
Mysore Masala (Namasthe), and Bamboo Garden.
§ Due to production issues, the Va’ad no longer certifies the Potato Bread from Essential
Baking Co.,
even if it has the Va’ad logo printed on the bag. If you have any questions about the
prior or future use of this bread, please contact your rabbi. All other Essential Baking Co. breads
with a Va’ad logo on it are recommended, but not Pat Yisroel.
§ An updated kosher liquor list has been posted on the Va’ad website.

§ At this time the Va’ad does not recommend using tomato products with a KSA symbol. The
exception at this point is Muir Glen Organic tomato products in metal cans (not glass jars).
§ Tully's Coffee Bellaccino bottled coffee drinks have an unauthorized Seattle Vaad logo ( )
on the cardboard box. The bottles have a plain KD on them. None of these products are under
the supervision of the Seattle Va’ad. This product is sold in WA, OR, ID, MT, AK, & CA. The
Seattle Va’ad does supervise Tully's roasted, unflavored coffee beans, whole and ground. The
organization providing the plain KD on the Tully’s bottled Bellaccinos is not recommended. Note:
Starbucks bottled Frappachinos bear an acceptable KD because that kashrut organization is
§ At Albertson’s on Mercer Island, the Toufayan Croissants with a Tablet-K, the Joyva Jelly
Rings, and the Sicor wine are not recommended. In general, all Albertson’s products should be
checked for a reliable hechsher, even if they are located near other kosher products.
§ The Seattle Va’ad website http://www.seattlevaad.org/KosherSymbols.html contains a current list
of recommended, reliable hechsherim
that are commonly encountered. If you have any
questions about a hechsher, either on the list or not, please contact the Va’ad at 206-760-0805 or
through [email protected]. Note: some hechsherim are recommended only for certain
products, so please mention the product when you contact the Va’ad with your question.

§ The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to eat certain jars of Peter
Pan peanut butter
or Great Value peanut butter due to risk of contamination with Salmonella
Tennessee (a bacterium that causes food borne illness). The affected jars of Peter Pan and Great
Value peanut butter have a product code located on the lid of the jar that begins with the number
"2111." More info
§ Butter needs a hechsher. There are additives used in making butter (even when not listed on
the ingredient list) that can be problematic, as well as various sources of cream that can be of
questionable kosher status. Using butter with a hechsher insures that you are using kosher
product. Please contact the Va’ad office if you would like further clarification.
§ From the cRc: Several cities around the United States have a TCBY yogurt store, selling soft
serve yogurt and other products. None of these stores were ever under the certification of the
cRc, but for a period of time, the yogurt base was under the supervision of the cRc. However,
while the stores are still in operation, the manufacturer of that product is no longer in business.
Some stores are using a yogurt base under various other supervisions, but none are presently
certified by the cRc. It is the responsibility of the individual consumer to inspect the kosher status
of this and other products before each purchase.
§ Hunt's Thick & Rich Premium Pasta Sauce Four Cheese was erroneously labeled with the
OK symbol. The product is NOT certified by the OK and is NOT kosher
§ From the OU: Due to an error, the OU symbol was omitted from following the following
Chocolate Liqueurs: Godiva Chocolate Cream Liqueur, White Chocolate Cream Liqueur and
Cappuccino Liqueur are Kosher and Dairy; Godiva Chocolate Liqueur is Kosher and
These products continue to be kosher certified, even without the hechsher.
§ From the OU: 365 Organic Organic 5 Grain Cereal with Soy at Whole Foods Market contains
dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel, but the dairy designation has been
inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.
§ There is another hechsher that looks similar to the Seattle Va’ad logo. It looks like a torch and
It has been seen on Amy’s Kitchen products. This is not a
recommended kosher symbol.
§ Small worms have been found in dry barley bags. It is recommended that prior to use one
looks over the dry barley.
§ You can find a list of recent kashrut alerts at http://www.kosherquest.org or
www.kashrut.com. As always, please consult with your rabbi or the Va’ad if you have any
questions about specifics.


Preparing for Pesach

There is a Ladino song that begins like this:
“Purim, Purim lanu, Pesach en la mano(u)…”, which, roughly translated means“ as Purim approaches, our thoughts
and actions turn to Pesach…”.

We certainly see signs of Pesach beginning to appear all around, in the grocery stores, in our household cleaning
and in our clothes shopping. Certainly Purim is coming and we want to celebrate and enjoy it to the fullest, and,
Pesach looms high on the horizon…

Actually, many people have been preparing for Pesach for quite some time. We’re beginning to see the special food
aisles and order forms that reflect this effort.

At the Va’ad, we continue to work with retailers and suppliers to offer the best selection of kosher food and related
service. We are entering the phase of sharing with the kosher consumer, the most current and accurate information
to help with shopping for Pesach. We will use the e-newsletter and the website on an ongoing basis from now
through Pesach to help accomplish this, we will also use other means, as appropriate.

