Model v-2000 (uk version)

AA/AAA Battery Charger Owner’s Manual When using in a vehicle
Model No.: VTE2000F
1 Hour Super Slim Charger

Connect the supplied DC car adaptor’s barrel plug into
the charger’s DC input jack. Plug the large end of the
For Ni-MH batteries
cord into the 12V car lighter power port. Your AA/AAA Battery Charger is designed to charge The Red LED will glow to indicate the proper charging. After the batteries are fully charged, the red LED will Vapex’Tech NiMH rechargeable REGULAR batteries rated to turn off and the green LED will light up indicating the 2700mAh(AA) or 1000mAh (AAA). The batteries will be trickle charge is on. The charged batteries are ready fully-charged by Microprocessor-Control System in 1 HOUR for AA/AAA batteries. You can change 1/2/3/4 AA/AAA NiMH Unplug the charger and remove the batteries from the Begin again at Step 1 to charge the next set of This charger is designed to charge Nickel-Metal- Hydride AA, AAA size rechargeable batteries. Please note that this Bad Cell Detection :
charger must not be used for Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Lithium When charge process is started, the charger detects the or any kind of battery other than Nickel Metal Hydride. health status of each of the cells in the battery compartment. If any battery is unsuitable for charging. i.e. short circuit or SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS
reversed polarity, the status LED will flash. The damage cell(s) should be properly disposed of. CHARGER FEATURES INCLUDE:
z Recharges 1 piece to 4 pieces of AA & AAA z Powered by the supplied AC Adaptor when using at home or by the supplied DC Car Adaptor when z Microprocessor Controlled – Batteries life well protected Charging time :
by –dV detection and timer protection. Automatic charging current selection for size AA and LED display for rapid charge/trickle charge/bad cell Red LED – rapid charge ; Green LED – trickle charge ; Flashing Red LED – Cells are not suitable for charging Safety features :
*Charge time will vary depending upon the brand, capacity and condition of batteries being charged. Insert 1 to 4 pieces of AA/AAA rechargeable Ni-MH Important Safety Instructions
Make correct contact for polarity ( + and – ) ; according 2. This charger is intended for use with For charging of AAA battery, pull down the adjustable Nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries only. Attempting to charge other types of batteries may battery contact plate first and then insert the AAA cause personal injury and damage to the charger. batteries into the compartment. Now the AAA batteries Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries. will be hold firmly inside the compartment. The charger Do not expose charger to rain or moisture. For indoor will adjust the suitable charging current for AAA battery Never use an extension cord or any attachment not When using indoor
recommended by manufacturer, otherwise this may Connect the supplied AC adaptor’s barrel plug into the result in a risk of fire, electric shock or injury to jack on the back of the charger. Plug the AC adaptor Do not operate the charger if it has been subjected to into household electric outlet. The switching power shock or damage. Take it to a qualified serviceman for supply will adjust automatically, when using overseas a poplar plug adaptor must be required (not supplied) Do not disassemble the charger. Incorrect reassemble may result in a risk of electric shock or fire. Unplug the charger from outlet before attempting any Caution: The supplied AC adaptor supplies 12VDC
and delivers 1.7A, and its plug fits into the charger’s 10. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. Young DC input jack. Using an adaptor that does not meet
children should be supervised to ensure that they do these specifications could damage the charger or the 11. Before scrapping your charger, remove the batteries from the unit and they are disposed of safety.


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