The go go dancer who stole my viagra and other poetic tragedies of thailand, 2005, 179 pages, dean barrett, village east books, 2005, ebook

The Go Go Dancer Who Stole My Viagra and Other Poetic Tragedies of Thailand, Dean Barrett, Village EastBooks, 2005, 096618999X, 9780966189995, 179 pages. This volume of poems and ballads on Thailand andother lands offers the reader insight into the Land of Smiles as well as a great deal of pure fun.The mainsection of the book, Poems on Thailand, includes "Lek, the Farmer's Dark-eyed Daughter," "The Silly OldMan with the young Thai Girl in the Texas Lone Star Saloon," "Noy of the Horny Toad," and "The Kid fromKhao San Road."The second section of the book, Poems Beyond Thailand, includes the fall of the gangster"Michael Lee," a nostalgic and poignant remembrance of San Francisco State College during riots in the late60's in "A Very Special Time," and the haunting ballad of a man doomed by the whims of fate, "The ManThey Called 8-ball."The remarkable variety of subjects and styles and moods presented range from thespiritual "The Buddha's Golden Gleam," to the hilarious: "No, I am not in Love with the Maid so put the Knifedown now," "The Night Bubba got it for Free," and "Buffalo, Him Die, Send Money.". Thai Ways , Denis Segaller, 1979, Thailand, 244 pages. .
Don Quixote in China The Search for Peach Blossom Spring, Dean Barrett, Apr 1, 2003, Fiction, 286 pages.
T'ao Yuan Ming, a 4th century poet, wrote about a mysterious utopia in the remote mountains of China. In thisutopia, generations of Chinese had isolated themselves from China .
The Businessman's Bride , Jackie Braun, Jan 1, 2007, Fiction, 187 pages. Art photographer Anne Lundy wasso independent that when she had to ask for help she could barely get the words out! Especially since theperson she found herself needing was .
Here We Go Round The Story of the Dance, Evelyn Sharp, 1928, Dance, 88 pages. .
The Boat Girl and the Magic Fish , Dean Barrett, 2002, Juvenile Fiction, 31 pages. Miserable when she has toleave her beloved life on her father's fishing boat to attend school in Hong Kong, Kum-choi is aided by afriendly magic fish.
Viagra The Potency Promise, Larry Katzenstein, Aug 15, 1998, Health & Fitness, 160 pages. This textexplores issues involved with taking Viagra, such as: how to tell if you`re a candidate; how the drug works inthe body; information about side-effects, drug .
Thailand Land of Beautiful Women, , Jun 29, 2001, Photography, 160 pages. .
Private Dancer , Stephen Leather, 2005, Fiction, 287 pages. Pete wanders into a Bangkok go-go bar and meetsthe love of his life. Joy is young, stunning, and a pole dancer. In a roller-coaster ride of sex, drugs, anddeception, Pete .
Viagra and the Quest for Potency Answers and Solutions to Restore and Enhance Your Quality of Life, Brian Drew, John Edwards, Jul 1, 1998, Health & Fitness, 168 pages. There is much more to treating impotency thanjust taking Viagra. Purposefully written to help men overcome erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly referredto as impotence. Viagra .
Sukhumvit Road , David Young, 2005, Bangkok (Thailand), 418 pages. .
Murder at the Horny Toad Bar & Other Outrageous Tales of Thailand, Dean Barrett, 2004, Fiction, 245 pages.
Among several exotic and erotic tales of Thailand, readers are introduced to Bangkok's sexiest, most daringand least principled detective, Harry Boroditsky, who solves not one .
Murder in China Red , Dean Barrett, 2002, Fiction, 260 pages. New York City private detective LiuChiang-shin, known as the Chinaman, investigates the murder of a high-priced New York call girl, who alsocaused the break-up of his .
Skytrain to Murder , Dean Barrett, 2003, Fiction, 284 pages. Skytrain to Murder is a detective novel set inBangkok. An American detective and scuba diving teacher chases a murderer through Bangkok's seedyunderbelly incuding dangerous .
Kingdom of Make-Believe A Novel of Thailand, Dean Barrett, 1999, Fiction, 272 pages. Brian Mason, a NewYork publisher who once served in Thailand during the Vietnam War, returns there after he receives a plea forhelp from his brother's widow and finds .
Horny? Los Angeles A Sexy, Steamy, Downright Sleazy Handbook to the City, Jessica Hundley, Jon AlainGuzik, 2001, Travel, 205 pages. .
Cornered Tigress , Jade Lee, 2007, Fiction, 337 pages. When Little Pearl finds her mistress imprisoned, shelearns she is the only one who CA keep the Tigress school together--and who CA satisfy the needs of Englishship captain .
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PENNSYLVANIA HOSPITAL & THE SURGERY CENTER 2013-14 IV ANTIBIOTIC REGIMENS FOR PRE-OPERATIVE SURGICAL PROPHYLAXIS – PH-DG3 (Note: All IV therapy unless otherwise stated) Continue no longer than 24 hours unless otherwise stated *** Surgical and anesthesiology teams should consult ID to discuss prophylaxis regimens not listed below, as well as for patients currently receiving

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