Dr monika kinteh

The Partners at this practice provide the services under agreement
with Devon Primary Care Trust (NHS Devon) and offer a full
general practice service.
We are a small friendly practice working in a surgery that was opened
in March 1993 and had an extension opened in May 2005.
The Practice team strives to provide high quality patient care based on
careful evaluation and monitored ethical practices and professional
We strive to ensure co-ordination of services with good communication
in the practice and liaison with hospitals and other associated agencies.
We seek to ensure patient safety at all times in a relaxed and
comfortable environment.
We seek to ensure that patients and their carers are welcomed in a
courteous and considerate manner respecting privacy and maintaining
confidentiality at all times.
The practice team currently includes 4 GPs, two practice nurses, one
phlebotomist and well as our practice manager, reception and
administration staff.
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Parking and access
There is car parking available at the surgery including two designated
disabled parking bays.
The patient consulting rooms are all on the ground floor with access for
pushchairs and wheelchairs.
Baby changing facilities are available in the patient toilet.

To register
as a patient at this practice please call into the practice and
fill in a patient registration form and new patient questionnaire. If there
are any children under the age of 5 years you may also be asked to
complete a form for the Health Visitors.
Patients are now routinely registered with the practice but may choose
to see a regular doctor. Please make a member of staff aware of this if
this is your choice and they will be happy to advise you.

Surgery Opening Times
The Surgery is open from 8.30 am. - 6.00 pm. Monday – Friday.
The telephone lines are open 8.30am –6pm Monday - Friday
Consultation Times
Monday 9.00 - 12.15

2.30 – 5.30
Tuesday 9.00 - 12.15
2.30 - 5.30
Wednesday 9.00 - 12.15
2.30 - 5.30
Thursday 9.00 - 12.15
2.30 - 5.30
Friday 9.00 - 12.15
2.30 – 5.30

The practice nurses are available for consultation on Mondays to
Thursdays 9am until 12.45pm and 2pm – 5.45pm and Fridays from
9am until 12.45pm.
Our phlebotomist works Monday to Thursday mornings from 9am
until 11.30am
The practice also opens some evenings and Saturday mornings on a
rota basis. If an appointment would be more convenient for you at
these times please ask the receptionist for details.
Appointments with the GPs or Practice Nurses can be made in person or
by telephone. Please make a separate appointment for each person.
Appointments can be made on the day you wish to see the doctor.
Please telephone the practice at 8.30am and the receptionist should then
be able to offer you an appointment or direct you appropriately.
Nurse and phlebotomist appointments need to be booked in advance and
not on the same day.
If you cannot attend, please cancel the appointment as soon as possible.
You will normally see the Doctor or Nurse you have requested to see.
Please be considerate if someone else's medical needs are given priority.
Consultation times may vary according to demand but you can book a
longer appointment if you have more than one medical problem to

Home Visits
If you are too unwell to come to the surgery, the Doctor may visit you at
home. Please telephone the surgery and give the Receptionist full
details of your condition. A doctor will then ring you back to assess the
problem before a Doctor visits. This allows the GPs to plan the
workload without disrupting surgery services.

Out Of Hours Service (Devon Doctors on Call)
Devon Doctors On Call provides medical cover, out of surgery hours.
If you need a Doctor for an emergency outside normal surgery opening
times, an answer phone message at the Surgery will direct you to the
headquarters of Devon Doctors or you can telephone direct 0845 6710
270. A trained receptionist will take your details, which will be passed
to one of the on call Doctors who will ring you back and either advise
you on the telephone, arrange for you to attend one of the Treatment
Centres or if you are too unwell, a home visit will be made.
Walk in Centres
Exeter has two walk in centres, one based in Sidwell Street
(Tel 276892) and the other at The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital,
Wonford (Tel 411735).
These are nurse led services that offer health advice and provide
treatment for minor illness including emergency contraception.
NHS Direct
NHS Direct is a Nurse Led telephone advice line, available 24 hours a
day. They offer advice on a variety of conditions. Their number is 0845
46 47 or you can access on line at www.nhs.direct.nhs.uk
NHS Devon
is based at County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter. Telephone
01392 205205 or 08451405005 or you can access on line at

Repeat Prescriptions
Prescriptions for medicines that are taken regularly can be obtained
without seeing the Doctor. Requests should be made by tearing off the
request slip attached to your prescription, in writing or by email;
Please allow two working days (not Saturday and Sunday) for us to
process your prescription. We would be happy to post prescriptions if
you enclose a sae with your request. Some chemists will collect
prescriptions directly from the surgery. Please ask for details
Test Results
If you require the results of any tests or procedures that have been
carried out, please telephone the surgery after 2.00 pm. Information
will not be given to another person unless we have your written
The Practice Team
Dr Barrie Ferguson
M.B.B.S(St Bartholomew’s 1989),MRCP, DRCOG, MRCGP
Family Planning and Child Surveillance Certificates