The annual Pesach Guide will be available on paper around Purim to accommodate the fact that most lists of current
Pesach foods only come out around Purim time. – Al Maimon

§ The Va’ad is seeking high school students to hire for Passover kashering jobs during the 2nd
half of March. Please contact Elise at 206-760-0805 or [email protected].
§ Albertson’s, Leah’s Catering, Nosh Away, and Dressel Collins are now taking Passover
. Click here.

(Please see below for a message from Al Maimon concerning Meshulachim)
The Vaad issued 1 certificate to a Meshulach this week. The previous week, we issued 4
Mysore Masala (formerly called Namasthe) is now open with a new menu, featuring South Indian
cuisine, produced by an experienced chef with twenty years of cooking, including a variety of
exclusive hotels. Some of the unique items on the current menu include a variety of "Indian
pancakes" and breads. The restaurant hours now include service throughout the day. The
management is pleased to offer a 10% discount on weekdays to those patrons who mention the
Va’ad -- please do so at the time of ordering -- from now through the end of March. The
restaurant is located at 16650 Redmond Way, and can be reached by telephone at 425-558-7858
or by fax at 425-558-7907.
Have your new clothes checked for Shaatnez. The deadline for Shaatnez inspections is 3/14.
Call Rabbi Tatel at 206-722-1464 or [email protected] to arrange for an appointment. More

“Café Simcha” Community Purim Seuda, March 4, 5 pm at CSTL. More info
BCMH Free Purim Party, March 3, 7 pm. More info
Ezra Bessaroth Purim Bazaar, 2/25 More info
N’Shei Chabad presents Kineret in concert, 2/25, 7 pm, at MOHAI. More info
“The Ashley Case: A Halachic View”, by Rabbi Kletenik, 2/24, 7:30 pm, BCMH. More info
Chabad-Lubavitch teaches classes for all ages and levels. More info
The Seattle Kollel teaches classes for all levels and ages. More Info
Sign up for Jewish Unity Live Learning and the Gala Celebration on March 14th More info
Meshulachim Continued… The phenomenon of increased frequency of meshulachim in our community and how we collectively absorb that demand in a way that is mutually satisfactory and in best fulfillment of the individual and communal mitzvoth continues. In the next few months (Purim, pre and post Pesach), it’s likely that the presence of meshulachim in town will increase and this is certainly not the last time we’ll be working on and writing on this matter. The purpose of this note is to inform you of certain changes (improvements, we hope) that are being made to parts of this interaction and to request your continued positive participation. 1- we have changed the timing and process of a meshulach receiving a certificate to level load the number of visitors (sensitive to their constraints to visit us as part of a larger itinerary) - we’re increasing the checking being done to further minimize the probability of fraud, misrepresentation, we’re requiring they make housing arrangements before coming to town, we encourage coming at the beginning of the week and not over Shabbat, we’re helping those who need to “tell their story” more clearly in English, we’re reasserting the requirement that unless there’s a written exception, each person is authorized to solicit only for one cause, we’re being more emphatic in the “etiquette” of their type of solicitation in our community 2- we have reaffirmed our preference for an hourly (not commission) rate of pay for the driver and when making an exception for a commission arrangement, at the request of the meshulach, they now must once again, get prior approval, with the understanding that the request is theirs (this is apparently the norm nationwide), that they will not accept “two checks” to get around their arrangement and other conditions 3- as for the etiquette on our side, the following was sent as this person’s example of how to best fulfill the mitzvoth surrounding these visits (I would only add that, a) as donors, the amount we give to each person can vary, even significantly, to reflect our personal priorities/ preferences for different causes and b) please don’t do anything to undermine the fundamental interpersonal encounter or to be complicit in inappropriate actions - like writing two checks to “get around” a compensation arrangement they asked for): 2. offer them a glass of water 3. allow then to sit down 4. be grateful for the opportunity to help a person in need 5. give the person the benefit of the doubt that they are collecting for a valid need 6. Put yourself in their shoes to imagine what it is like to travel to a strange city and go door to door collecting 7. These people are our guests. Treat them like guests, not annoyances. Finally, I would say that this phenomenon is far from “routine” or being stabilized, we are committed to continue to improve the process, and we ask for your continued thoughtful and constructive input (including reporting instances of inappropriate behavior so we can make note and try to stop it in the future). Tizku LeMitzvot, may we all be blessed with health, success, nachat and many years to live our communal, family and individual lives in the best way following the Torah in the richness and fullness of our respective traditions together. Thanks, Al Maimon If you would like for this email to be taken off the Va’ad list, or have received multiple copies of this message at this email address, or would like to receive this newsletter at a different email address, please respond with the details to [email protected] and we will be happy to make the appropriate changes. Feel free to pass this email on to anyone who might be interested. Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (206) 760-0805 Fax: (206) 725-0347

Source: http://vaadinfo.qwestoffice.net/022307.pdf

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