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Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
General Membership Meeting
MSU Pavilion
June 07th, 2009

Rol Cal of Officers:

Youth Report: Alexandra Reau
• There wil be a bake sale to benefit the youth on June 20th at the Great Lakes shows in Charlot e. • Meeting activities are being planned, today being showmanship. • Mitch Campbel and Chad Burt wil work as Supt. for the Fal shows. • Convention Supt. wil be Megan Piper. • Secretary’s are unknown as of yet. • Teams going to San Diego need to contact Ronn Mauck. The youth were thanked for their report by President Jane Burt.
Secretary’s Report:
Motion by Chris Garret , second by Don Havlicek to approved the minutes as printed in the MSRBA News. Motion carried.
Financial Report:
Total Cash & Bank Accounts: $3,367.19 Bil s: $733.89 Newslet er printing plus $3.50 for 7 newslet ers that were undeliverable. Al by 2 are not life members.
Committee Reports:
Membership: Sherry Garrett
$1,909.00 has been taken in for membership fees from January 1st through May 31st, 2009. The Commit ee wil work on set ing up membership contests for Af iliated clubs and Individuals to be presented to the Board of Directors. Promotional: Larry Walthorn
Larry reported that Income from booths was $930.00, with expenses being $485.00, with a profit of $445.00. Show Circuit: Carlene Bel
2 new shows have been added to the 2009 circuit. 4-H: Ronda Hemenway
Rabbit & Cavy Expo has 19 Counties and 115 youth entered in the competitions. There are 9 State Award Delegates in the Rabbit division of the 4-H State Awards. Interviews wil be on Wednesday of Exploration Days, and the Ceremony wil be on Thursday evening at 7:00 at the Wharton Center of MSU. Al sessions for Rabbits & Cavies are ful for Exploration Days. There is going to be a Breed ID contest to be held at the State 4-H Show in 2010. The audit has been completed and everything has been found to be as it should be. Publication: Jane Burt
The post of ice charged us $45.51 extra for postage for the March/April issue of the MSRBA News and would not give us back a refund. Al egra gave us credit for this. • If there are under 16 ful pages, it can be done in Charlot e, but if there are more pages, it must go to Lansing. Motion by Janet Bowers, second by Darrel Howe to limit the News to 16 ful pages including the cover (11” x 17” actual The yearly cost for Al egra to run our database for the post of ice is $7.50. We have taken in $850.00 so far this year in Elections:
The of ices of President and Treasurer are open for election. Contact the MSRBA secretary for forms. Completed forms must be in Kel y’s hands by August 1st with al requirements completed. Website:
Changes have been added to the website by the board of directors: Constitution, By-Laws, Sweepstakes Rules, archived minutes, and updated Sweepstakes Points reports due monthly to the webmaster.
Unfinished Business:

2010 Convention:
• New banquet room wil be used which is V-shaped. • The facility is waiving the charge for the large banquet room for us. • There wil be an Al Breed Show on Sunday with some Specialty Shows. These shows wil be determined at the next board of directors meeting for approval.
Rabbit Auction:

Janet Bowers notified the membership that the rabbit auction made a profit.
MSRBA Workshop June 27th:
Chris Garret is working on the specifics for the workshop sessions with his commit ee. Sherry Garret noted that there wil be a RSVP sign-up sheet at the June 20th show in Charlot e at the Open secretary’s table. Hamburgers and hotdogs wil be be gril ed by Larry Walthorn. We are in need of another gril to use. There wil be a $3.00 donation per person to assist in covering the costs. Renea Slovak stated that she has a large roaster that could be used. Glenda Weiss stated that she has a smal gril . Information wil be put up on the message board to remind the membership.
Fal Show: Carlene Bel
Sanctions: We wil pay for sanctions of breeds that had 15 entered in open and youth combined totals. There are 20 judges hired and 2 cavy judges. She has sent a list to Eddie Carpenter.
New Business:
2010 MSRBA Convention in March:
Superintendent wil be Tif any Weiss and Secretary Chris Plank • The judges have been hired. Ruth Ann Bel wil be coming from New Jersey. Conal Addison may be driving with • Wil is Plank wil be doing the Rabbit School. There wil not be a judges conference because that is only done every • There wil be an Al Breed Show on Sunday, Wil is is going to ask Russ Scot – his assistant if he wil be the Al
Any Other New Business:

Bunny BINGO: Sherry Garret stated that the Osceola R & C Breeders Assoc. wil donate the use of their new Bunny
BINGO board for use at the Fal Show and the weekend of the Convention Shows as a fundraiser for MSRBA. Motion to adjourn by Chris Garret , second by Larry Walthorn. Motion carried.


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