Dr Ferguson has been with the practice since 1999. She offers a full
range of general practice care.
Dr Monika Kinteh
Family Planning and Child Surveillance Certificates
Dr Kinteh has been with the practice since 2002. As well as offering a
full range of general practice care to her patients she has a particular
interest in preventative medicine and women’s health including family
planning services with coil fitting (IUD/IUS).
Dr Kinteh speaks fluent German.
Dr Ben Hoban
Family Planning and Child Surveillance Certificates

Dr Hoban has been with the practice since 2001.
Dr Fiona Stuart
Family Planning and Child Surveillance Certificates
Dr Stuart has been with the practice since 2007
As well as offering a full range of general practice to her patients she
has a particular interest in family planning and women’s health.
Practice Manager, Mrs Lynette Drew
If you wish to discuss anything concerning the organisation or running
of the Practice or have suggestions about possible improvements, the
Practice Manager will be pleased to see you.
Reception Staff
The Reception staff are here to help you. Their job is very demanding
and they often have to do 'six things at once' so please be patient.
Practice Nurses, Ruth, Jane and phlebotomist Linda
The Practice Nursing Team provide a comprehensive range of services
including cervical smear testing, blood tests, ECGs, dressings,
childhood immunisations, Asthma (respiratory disease), Diabetes and
Coronary Heart Disease advice, travel vaccinations, smoking cessation,
family planning, ear syringing, diet advice, travel vaccinations,
immunisations and blood pressure.
District Nurses
This team provides nursing care at home, for those patients who are too
ill to attend the surgery or are bedridden and they are experts in the
treatment of leg ulcers. We share our District Nurses with Isca Medical
Practice where they are based in Homefield Road. If you are under the
care of the District Nurses they can be contacted by telephone on Exeter

Health Visitor

The Health Visiting Team are based at the Family Centre in Chestnut
Avenue. They work with all parents and carers offering advice and
support on all areas of child health and development and family health.
The health visitors can be contacted by telephone on Exeter 426158
Community Midwifery Team
The practice has a community midwifery team who hold weekly
antenatal clinics at our Surgery. They work closely with the GPs to care
for you during your pregnancy and provides postnatal care after you
have had your baby and return home.
We have a twice weekly 'drop in' clinic but you must have been referred
by your GP. Please ask at Reception for a Physiotherapy Information
Leaflet, which will provide details of the service.
Chiropody Services
If you qualify for NHS Chiropody Treatment, please telephone NHS
Devon on 01392 205205. The Chiropody Department will be pleased
to make an appointment for you on the telephone. The clinics are held at
Heavitree Hospital.

Medical Students
The Practice accepts students from the Peninsula Medical School on a
regular basis. This is to enable Medical Students to learn about General
Practice. These students will become the doctors for future generations!
You will be informed if the appointment you are offered is a teaching
appointment and it is entirely up to you whether to accept that
appointment or book a non teaching appointment.

The Surgery Patients Charter.

In this charter we are stating for the first time those rights to which our
patients are entitled and the standard of care they can expect to receive
from the practice.
Your rights
The practice accepts the patients' rights to:
 Receive quality health care including prevention and health screening
 Be referred to a specialist by your own Doctor when considered  Be provided with information on all aspects of your care, including the alternatives available, before you agree to treatment.  Receive prompt treatment in an emergency  Confidentiality at all times.  See your health records. Please ask a member of reception staff for details of how to see your health records.  Have complaints investigated thoroughly, quickly and without Our Standards
 We will uphold your rights as an individual and ensure respect for  Patients will be greeted courteously and efficiently at all times. The reception area has a bell if a receptionist is not already there.  If you need to see a Doctor urgently the Duty Doctor can contact  At the surgery, you will be given a full explanation if you are kept waiting more than 30 minutes after your appointment time.  New patients registering with the practice will be offered a new patient health check if clinically indicated  All telephone calls to the surgery will normally be answered within  All messages or visit requests will be recorded by the reception staff and passed to the doctor concerned as soon as possible.  Patient Confidentiality- We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information secure .It is important to keep accurate and up to date records about your health and treatment so that those treating you can give you the best possible care. This information may be used for management and audit purposes. However, it is usually only available to those involved in your care. You have the right to know what information we hold about you and if you would like to see your records please call our practice manager.
Our Requirements
We expect:
 That patients notify us as soon as possible if they are unable to keep an appointment as this allows us to offer the appointment to another patient and keeps waiting times down.  That patients requesting a home visit should telephone the surgery  That patients waiting in surgery make allowance for the fact that emergency cases may have to be given priority or that other patients medical needs may take longer than the usual appointment time given.  That patients will not make unnecessary requests for out of hours home visits. During changes to surgeries due to circumstances beyond our control, patients remain polite to staff and give their opinions to the manager, if they require further explanation. The practice has a zero tolerance policy towards violent or aggressive
patients. Any patient who is violent or aggressive to any member of the
practice team will be removed from our list and advised by NHS Devon
of the alternative arrangements available.

Practice Complaints
We always try to provide the best services possible and we welcome
any suggestions about ways in which we might improve. If you have
any suggestions or concerns please request to speak to the practice
manager who will be happy to help. In the majority of cases concerns
can be resolved quite easily.
If the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved the practice manager will
give you information about how to proceed further or ask a member of
our reception team for a complaints leaflet.
Our practice procedure is unable to deal with questions of legal liability
or compensation.

