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Product Regulatory Notification
Panasonic Batteries
Nature of Notice:
Applicable models:
(Also, all part numbers including above battery, i.e. terminal attached, lead and wire connected and etc.) Date of Notice: June 17, 2008

Attention: Valued Customers

As you may be aware, the state legislature of California enacted a law regulating the use and
handling of Perchlorate (LiClO4) in industrial and retail products. Panasonic as a company has
been in the forefront of producing environmentally safe products as well as complying with the
environmental laws both in the United States and abroad. As Perchlorate is one of the chemical
components of our CR Lithium primary coin cell batteries, we would like to inform you of the
details of the regulation and some of the required action to comply with the law.
Relevant Documents

California Code of Regulations, title 22, division 4.5: Chapter 33 – Best Management
Practices for Perchlorate Materials.
Summary of Regulation


All Perchlorate containing material and products containing a Perchlorate containing material
must be labeled in accordance with the California Code of Regulations. The statement on page
two of this product notice must appear on all consumer packaging and on the outermost visible
portion of all Perchlorate containing material shipping packages. Alternative options include this
statement on your MSDS or some other paperwork with every package or to include it in the
Owners/Operating manual of your product.
Effective Date For OEM Products: July 1, 2006
Prodnotice_CA_Perchlorate_Notice_CR_coin_06-2008.doc Labeling Example
Primary Lithium Coin Battery
The following statement must appear on the exterior of all outermost visible packaging
and on consumer packaging for all Panasonic CR coin type cells during transportation.
Perchlorate Material – special handling may apply. See NOTE: If you repackage and ship Panasonic product containing Perchlorate (CR type coin cells), you must ensure that the labeling is in compliance with these regulations. The following text will appear on all Lithium primary cells transported by Panasonic. California USE Only
This Perchlorate warning applies only to primary CR (Manganese Dioxide) Lithium coin cells sold or distributed ONLY in California, USA “Perchlorate Material-special handling may apply. See” Prodnotice_CA_Perchlorate_Notice_CR_coin_06-2008.doc Prodnotice_CA_Perchlorate_Notice_CR_coin_06-2008.doc Product containing or shipped with a CR Lithium coin cell
This statement must appear on all consumer packaging and on the exterior of the outermost visible package during transportation for products containing or shipped with Perchlorate containing material (CR coin type cell). As an alternative if you don’t have consumer packaging, this statement can appear in your Owners/Operating Manual and on the outermost visible package during transportation. Perchlorate Material – special handling may apply. See The regulations do not specify size, color or font. The label just needs to be clearly readable, good contrast and durable. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding concerning this regulation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Panasonic sales account manager or the Panasonic OEM Product Management Department via one of the contact methods listed above. Prodnotice_CA_Perchlorate_Notice_CR_coin_06-2008.doc


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