Child Health and Vaccinations
The childhood vaccinations are now given at two, three and four months
to protect small babies from whooping cough, Hib, diptheria, tetanus,
polio and meningitis C. The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) is
given at 15 months.
Child development checks are shared between the doctors and the health
visitors and when your child is due for one of these checks an
appointment will be sent to you.
Adult Vaccinations
Any adult with vaccination queries can get advice from our Practice
Nurse team.
Flu vaccinations are available in the autumn for all over 65years of age
and others with diagnosed asthma, diabetes, respiratory or heart
problems and certain other chronic illnesses.
Cervical Smears
It is very important for all women between 20 and 65 to have a cervical
smear test every five years. Cervical cancer is slow to develop and if
picked up early this is totally curable by simple painless treatment. The
nurse carries out this check.
Diabetes, asthma and heart and circulation problems
We offer a comprehensive clinic service for patients with diagnosed
diabetes, asthma and heart and circulation problems. These are run by
the doctor and nurse and help with monitoring, medication and lifestyle
Smoking Cessation

 Run by practice nurse
 Advice and support on stopping smoking
Family Planning

 Advice from doctor or practice nurse
 Oral contraception, depot injections, coil fittings and implants
 Emergency contraception
 As all our services this is confidential

Minor Surgery
 Joint injections
 Run by doctor and health care assistant
Non-NHS Services
The NHS does not cover some services such as private sick notes,
insurance claim forms, passport applications and certain medical
examinations. Charges are made in line with the British Medical
Association recommendations as displayed at reception.
Help Yourself To Health
Six ways you can really help yourself to live a healthier lifestyle.
 Be a non smoker
 Be a reasonable weight
 Take regular exercise
 Eat a high fibre low fat diet
 Take alcohol only in moderation
 Avoid excessive exposure to the sun
Colds, Coughs and Stuffy Noses

 These are usually caused by viruses and even in this day and age  Antibiotics can only kill bacteria which are completely different  Paracetamol will relieve the headache, sore throat and aching muscles as well as bringing down the fever  The illness will last five to six days, but the cough may persist for
Fever (raised temperature)
 A fever is natural with most illnesses and simple measures to lower the temperature will make you feel much more comfortable.  Keep the room cool. Don't wrap the patient up, even if the person  Leave the body exposed to allow the excess heat to escape from the  Take plenty of cool drinks. Take regular paracetamol or aspirin.(Ibuprofen if under 12 years of age)  Sponge down with a tepid flannel- leave the patient damp and repeat
Vomiting and Diarrhoea
 Prevent dehydration- drink plenty of fluids.  Dioralyte or Rehydrate are available at your chemist and are very useful, especially for children - only for diarrhoea and not usually needed.  If vomiting is a problem take small sips of fluid every few minutes.  No milk or solids should be given for 24 hours.  Symptoms should settle in 24 - 48 hours.
 If symptoms persist or if frequent vomiting, consult your doctor.


 Rash appears as small red patches with itchy blisters.
 Rash will dry up and crust over in four to five days.
 Child is infectious until the last crusts have dropped off.
 Calamine lotion and cool baths will help the itch.
 Phenergan medicine from the chemist can also help.
Head Lice
 Found in clean as often as dirty hair.
 Spread by head to head contact.
 Advice can be obtained from the health visitors or pharmacists
Back Pain
 Is very common, usually postural and gets better without treatment  Pain killers and early return to normal activities is all that is usually  A firm mattress when sleeping and using a lumber roll when sitting  The fitter you are the less back pain you will get
 Very common in women  Causes a burning sensation on passing urine and more frequent  Drink plenty of fluids.
 If your symptoms last more than 24 hours consult your doctor.
 Immediately apply large quantities of cold water.  If skin unbroken but blistered applies loose dressing and keep very  If burn is large or skin broken contact the surgery or walk in centre.
 Sunburn is bad for your skin.
 Children are especially susceptible.
 Cool the skin with cool water and apply calamine lotion.
 Paracetamol may help if you are uncomfortable

 Small white worms seen in the motion.
 Suspect if there is scratching around the anus especially at night.
 Spread by eggs under the nails put into the mouth.
 Medicine is available from the chemist.
 All family members should be treated.

The child with a temperature
We are aware of how worrying it can be to have a sick child. If you are
concerned about your child we will always see them the same day at the
surgery. We do ask that whenever possible you bring your child to the
surgery rather than requesting a home visit. A child will come to no
harm being brought to the surgery and can usually be seen sooner. Your
co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated. It is always wise to
keep a supply of children's paracetamol (Calpol or Disprol) at home.
Paracetamol reduces a child's temperature, so should be given four- six
hourly whenever a child has a temperature. In most minor illnesses in
childhood, this is the only treatment required. If you are worried about
the child or if the child fails to improve in two or three days, it is worth
ringing the surgery to check.
Your local pharmacist is able to offer advice and treatment on
many common conditions and advise you when to see a doctor if
you are not sure.

Source: http://www.wonfordgreen-surgery.co.uk/Documents/Practice-Leaflet-2012.pdf


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